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What Makes Smart Appliances, 'smart'?

Smart Home

By April Khan, Appliances Connection

What?s a smartphone if not a remote control? Wow. I never thought I?d write a sentence like that in my lifetime (not that I would be writing in any other lifetime, but I digress). Smartphones are already capable of doing so much! You can send a fax while you talk, edit a video and upload it to YouTube, and not to mention what you could do with the millions of brilliant downloadable apps. But now, a smartphone doubles-up as a super distance remote control for smart appliances.

Smart appliances contain more groundbreaking innovation than meets the eye. They?re appealing to look at, modern and sleek, but they also contain automated features that a growing connected family would like. Even some they didn?t know they?d like.

Why Smart?

I suppose manufacturers could have used the word ?connected?, but that doesn?t really implicate what the appliance does. Connected devices and connected appliances are two terms tossed around a lot, and really ?connected? just means they can connect to the internet wirelessly or by wire.

?Smart? means that the appliances can do something cool with that connectivity, like auto wash your clothes, text you when your food is done or suggest menu options while you peruse your refrigerator shelves. The term smart has also become synonymous with central brain technology like Android and iOS; or big brand names like Samsung and LG. In 2010, we officially started noticing more and more devices with the term ?smart? preceding them. Smart appliances were here before we knew it -- in fact, they were here before we knew what to do with them.

Introducing Smart Appliances

The biggest purchases in our homes are now the most competitive. I call them the ?Furious Five?. They are the TV, Refrigerator, Oven (Range), Washer and Dryer. We can?t live without many of these items, and for that reason, they are a little pricey. This has lead consumers to have a kind of ??wow me? attitude when it comes to making a purchase. I am the same way. Why should I spend $800 on a basic model, when I could pay an extra $50 for additional ?essential? functions? Or better yet, why would I pay $800 for a basic model when I could pay $800 for a smart one?

What Can You Buy With Your Smart Bucks?

Currently, you can buy a smart washer and dryer, range, refrigerator, TV, microwave, stereo and even smart thermometers. By the time I finish writing this, there will probably be a dozen more smart products on offer.

I spoke too soon...

I just spotted a smart hot water heater! I?ll have to look into that.

Meanwhile, I really love connected devices and how easy my life has become using them. If you?re looking to make the most of your appliance buying power, I?d suggest incorporating a few smart items into your home. Namely, your kitchen and laundry room.

If you?d like to see the smart appliances currently on offer, visit Appliances Connection!

If you already own a smart appliance, I?d love to hear about your experience owning it. Did it make life easier for you and your family? What new appliances are you in the market for today? Share your comment below, and as always have a great day!

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