Whirlpool Sunset Bronze: The New Stainless Steel?
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Whirlpool Sunset Bronze: The New Stainless Steel?

UPDATED 6.12.2018: After generating two years of continuous buzz, Whirlpool has finally released kitchen appliances in Sunset Bronze finish. Appliances Connection is proud to offer the complete Sunset Bronze line. For an overview of the features in one of the four-piece packages, click here.

The rose gold trend has taken over every aspect of our lives. From jewelry to iPhones, everything seems to be plated in this delicate champagne shade, and we're loving it. Rose gold is the perfect balance of warm and cool tones; it's warmer than silver but cooler than gold. The only thing missing is that we can't have rose gold appliances to bring that perfect balance to our kitchens oh wait! Yes, we can. The new Whirlpool Sunset Bronze finish lets you bring this new trend into your kitchen to create a warmer environment in the heart of your home.

How'd They Do It?

Whirlpool Sunset Bronze kitchen appliances with white cabinetry in a contemporary kitchen.

Whirlpool wanted to create something with the same durability and texture as stainless steel in a color that was warm and welcoming. The Whirlpool Sunset Bronze finish is available in an exclusive lineup called the Sunset Bronze Kitchen Suite, which includes a French-door refrigerator, a dishwasher, a range, and an over-the-range microwave. The Whirlpool Sunset Bronze finish is achieved by color blocking the original silver stainless steel finish with the new Whirlpool Sunset Bronze Color. This technique will retain the texture of true stainless steel while giving it a totally new look. Whirlpool maintains that the new finish is tough enough to withstand the cold of a refrigerator and the heat of a range. The new finish is also fingerprint proof, so you don't have to worry about constantly wiping down your appliances.

A Replacement for an Old-Time Favorite

The Whirlpool Sunset Bronze finish is an additional industry effort to create a finish to replace the fan-favorite Stainless Steel. Recently, GE came out with their Slate finish and Miele came out with a Truffle Brown finish-- all in the hopes of usurping Stainless Steel as the cream of the "finish crop." Unlike Stainless Steel, Whirlpool Sunset Bronze doesn't match every kitchen style or cabinetry color. Its presence creates a warmer environment in any kitchen, that much is true, but the design unity may be disrupted if you're trying to pair a Whirlpool Sunset Bronze Suite with a set of glossy, modern kitchen cabinetry.

Lighting is really important for the Whirlpool Sunset Bronze finish; it can look more copper or champagne in different lightings.

Lighting is really important for the Whirlpool Sunset Bronze finish; it can look more copper or more champagne in different lightings.

This finish works best when paired with light colored cabinetry because it will complement the subtle color in the appliance. It could also work with black cabinets to offset the darkness with a warm champagne/copper color. We've found that Whirlpool Sunset Bronze works best with neutral earthy tones like browns and natural woods. However, the combination of medium or dark grey cabinetry and the Whirlpool Sunset Bronze finish looks comparatively dull, rather than cozy and inviting. A light grey could work if it's on the warmer side, like a true greige. This is because Greige (grey and beige) would be part of the neutral color palette, which is the best choice for this finish. It's those subtle differences that could make or break the design cohesion of a kitchen!

The appliances included in the Whirlpool Sunset Bronze Suite are the same reliable and professionally performing appliances that you're used to with Whirlpool. In fact, they are the exact same with the only change being the finish! This makes the decision a purely aesthetic one.

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