Spring has finally arrived and for many, this season signifies new beginnings and the time-honored tradition of spring cleaning. For some, the approaching warm weather means getting around to those tasks you’d been delaying through the cold months. What better way to begin anew than with a make-over for your kitchen with all new Miele appliances?

Since its creation in 1899, German appliance manufacturer, Miele, the company has had a succinct motto: “Immer Besser”, “Always better.” Its objective remains as true today as it was over a century ago. Renowned for their high-end dishwashers, Miele has endeavored to manufacture household appliances for the kitchen and laundry room, and along with appliances for use in commercial settings and medical facilities. In this entry, I will examine Miele’s latest dishwashers and how their new appliance lines can make your life “always better”.


Miele EcoFlex Series Dishwashers with 3D+ Cutlery Tray, FlexiCare Basket, AutoOpen Drying
Miele EcoFlex Series Dishwashers

Miele’s all new generation of dishwashers, EcoFlex Series, are primed to launch on Monday, April 10, 2017! The EcoFlex Series debuts several unique features across the entire collection – every model has something brand new!

Modern dishwashers offer high-powered cleaning of dishes but at what cost? It’s not likely you’re prepared to wait hours for your regular load of dishes and silverware to be washed and dried. On the other hand, short wash cycles don’t always adequately get the job done and can leave you feeling frustrated at having to pre-rinse or hand-wash your dishes.


Miele EcoFlex Series - QuickIntenseWash Program washes dishes in 58 minutes!
QuickIntenseWash Program washes dishes in 58 minutes!


Soiled  dishes meet their match with Miele’s new QuickIntenseWash program! It is designed to provide top notch cleaning for your normal wash load in under an hour!

Miele EcoFlex Series Dishwashers - AutoOpen Drying Program
Miele EcoFlex Series Dishwashers – Patented AutoOpen Drying Program conveniently opens after the wash cycle completes

One popular feature on Miele’s Lumen, Diamond and Dimension series dishwashers is now being included in Crystal models: the AutoOpen drying program! The dishwasher door opens automatically at the end of the washing cycle allowing for fresh air to reach your dishware, ensuring perfectly dry dishes! A special airflow pattern protects the worktop  from moisture.  Set your desired wash cycle, select the AutoOpen feature and your dishes will be gently dried to sparkling satisfaction!


Miele EcoFlex Series Dishwashers - 3D+ Cutlery Tray - Configure to fit your silverware, utensils, and stemware!
3D Cutlery Tray – Adjustable in 3 directions to adapt to fit large utensils and stemware!

Miele patented the first ever cutlery tray in 1988 which offered several benefits as all cutlery could be positioned separately which prevented scratching. With every iteration, Miele improved upon their original design and has supplanted their 3D models, with the new and improved 3D+ cutlery trays. These multi-functional trays can be adjusted in three directions and can adapt to fit large utensils and tall stemware! Additionally, Miele has redesigned their Flexicare baskets for all the EcoFlex dishwasher models. This basket system can be configured to safely accommodate your most fragile items. Gone are the days where your dishes, glassware and silverware were scratched and tarnished because they were not properly secured in your dishwasher!

Miele EcoFlex Series Dishwashers - White


Miele EcoFlex Series Dishwashers - Diamond & Lumen collections - Miele@Mobile App - Receive status updates on your smartphone!
Miele@Mobile App


The Diamond and Lumen dishwasher models provide unparalleled modernity to your kitchen. Owners of the Miele Diamond and Lumen dishwashers will also benefit from the brand new Miele@Mobile app! The app allows you to quickly view the status of your dishwasher cycle and receive status updates via the app on your mobile phone.


Miele EcoFlex Series Dishwasher - Miele Dishtabs Promotion - Year's Supply with Purchase of a Miele EcoFlex Series Dishwasher
Miele EcoFlex Series – Dishtab Promotion – Starting July 31, 2017!

To celebrate a stunning series of improvements and innovation, starting July 31, 2017, Miele is offering “Complimentary One Year’s Supply of Dishtabs” with purchase of any EcoFlex model (Crystal and above)! All EcoFlex models will include 20 dishtabs along with a voucher to redeem the remaining 280 tabs.

Miele’s innovations don’t stop with dishwashers and in part two of this series I will examine their latest developments in the world of cooking appliances!



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