UPDATED 6.12.2018: After generating two years of continuous buzz, Whirlpool has finally released kitchen appliances in Sunset Bronze finish. Appliances Connection is proud to offer the complete Sunset Bronze line. For an overview of the features in one of the four-piece packages, click here.

The rose gold trend has taken over every aspect of our lives. From jewelry to iPhones, everything seems to be plated in this delicate champagne shade, and we’re loving it. Rose gold is the perfect balance of warm and cool tones; it’s warmer than silver but cooler than gold. The only thing missing is that we can’t have rose gold appliances to bring that perfect balance to our kitchens—oh wait! Yes, we can. The new Whirlpool Sunset Bronze finish lets you bring this new trend into your kitchen to create a warmer environment in the heart of your home.

How’d They Do It?Whirlpool Sunset Bronze kitchen appliances with white cabinetry in a contemporary kitchen.

Whirlpool wanted to create something with the same durability and texture as stainless steel in a color that was warm and welcoming. The Whirlpool Sunset Bronze finish is available in an exclusive lineup called the Sunset Bronze Kitchen Suite, which includes a French-door refrigerator, a dishwasher, a range, and an over-the-range microwave. The Whirlpool Sunset Bronze finish is achieved by color blocking the original silver stainless steel finish with the new Whirlpool Sunset Bronze Color. This technique will retain the texture of true stainless steel while giving it a totally new look. Whirlpool maintains that the new finish is tough enough to withstand the cold of a refrigerator and the heat of a range. The new finish is also fingerprint proof, so you don’t have to worry about constantly wiping down your appliances.

A Replacement for an Old-Time Favorite?

The Whirlpool Sunset Bronze finish is an additional industry effort to create a finish to replace the fan-favorite Stainless Steel. Recently, GE came out with their Slate finish and Miele came out with a Truffle Brown finish— all in the hopes of usurping Stainless Steel as the cream of the “finish crop.” Unlike Stainless Steel, Whirlpool Sunset Bronze doesn’t match every kitchen style or cabinetry color. Its presence creates a warmer environment in any kitchen, that much is true, but the design unity may be disrupted if you’re trying to pair a Whirlpool Sunset Bronze Suite with a set of glossy, modern kitchen cabinetry.

Lighting is really important for the Whirlpool Sunset Bronze finish; it can look more copper or champagne in different lightings.
Lighting is really important for the Whirlpool Sunset Bronze finish; it can look more copper or more champagne in different lightings.

This finish works best when paired with light colored cabinetry because it will complement the subtle color in the appliance. It could also work with black cabinets to offset the darkness with a warm champagne/copper color. We’ve found that Whirlpool Sunset Bronze works best with neutral earthy tones like browns and natural woods. However, the combination of medium or dark grey cabinetry and the Whirlpool Sunset Bronze finish looks comparatively dull, rather than cozy and inviting. A light grey could work if it’s on the warmer side, like a true greige. This is because Greige (grey and beige) would be part of the neutral color palette, which is the best choice for this finish. It’s those subtle differences that could make or break the design cohesion of a kitchen!

Whirlpool Sunset Bronze kitchen appliances set in medium wood grain cabinetry with a dark grey backsplash. Whirlpool Sunset Bronze kitchen appliances set in dark brown wood grain cabinetry with a dark grey backsplash.

The appliances included in the Whirlpool Sunset Bronze Suite are the same reliable and professionally performing appliances that you’re used to with Whirlpool. In fact, they are the exact same with the only change being the finish! This makes the decision a purely aesthetic one.


Visit the Appliances Connection website to view thousands of appliances at competitive prices.

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124 thoughts on “Whirlpool Sunset Bronze: The New Stainless Steel?

  1. Any plans for a Sunset Bronze 27″ wide built-in oven? Many of the homes built in the 1960s have small kitchens with space for only a 27″ built in oven. I’d be very interested in the following appliances in Sunset Bronze: a 27″built in oven, a refrigerator that would fit into a space only 67″ high and a 30″ electric cooktop.

