The average office worker spends their 9 to 5 hunched over a desk. This isn’t healthy and it sure isn’t comfortable; that’s why your desk is so important. If you work in an office setting, your desk is to your work space what your bedroom is to your home. It’s your personal space and you spend a good deal of time in it. The new trend in adjustable desks is allowing more and more students and employees to work better and more comfortably. Let’s talk about this trend, it’s benefits and the problems you may encounter.

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You Lose More

A sedentary life style is not a healthy lifestyle. In fact, the longer you sit, the more weight you gain because you’re not doing anything to burn those calories. Whether sitting or standing, you’d be eating the same amount, but the effects of that food intake would be lower if you were standing as opposed to sitting (which burns next to nothing). True, standing alone doesn’t burn much but it’s more than nothing!

Studies have found that sitting for prolonged periods of time can lead to premature death due to an increased rate of heart disease and diabetes. In fact, people with type-2 diabetes found that standing after their lunch break, rather than sitting to work, lowered their blood sugar spike by 43%– that’s almost half! The more time we spend sitting, the fatter we get, and the closer we are to an early grave.

Unfortunately, Yoga Tuesdays at the office isn’t a reality for most. Moreover, exercising on the weekends isn’t enough to counteract the damage done throughout the week. It’s like trying to eating a salad on Saturdays after spending the whole week pigging out on all the junk food you could get your hands on and expecting the weight to melt off– it’s not going to happen.

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The best things we can do are try to alternate between sitting and standing, and the new wave of standing desks may be the solution to that problem.

You Do More


We’ve covered the health benefits of a standing desk, but there are also psychological benefits as well. If you’re standing, your body is already in the preliminary stage of motion so you’re more inclined to do more. It’s easier to multitask while you’re standing because you’re already in a position to do things. So you skip the step of standing up to send that fax or grab that file. Things seem to be more in reach and you’re more mobile.

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You’ll also be more productive if you’re in less pain. Back pain is an immediate physical response to prolonged sitting that more office workers experience. That slight lower back discomfort can quickly escalate to, “Is it hot in here, or is my back just on fire?” Standing and stretching can help alleviate that pain. It can also help with neck pain because you can adjust the height of the desk to a place that is less strenuous for you.

What’s Your Problem?

The first problem you may encounter is that not all work spaces use Sit/Stand desks. If you can’t talk your boss into investing in them then you should try to make the switch individually by getting the desk for your home office or work space. We all do work from home or surf the web at home mindlessly, try standing while you do it.

You’re going to do errands that require a table or desk so you can get a Sit/Stand desk instead. It’s versatile and will help you counter balance the sitting you do at work by not adding the sitting you do at home on top of that. Another issue that may come up is the overall feeling of standing while working.

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We’re a very sedentary bunch as humans and we generally stand only if we’re waiting on lines (which we hate) or standing on the subway because there aren’t any seats (which we also hate). Ergo, there’s not a lot of positive feeling associated with standing for prolonged periods of time. You can combat this initial aversion by standing and sitting at alternating intervals or just breaking the stance in like  a new pair of shoes.

Okay, So Which One Should I Get?

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We like the ActiveDesk from Vifah. It’s got an electronic motor system that lets you adjust the height at the push of a button with a digital screen giving you the exact height. You can also save up to four of your favorite height settings for easy switching between positions. The desks are very minimal and will match any decor.

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You can mix and match to build your ideal desk with different frame and desk tops to choose from. They’re available in Black Stainless Steel, Grey Stainless Steel, and White Stainless Steel with table tops in bamboo, black, oak, walnut, and white.

They’re designed simply so they won’t clash with any of your preexisting furniture and there are a range of combinations that you can make. The models depicted on the left are two of our favorite combinations.

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The controls are also very minimally invasive and the motor is extremely quiet. That’s especially good for anyone who’s looking to get standing desks for their office or for their employees; it won’t bother you or your coworker. The controls are in an easy to reach spot as well, so it’s all easy to use with no learning curve.

Get up! The benefits are pretty great and you can adjust your desk to whatever position suits you best. Live long and prosper, everyone.

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