In part one of this series, I examined the latest in the world of dishwashers from renowned appliance manufacturer, Miele. In part two, I will explore Miele’s upcoming updates to their cooking appliance collections! Staying true to their adage, “Always Better”, Miele is always on the cutting edge of innovative technology in their appliances. Part of the intent behind this motto is to create an intuitive and convenient environment for owners of Miele products. Miele’s latest collections merge conventional appliances with sophisticated designs and state-of-the-art technology.

Traditional convection ovens use fans to circulate hot air to ensure even cooking. Steam ovens gently envelop food in hot steam, cooking rapidly and evenly while retaining flavors and vitamins, reducing the loss of nutrients.  Merging the two technologies, Miele’s Combi-Steam ovens provide a multifaceted approach to cooking. Whether it be for steaming vegetables, roasting meat or reheating leftovers, Miele’s Combi-Steam ovens offer unparalleled cooking versatility.

Recently, steam ovens have rapidly grown in popularity as an alternative mainly due to convenience and health benefits. If you’re unsure about the differences between steam and other types of cooking, please reference our earlier post that will break it down for you.  Check out our informative guide on the different types of ovens and determining which is right for you!

On May 1st, Miele launches the DGC6760 XXL Combi-Steam Oven. The XXL is a whopping 41% bigger than the current XL unit and owners will enjoy up to 4 shelf levels at the same time.

Miele Combi-Steam Wall Oven - White
Miele Combi-Steam Wall Oven – White
Miele Combi-Steam Wall Oven - Black
Miele Combi-Steam Wall Oven – Black












Included are the unique features found in all Miele Combi-Steam ovens.

The XXL will come in M Touch only for intuitive and precise control over all aspects of your oven.

Miele Combi-Steam Wall Oven - M Touch Controls - Masterchef programs - Temperature Control
M Touch Controls

The wired roast probe enables accurate temperature control and custom roast settings by measuring core temperatures.

Miele Combi-Steam Wall Oven - Wired Roast Probe
Miele Combi-Steam Wall Oven – Wired Roast Probe
Miele Combi-Steam Wall Oven - Wired Roast Probe
Miele Combi-Steam Wall Oven – Wired Roast Probe










The XXL Combi-Steam oven will be available as plumbed or non-plumbed. Additionally, a 30” Trim Kit to mount the XXL model over a 30” oven will become available some time in 2018.

Miele Combi-Steam ovens are ideal for cooking a wide array of dishes.  With your Combi-Steam oven, you can cook various dishes individually or an entire meal all at once! Utilize all of the XXL’s shelves for a comprehensive cooking experience! You can prepare a crisp pastry tart, a juicy roast, and a veggie side dish that’s bursting with flavor, simultaneously! Steam cooking won’t transfer flavors or odors between dishes!

Miele Combi-Steam Wall Oven

Miele Combi-Steam Wall Oven










Miele Combi-Steam Wall Oven - M Touch - Masterchef Program
Miele Combi-Steam Wall Oven – M Touch – Masterchef Program

The intelligent MasterChef automatic programs offer electronically regulated settings for various cooking techniques and individual item temperature settings. Miele Combi-Steam ovens are versatile, practical and a true feast for the senses!

For owners and prospective owners of a Miele range, one necessary addition is a downdraft extractor system. Downdraft ventilation systems are constructed to trap and expel unwanted grease particles, gasses, and odors. Miele has updated their line of downdraft hoods to be unobtrusive and modern.

Miele Downdraft Extractor System - Levantar
Miele Downdraft Extractor System – Unobtrusive & Sleek
Miele Downdraft Extractor System
Trap & expel unwanted odors and grease










The Levantar downdraft rises 16” over your cooktop while the internal blower delivers efficient ventilation at either 500 or 1,000 CFM. Each unit is equipped with LED ClearView lighting which can be used in vented and recirculating mode. To complement the sleeker and more modern look, the grease filters on these models are hidden through elegant black glass panels.

Miele’s 2017-2018 lineup has many things to be excited about!  Be sure to check back in to the AppliancesConnection Blog for all the updates on your favorite brands and products!

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