    1. Hello, Donna. I reached out to Whirlpool and they just responded to me. Unfortunately, they haven’t any plans thus far for any Sunset Bronze appliances with a 27″ width. Keep checking this space, though, for any new developments. Thanks for participating in the Appliances Connection online community forum.

  2. I would like to know if the washer and dryer will be available in the sunset bronze. I love the color and need to purchase them soon. Could there be a special order?

    1. Hello, Rhoda. I reached out to Whirlpool. As of this posting, they are not planning on releasing laundry appliances in the Sunset Bronze finish. Check back in case there are any updates. Thanks for your participation in the Appliances Connection online community forum.

  3. I just purchased the Whirlpool Sunset Bronze refrig, range, and microwave for my daughter’s kitchen n my house. I can’t find it on display anywhere in NYC so trying to figure what color to have walls painted, new cabinets, and backsplash to match the appliances. It’s a small kitchen so we were thinking white walls and cabinets. and a colorful backslash. Her favorite color is pink so she choose Sunset Bronze since t looked like Rose Gold. What color would you suggest to compliment these appliances in a new kitchen?

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  6. We have bisque appliances. How well would it work to gradually switch over to Sunset Gold, one appliance at a time? Would they go well together or would they clash?

    1. Hello, Greg. To be honest, from what I’ve seen of both finishes, I think the transition would look a bit odd. However, not extremely egregious as if you were switching from bisque to, say, black stainless. Hope this helps. Your participation in the Appliances Connection community forum is greatly appreciated.

    2. Bisque was a midpoint between white and almond. I would take a look at the kitchen triangle and determine which appliance you are most likely to see when you enter the kitchen. If you have a range and dishwasher or a refrigerator and range on the same visual wall, I would suggest purchasing both appliances on the same wall. If possible, consider getting an appliance package. Those will be your best savings, in general.

  7. I like the look (online) of this Sunset Bronze, but several practical reasons prevent me from choosing it:
    – No induction range is available in this finish.
    – No refrigerator is available in this finish. Although the website shows refrigerators in the packages, if you search the refrigerator stock numbers, they are Stainless Steel. No one wants mismatched colors in their appliances!
    – Stainless Steel has been “the big boy on the block” for more than two decades, and it’s essentially all that’s available in stores. I’d be more willing to buy this new color IF the manufacturer promised that replacement items would continue to be available in future years (even if that meant special order or extra cost).

    As for matching cabinets, I think this color would look great with white cabinets or woodtone cabinets … as long as those cabinets don’t have red, gold or yellow undertones (like golden oak). I think these appliances and golden oak would look “too similar” in color and would “fight” with one another.

    1. Hello, TP. Please allow me to address your points of contention.

      – This is only conjecture on my part, but induction technology is still relatively unfamiliar and expensive for a plurality of US consumers. Appliance manufacturers tend to be risk averse so Whirlpool probably wants to gauge how the finish sells with more established products before putting out an induction range.
      – There is, in fact, a variety of refrigerators with the Sunset Bronze finish. They can be found in this link.
      – Again, I can only surmise, but future availability of virtually any product would be contingent on current sales.

      Thank you kindly for your aesthetic recommendations. I wholeheartedly agree. Your participation in our online community forum is greatly appreciated.

  8. Well, while I am still hoping to find a picture of the Whirlpool sunset bronze appliances in combination with medium golden oak cabinets re. prior post (can anyone help with that particular request?), I DID see a small side-by-side refrigerator, a slide-in electric range, a microwave, and a dishwasher all in the sunset bronze at Metro Appliances in Springfield, Missouri today. (Lowe’s was selling same appliances but not stocking in-store for viewing and I did not try Home Depot.) What surprised me most: the side of the refrigerator that I saw was a dull grey rather than a sunset bronze or even a shiny stainless steel without the sunset bronze finish–which contradicts information provided in answer to another poster on this site. I had read that the sunset bronze finish can change appearance from champagne to copper, depending on the light and the color of the cabinets. The suite I saw was right inside the front door of the store and the refrigerator, which was next to a big storefront window and bathed in the most natural light of anything in the store (it was a sunny day), did appear champagne-colored–and really what I was expecting. The cabinets were a very orange-y maple which I can’t say I liked–either with or without the sunset bronze appliances–but I acknowledge that that’s a personal, and probably “old-fashioned,” preference.

