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Outdoor Entertaining with XO Pizza Ovens and Fire Pits

Outdoor Entertaining with XO Pizza Ovens and Fire Pits

The summer season is in full swing, with everyone celebrating the outdoors with more heartfelt appreciation than ever. And the good folks at XO can help you embrace the outdoor lifestyle to its utmost with their newly expanded selection of Pizza Ovens and Fire Pits.

If you love living, cooking, and entertaining outdoors, XO already has you covered with high-performance grills or, for true alfresco aficionados, all-encompassing outdoor kitchen packages. But the addition of a powerful, flexible-use XO pizza oven or an elegantly inviting XO fire pit will most assuredly enhance and elevate your outdoor experience in the realms of culinary creation and luxury living. With a pizza oven, your outdoor menu is immediately expanded not only with crispy, custom-made pizzas, but a dizzying array of other culinary possibilities. And a blissfully burning fire pit creates the definitive statement that you do not simply enjoy the splendorous outdoor lifestyle—you indulge in it.

Learn more about what XO has to offer with their expanded line of pizza ovens and fire pits that are sure to keep you indulging for years to come…


Since 1957, XO has been working to create the perfect pizza oven in their factory in Italy using the highest-grade materials and components, and the exceptional results can be experienced with their 40 in. Wood Fired Pizza Oven, which recently made our list of the The Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens of 2021. Inspired by tradition but stocked with the most contemporary innovations, this countertop oven has everything the outdoor chef could want to create hot, zesty, made-to-order pizzas anytime. And they’re available in a trio of robust colors—red, yellow, and charcoal—to liven up your outdoor kitchen.



PRICE: $2,999.00*

But don’t think of it as an oven made strictly for pizza. With this oven, you can expand your outdoor menu to include any number of oven-cooked foods including bread, sizzling meats, flaky seafood, slow-cooked, smoky casseroles, and even delectable cakes and desserts.

They’re all stocked with XO’s exclusive patented Air Plus system that allows you to cook pizza perfectly on both sides thanks to the introduction of combustion air from the bottom of the oven which redistributes heat along the roof of the cooking chamber. A refractory ceramic oven floor uses interchangeable firebricks that retain and transmit heat. And when all of this is coupled with the stainless-steel dome, this results in the oven reaching prime cooking temperature with maximum efficiency in as little as 15-20 minutes.

Other fantastic features include:

  • Stainless Steel Chimney With Damper – allows total temperature control
  • Stainless Steel Door – lets you control air flow (glass door optional)
  • Temperature Gauge – precisely monitors the interior of the cooking chamber
  • Plenty of Pizza – enough room to cook four pies at once

In addition to the oven itself, you can go all out and complete the classic pizza cooking experience with a full line of accessories like a pizza tool/utensil kit to let you handle your pizzas safely just like a pro, a mobile pizza cart for fast, easy movement, and an oven cover to keep everything in pristine condition.


And after you feast on your handmade, homemade gourmet pizza, what could be a better way to relax and relish a thoroughly sated appetite than to lounge around a warm, welcoming fire?

But we’re not talking about your typical sticks-and-marshmallows, gather-round-the-campfire get together. We’re talking about a modern, luxurious, inviting fire pit that provides the ultimate gathering spot for people whether you’re having a quiet evening at home, a refined, mannerly cocktail party, or a rollicking backyard blast. And XO’s quality line of fire pits offers everything you could want to add a touch of class—as well as a sizeable amount of cozy fun on those brisk nights—to your outdoor lifestyle.

XO fire pits are available in an impressive variety of sizes and shapes to fit any outdoor environment and décor from a 60 in. casual table to a smaller 24 in. fire pot as seen in the sample viewing above. They are quite simple in form with basic round and cornered geometric shapes, which allow them to be unobtrusive yet timelessly stylish. Hand crafted from fiberglass reinforced concrete, the exterior of each fire pit is unique in appearance with a different mottling all over the unit. The fire area holds a 65,000 BTU stainless-steel natural gas burner covered in a layer of beautiful lava rock (a 50 lb. supply is included). And getting the party started is as easy as turning a key and lighting a match.

*Prices may fluctuate due to discounts, promotions, or sales events. Click "VIEW LATEST PRICE" to see the up-to-date price of the item.


Whether you’re looking to add another fun and flavorful option to your outdoor cooking armory with a pizza oven or elevating your outdoor décor to a new level of sumptuous comfort and lavish luxury with a gorgeous fire pit, XO can help you find exactly what you need. And if they impress you (as we’re sure they have), you’ll want to peruse their entire line of appliances and household products for top-of-the-line quality, construction, and performance both in and out of doors.

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Are outdoor pizza ovens worth it?

We can definitely say that outdoor pizza ovens are worth it, since not only can you dish out hot, delicious pies whenever you want, but much, much more with a variety of oven-cooked foods also amenable to preparation in the oven.

What does an outdoor pizza oven cost?

What an outdoor pizza oven costs varies just as with any other appliance, with units ranging from under $300 to well over $8,000 for the larger, more luxurious models.

Are fire pit tables any good?

Fire pit tables are very good as it pertains to adding a noticeable dose of luxury along with some nice practicality, since in addition to serving as a warming centerpiece it also serves as a dazzling table at which to gather for meals or cocktails. A fire pit table really is an absolute positive addition to any outdoor environment.