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By April Khan, Appliances Connection If smudge-proof stainless steel tickles your fancy, then you?ll definitely want to check out LG?s Diamond Collection.

For the modern kitchen, LG is a welcomed staple. ?Sleek lines, stainless steel and ample space is what LG is known for, but there?s so much more to this new Diamond Collection.The entire LG Diamond Collection suite is made from a special darkened stainless steel, which gives it a titanium/black glassy look. There are other manufacturers who have tried their hands at ?black stainless steel? but this look is unique.

LG put ?lot of thought into the exact shade of these appliances, and because they did, the collection blends perfectly into any kitchen design. It even mixes well with accompanying stainless steel or colored kitchen appliances. But this isn?t the cool part ?

It is super easy to clean! You don?t even need water. All you need is a dry cloth and a little elbow grease ? with an emphasis on little ? and the original shine is restored time and time again. The refrigerators in this collection come with a few familiar features that LG lovers will definitely appreciate. They are:
  • Door-in-Door ? A door that houses a special refrigerated compartment. This compartment is accessible from the outside of the refrigerator. It is often used to store lunch items or beverages.
  • Smart Cooling System Plus ? A special system that keeps your refrigerator at the right temperature. It adjusts the temperature as necessary, keeping your food fresher, longer.
  • CustomChill Drawer ? This is a special drawer that can either freeze food or keep it chilled. You set the temperature using a special touch activated panel.
Diamond Collection dishwashers are also pretty cool. They have a sleek, seamless look that blends into surrounding cabinetry. The LED SmoothTouch control panel is hidden, so no more of those clunky buttons ?thank goodness.

And while we?re on the subject of thankfulness ? LG has given us a helpful alternative to pre-wash. The TrueSteam feature blasts out enough steam to remove caked on foods and to loosen grime on pots and pans. This saves both water and energy.

A few other features to look out for are:
  • EasyRack Plus ? An adjustable rack system that moves up or down. This keeps you from cramming?your dishes into place.
  • Third Rack ? For small items like espresso mugs or serverware.
  • Quiet Operation ? At just 45 dB this dishwasher runs as quiet as a mouse.
  • Vario Wash ? Give each rack level the precise intensity needed?with this user operated control.
Now we?re getting to the heart of the kitchen ? the oven.

Ovens in the Diamond Collection are so packed with features that it?s impossible to list them all here, but we?ll list a few of the most talked about ones.?But before we do, it?s important for us to let you know how this oven differs from the rest.

First, like the refrigerator and dishwasher, it is 100 percent stainless. Smudges and grease haven?t got a chance. Second, the oven is so easy to clean that you don't need any special products -- just a cloth and spray bottle of water. Lastly, you can choose whether you want gas or electric, to suit your lifestyle.

Here are some of the features you?ll find on ovens in this collection:
  • 6.1 Cu Ft. Capacity ? Cook all of your holiday dishes at once and save time.
  • Heat Wave ? No more uneven cakes! Heat wave equally distributes heat throughout the oven without much effort.
  • Easy Clean ? Cleans ovens in minutes!
  • EvenJet Convection System ? Cook your meals fully in less time!
  • IntuiTouch Operation ? No need to turn a knob, simply touch the correct button to operate.
  • 5 Burners ? Cook and warm more foods.
As you can see, the Diamond collection is more than just a fancy name for stainless steel appliances. It?s a convenient cooking and cleaning system for today?s busy homes.

If you like what you see and you want to purchase an item from the Diamond Collection, visit Appliances Connection. We have an array of LG appliances, including the collection mentioned in this blog. Head over to our site to check out our daily deals, promotions and sales!
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