  9. I just ordered all new kitchen appliances in Sunset Bonze, sight unseen! I am that sure I will love them, as anything is better than stainless steel. Sick of seeing it! Love this new color ! Now I need new light fixtures and also hardware on all my kitchen cabinets. (med Oak) What do you suggest for colors for these items?

    1. Hello, Barb. I’m glad you’re anticipating your new Sunset Bronze appliances. As for lighting fixtures and cabinet hardware, my recommendation would depend on the aesthetic style of your kitchen. If it’s a more traditional design, go with classic bronze or brass finishes. However, if the theme is modern, I think distressed matte black would make a unique statement. Hope this helps. your participation in the Appliances Connection online community forum is appreciated.

    2. I so agree! The stainless is so cold & industrial & does not go with warm tones. Ppl make fun of the old avocado greens, & harvest golds, & a cream color, but they coordinated with ur colors. Whatever happened to colors blending with each other in a pleasing, inviting effect??

  10. Do you recommend the sunset bronze appliances in combination with kitchen cabinets in medium oak? I haven’t seen any photos of that color combination and would be interested in any you could direct me to. I am in the market for new appliances and countertops, but I am not going to replace my oak cabinets. I will probably put in quartz Silestone countertops in a neutral tone–maybe an ivory. Also, I have checked the stores several times this year and none of them had appliances to view in the sunset bronze although, by June, all could order these appliances. Can I expect to find any of these appliances IN the stores for viewing now? I live in Springfield, Missouri, and I know that I can order Whirlpool sunset bronze appliances through Metro Appliances and Home Depot and (maybe) Lowes.

    1. Hello, Becky. In my opinion, the Sunset Bronze finish works in virtually any instance where stainless steel would work. It’s look is unique yet subtle enough. Just so you know, Appliances Connection sells Whirlpool Sunset Bronze appliances at extremely competitive prices and we ship nationwide You can browse here:


      If you have further questions, please allow me to direct you to a knowledgeable representative in our Sales department at 800.299.9470. They are open on Sunday from 9:00AM – 6:00PM, Monday through Thursday from 9:00AM – 7:00PM, and Friday from 9:00AM – 4:00PM. Hope this helps. Thanks for shopping with Appliances Connection and for participating in our online community forum.

  11. Is the side of refrigerator sunset bronze? Please make a cooktop as well. Thank You

    1. Hello, Pat. Since all of the Whirlpool refrigerators with the Sunset Bronze finish are freestanding, yes, the sides also have that finish.

      With regards to a Sunset Bronze cooktop, Whirlpool isn’t currently producing one. However, keep checking back as we constantly give updates on all brands.

      Hope this helps! Your participation in the Appliances Connection online community forum is greatly appreciated.

      1. Just had a Whirlpool Sunset Bronze Refrigerator installed. No, the sides are not bronze ! The sides are a dull charcoal gray. The finish on the sides does not go with the bronze finish at all. This does not look right. Very disappointed in this product !

        1. Hello, Barbara. I’m sorry to hear about your experience. I don’t mean to be contrary, but I’m not certain the appliance you’re dealing with is Whirlpool Sunset Bronze. I just reached out to Whirlpool and they informed me that all of their Sunset Bronze refrigerators are “freestanding” with finished sides. You’re free to contact them yourself. If you click on this sentence, you’ll be brought to Whirlpool’s contact information. Let me know if you have further questions and/or concerns.

          1. Dear Michael,
            Thanks for your quick response. Our refrigerator is a Whirlpool in the Sunset Bronze. The sides are a dull finish charcoal gray and do not match the bronze doors. We just bought all four appliances from a “big box store”. I believe this was our mistake. The model # is the same, but I believe we got a different product than what you sell. Live and learn !

        2. I’m wrong. I just saw a video on the Whirlpool website, and the sides are not Bronze on the refrigerator. They are charcoal.

          1. Barbara, I must sincerely apologize. Apparently, I was misinformed by Whirlpool on multiple occasions when I called with regards to the Sunset Bronze finish on the sides of refrigerators. I just saw a product picture of the appliance in profile and you are indeed correct that the sides are charcoal. As soon as I saw it, I remembered your post and had to respond. You’ve my deepest regrets for contradicting you.

  12. Wonderful article! Ꮤe will be linking tο thіs pаrticularly grеat article on our website.

    Keеp up the great writing.

    1. Hello, Letisha. Whirlpool hasn’t announced whether or not they will be releasing a cooktop in Sunset Bronze finish. However, keep checking this space for updates. Your participation in Appliances Connection’s online community forum is greatly appreciated.

  13. You state “complete line”, yet the French door with ice and water in the door, and the door within a door that is the “model” in the ads is not listed in your offerings. Are you able to offer that also?

    1. Hello, Melanie. The appliances in the photos are prototypes not necessarily meant for production. It doesn’t appear that Whirlpool ended up releasing a French door model with external ice/water dispensers. However, there is a French door refrigerator with an internal ice maker and water dispenser available. It can be found in the following link:


      Hope this helps. Your participation in our online community forum is greatly appreciated.

  14. Hello,

    Very interested in this collection. Where am I able to go to see any of these Sunset Bronze appliances in person so that I am able to decide on a purchase? Near the Northern KY/Cincinnati area.

    1. Hello, Lisa. Appliances Connection is based in Brooklyn, NY and I’m not familiar with the Northern KY/Cincinnati area. You may wish to contact Whirlpool and they’ll be able to direct you to one of their showrooms near you. Their number is 1.800.626.2005 and they’re open Monday through Friday, 8:00AM – 8:00PM and Saturday, 8:00AM – 7:00PM EST.

      Please keep in mind, if you decide to order from Appliances Connection, depending on your location, we offer free delivery. See our delivery and installation services in the following link:


      Hope you find what you’re looking for. Your participation in our online community forum is greatly appreciated.

  15. I’m switching to Sunset Bronze but need a matching 36″ gas doing ok too….we will be replacing our recently purchased LG refeig too—its so loud….
    Plz advise where I can get a double oven, gas cook top, microwave/vent, dishwasher panel and refeig all in sunset bronze…

    1. Hello, Janet. You can find all of our offerings in the Whirlpool Sunset Bronze line in the following link:


      You’ll find everything you’re looking for except the cooktop. Currently, Whirlpool has not released a cooktop in Sunset Bronze finish. Please don’t hesitate to contact if you have any further inquiries. Your participation in the Appliances Connection community forum is greatly appreciated.

  16. Considering replacing white appliances with new sunset bronze. I have white cabinets, Baltic brown granite tops with light oak floors. What do you think?

    1. Hello, Lea. I did a bit of research on the aesthetic combination of Baltic brown countertops, white cabinetry, and light oak flooring. In my personal opinion, I think Sunset Bronze would look particularly lovely in such a context. If you’d like further help, feel free to contact one of our expert interior designers. They can be reached at 718.249.1214. Their hours are as follows: Monday – Thursday, 9:00AM – 7:00PM, Friday, 9:00AM – 5:00PM, and Saturday, 10:00AM – 4:00PM.

      Hope this helps. Your participation in our online forum is greatly appreciated.

  17. Will they be making refrigerators other than French Door models in the Sunset Bronze finish?

  18. i would like a sales person to come to our home and give us an estimate to replace all our kitchen appliances and upgrade to big refrig sub zero, oven, stove, stove hood, faucet, sink, dishwasher, microwave oven. we have stainless and they are about 10 years old and we need all new an a better color. it will also mean adjusting a couple of cabinets , so it is worth coming to take a look and give us a bid and hopefully a nice discount for buying so many

    1. Hello, Sandra. I believe you would best be served by contacting one of our knowledgeable sales representatives by calling our Customer Service and Support line at 800.299.9470, Option 2. They are open on Sunday from 9:00AM – 5:00PM, Monday from 9:00AM – 7:00PM, Tuesday through Thursday from 9:00AM – 6:00PM, and Friday from 9:30AM – 4:00PM EST. Hope this helps. Thanks for participating in the Appliances Connection community forum.

  19. I have been watching for ads showing the Sunset Bronze appliances but have not seen any yet. Where can I find them?

  20. Have the kitchen packages of Sunset Bronze finish been released already??? We are now into June 2018…..

    1. Hello, Joan! I’m happy to let you know that Appliances Connection is now selling the full line of kitchen appliances with Sunset Bronze finish. They can be found in the following link:


      An overview of one of the packages can be found in the following link:


      Hope you find what you’re looking for!

  21. When will washer/dryer be available. Have ordered range, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher.

    1. Hello, Kathy. At this point in time, Whirlpool has indicated that they are not going to be release laundry machines in Sunset Bronze finish. Thanks kindly for participating in the Appliance Connection community forum.

  22. Hello,
    Can I please get your opinion? Do you think the sunset bronze appliances would match a kitchen with oil rubbed bronze handles, light fixtures and faucet with cabinets that are a medium reddish cherry color. I really love them but would like to know if you think they would clash with my kitchen. Thank you!

  23. Great news, everyone! Your patience is about to pay off. We’ve found out that Whirlpool will be releasing kitchen packages in Sunset Bronze finish the middle of May. Keep watching this space and follow us on social media. Appliances Connection will be your destination for Whirlpool’s Sunset Bronze.

  24. It is now April 2018. Where can I get the Sunset Bronze whirlpool kitchen appliances?

  25. It’s April! Is the sunset bronze available yet???? I can’t wait to put it in my kitchen. Thank you.

    1. Hi Nancy! Thanks for checking in again. We’ve checked with our rep again and this time the rep said April 2018. We know this is really frustrating but we’ve told them about the huge demand we’ve seen in the comments of this post alone and we’re hoping all the anticipation will get them to speed up the production process. We’re going to post an update as soon as there is any new information in our Learning Center, so please check back.

  26. Hi! It’s January finally 😉 Is the sunset bronze fridge available yet?!

    1. Hi Kristen! Thanks for stopping by! We’ve checked in with our rep and the latest release date we’ve gotten is in April. We’re going to double check with Whirlpool again and post an updated article with any info that we get. If the April date is confirmed, we may set up an email list specifically for the Sunset Bronze Release date to make it easier for everyone who is holding out for this collection.

  27. I have contacted Whirlpool, and they act like they have no projected release dates for the Sunset Bronze appliances. Whirlpool has been talking about a release for at least 2 years. Pretty frustrating!! I have been waiting on these items since June 2017, but I am on the verge of purchasing another brand due to the fact I can’t keep waiting around for an item that may or may not be released. Does anyone have any updated information on a projected release date?

    1. Hello! We totally understand your frustration. We’ve been staying on top of this collection and have been asking our Whirlpool rep for any information on it for months. The new date we have is April but we’re going to speak to them again this week to confirm this. What alternative were you thinking of going with?

  28. i just talked to an appliance dealer who hecked their computer system. Diswasher & Oven will be ready to ship end of Feb, early Mar. They were accepting orders on those now. Fridge is not yet accepting orders.

      1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by! Our rep told us the appliances will be available in April. Thanks for letting us all know about the possible February and March release; we’ll bring this up to Whirlpool when we contact them this week to find out about the definite release schedule.

  29. Will there be a induction cooktop or electric in the sunset bronze collection? I have a built in single oven with a cooktop above it. Looking to replace them

  30. Also, wanted to know what do you believe the price would be for gas stove and refrigerator set or the whole microwave etc

  31. Hello,

    Can you please notify me by email when the sunset bronze is out and where to purchase it?

  32. Can you tell me what color the handles are? Trying to match cabinet hardware and light fixtures.

  33. Holding off on my remodel because I seriously want these. Will they have a counter depth fridge option and a slide in stove ?

  34. I’ve been waiting on the sunset bronze for a year now. I was told this color was coming out in January of 2017. Of course that didn’t happen. Now you’re telling us January of 2018. I finally had to break down and buy a new oven and microwave this past week in black stainless. All of my fixtures are brass in my kitchen, so I couldn’t go with stainless. My faucet is champagne bronze. I think this sunset bronze would look great in my kitchen. I’m still holding out for the dishwasher and refrigerator, but if you only offer one size refrigerator, I might still be out of luck. I can’t go over 68″ high or beyond 33″ wide. I’ve been in the almond/bisque era for 18 years and wanted to upscale the look. Hopefully you will offer this color in other sizes of refrigerators. Please, please!!!

  35. Will the sunset collection be a lot more expensive or close to the same? Is there a release date in January that’s been set?

  36. Does this series carry a built in double oven? Will the handles of the appliances also be in the bronze tone? I hate stainless steel and I am sooo happy for this alternative!! Thank you, just in time!!

  37. Hi, how much will the sunset bronze kitchen suite be? I’m interested in fridge, dish washer, microway and stove! Will it come in different styles?

  38. I’m still waiting for this new color choice in appliances. Hoping they will begin the rollout in January 2018!

  39. I too have been waiting a long time for the sunset bronze finish, and am so excited to know its coming in January! . Please let me know as soon as it comes out!.
    Thank you!

  40. Now I have been waiting for this color to come out for sometime now and my current appliance are not working well. Are you sure that this color will be available in January?

  41. PLEASE email me when this appliance color can be seen, in person! I am in the Phoenix, AZ area! Starting kitchen remodel in 2 weeks. We were going with the black stainless, but, this looks like something we would really like! What size will the French door, bottom freezer come in? Thank you!

  42. I am not going to remodel my kitchen until this color is available on the market.
    Please let me know when & where I can get it. My kitchen is currently 1980’s trailer style
    (oak, brass handles & nasty linoleum) and I am so looking forward to the upgrade.

    1. Hi Karen! We followed up with Whirlpool and learned that they’ve pushed back their release date and these appliances won’t be available until January. We’ve let them know that there’s a lot of interest and we’re following up to stay up-to-date. Are you willing to wait until then to remodel or would you like come finish suggestions to match your new desired style?

  43. I checked with a local dealer and they said Whirlpool will talk about a new color for years and they will talk about a time frame and then it is months later before it finally becomes available. It is so frustrating because if you really want the color, it either holds up any redecorating projects, or if one of your appliances goes, you don’t have that color option. I’ve been checking for months and very upset with Whirlpool for leading people on with no definite timeframe or the reassurance they are really coming out the color. It was shown in 2015-not fair to the consumer to have to wonder and wait this long!

    1. Hi Mary! We’ve also checked with our rep and the final time frame we’ve been given is January. We understand that this is frustrating but the second they’re out we’ll be carrying them and we’ll make an announcement to let everyone know on all of our social media accounts that the finish has arrived so you can stay up-to-date.

  44. Where and when can we purchase the sunset bronze suit? I live in Conway SC. Our house will be completed around February 2018.

    1. Hi Kendra! That time frame may actually work in your favor because the appliance suite for this finish is scheduled to come out in January 2018 so they’ll be available around the same time that your home is ready! We’ll be carrying them so follow us on our social media because we’ll be announcing when this finish is available for purchase.

  45. Wiuld really appreciate it if you let me know when the sunset bronze collection is coming to stores. My kitchen is copper and this set would blend perfectly!

    1. Hi Gail! Follow us on our social media accounts to stay updated! We’ll be announcing when the finish is in stock and ready to be purchased. Its scheduled to be released in January 2018.

  46. I am unable to locate the whirlpool sunset bronze appliances. Best Buy never heard of it, Home Depot has a online microwave and there’s nothing else. What is the company waiting for?

    1. Hi Denise! The color is scheduled to come out in January 2018. We’ve confirmed this as the most current release date directly from Whirlpool. We’ll be updating all of our social media followers when the finish is released, so follow us to know when it’s in stock!

    1. Hi Catherine! We’ll be carrying it as soon as it’s released in January. We’re going to announce when the finish is available on our social media accounts so check there in January to know when you can get the finish!

  47. So, where do you find this Sunset Bronze finish? I’ve spoken with several major appliance dealers, they don’t know anything about it, never heard of something like this. They’re all still pushing Stainless or White.



    1. Hi David! We’ve recently confirmed with our Whirlpool rep that the finish will be available in January. You’ll definitely be able to find it on our site then. We’ll be making a social media announcement once we have it in stock to let everyone know it’s available. White and Stainless Steel are great traditional colors, but if you’re looking for something fresh, this finish or black stainless steel are great choices. They modernize any cabinetry and are a great way to give your kitchen a new look.

  48. I am ready to purchase Sunset Bronze Kitchen package. I am ready NOW. Where and When can I but these at my local box store?

    1. Hi Van! We love this finish too and we wish it were already out! Unfortunately, it won’t be released until January. Once it is, you’ll be able to find it on our site.

  49. I have been waiting on this color for several years but when I wrote Whirlpool they send a reply tat
    they had no plans to roll out this shade in 2017. When can I buy this?

    1. Hi Sharon! The finish will be available in January and you can get it on our site as soon as it’s released.

  50. When will this be available? We have been waiting over 2 years since you first introduced the color at the CES!

  51. I am interested in your sunset bronze appliances. Will there be a range hood available in that color?

  52. Please let me know as soon as the Whirlpool Sunset Bronze Kitchen Suite is available? I have been able to find some pieces on the web…they must be from the shows?
    Please help – remodeling my Kitchen and expect it to be done November 1st…I want those apppliances please?????

    1. Hi Sharon! The finish won’t be released until January, so you’ll have to wait until then to get it for your new kitchen. We’ll be announcing when they are available on our social media accounts so check there to stay up-to-date!

  53. I absolutely love this finish, it is the best I have seen in a long time. I plan to remodel my kitchen within the next month and I definitely want this! Great job!

    1. Thanks Charles! Unfortunately, we’ve checked in with our Whirlpool rep and the finish won’t be available until January. However, once it is, you’ll easily find it on our site to furnish your newly remodeled kitchen if you’re still interested.

  54. I would love to purchase the Sunset Bronze appliances for my home. When is the release date?

    1. Hi Sue! The Sunset Bronze finish will be available in January and, as an authorized Whirlpool dealer, we’ll have them available for order at that time.

  55. I want this whole Sunset Beige suite. When will it be available for purchase?

    1. Hi Jeanne! The finish will be available in January– we’ve confirmed this with our Whirlpool rep and we’ll be carrying the appliances when they’re released!

  56. When will sunset bronze appliances be in the market for sale. I love the color. Great market for it. People are tired of stainless steel and the color slate is losing its luster. I like the whirlpool appliances and work led change all of my appliances to sunset bronze like tomorrow.

      1. Hi Denise! The finish will be out in January and you’ll be able to find them on our site when they are released.

        1. please let me know when and where i can purchase the sunset bronze appliances so i may proceed with my kitchen remodel

          1. Hey Jacqueline,

            Just curious if you were able to find the sunset bronze anywhere? I am holding out on replacing mine trying to find it too.

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