Viking's "Zero Maintenance" Refrigeration System

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The 2015 Re-Engineered Viking Built-In Refrigerators are built to last and save you maintenance time, energy, and money.

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Viking has re-engineered and re-designed their refrigerators! Click to check out all of the Viking refrigerators we offer to see which model, size and color works best for you Viking has re-designed their built-in refrigerators, including their All Refrigerator and Freezer, Side-by-Side, and Bottom-Freezer models. They now use a single compressor system, called the Variable Speed DC Overdrive Compressor. This is currently one of the most advanced systems in the industry, but if that doesn't peak your interest, these other groundbreaking features definitely will.

Viking uses the Embraco Fullmotion Inverter Compressor in their refrigeration, a world-leading inverter compressor. It offers energy efficiency, food freshness and low noise and vibration levels. This is the quietest refrigeration system Viking has ever produced. The compressor is specifically engineered to deliver maximum power with minimal sound, and it chills food rapidly, so it saves energy and saves you money.

The 36" Panel-Ready All Freezer offers impressive power in a nearly invisible way. Click to view the listing. The addition of a panel lets you customize your fridge to match your kitchen. Contact us about kitchen designs today

The 36" All Refrigerator has all of these exciting features and a whopping 22.8 cu. ft. capacity. Store your food in here, Viking will keep it fresh. This model is available in seven unique colors. Click to view listing and all color options.

This 42" Side-by-Side model combines all the benefits of the All Freezer and Refrigerator models in a single, compact unit. Perfect for smaller spaces that don't want to sacrifice storage. Click to view listing.

The Odor Eliminator Evaporator removes odors and excess humidity from the air that's circulated through the refrigerator and freezer. Here's the science: all odor travels in the form of water molecules and when they pass over the -17F evaporator coil, they freeze. The only air that cycles back in is clean, odor-fee air. Then, the water molecules evaporate during the defrost cycle so everything tastes and smells like it should.

The Super Clog Resistant Condenser is maintenance free under normal use because the condenser coil is built to last. It doesn't let dust or pet dander build up, so you can pocket the money you would've shelled out for a condenser cleaning. Other brands require a bi-annual service cleaning that costs about $150. If you neglect to do this, some brands view it as a void in the warranty, but Viking doesn't. They've engineered their condenser to never need cleaning, so you're encouraged to save that cash.

Another zero-maintenance feature is the Ion Plasmacluster Air Purifier.


Click to view the listing for a Bottom-Freezer model with the great advancements we've mentioned including the highly convenient Plasmacluster Air Purifier.

This system generates ions that eliminate airborne bacteria, fungus, viruses, and mold spores in the fridge. Studies have shown that it inactivates 99% of the viruses in a 140 sq. ft. room in only two hours. It tackles odors, it's quiet and it'll keep your food fresh for longer. Plus, you never need to replace it! It doesn't wear down or get clogged up--it's one less thing to worry about.

Here's a video that breaks it all down and depicts some of the Viking Refrigeration's best features:

They've also redesigned the fill tube so the ice maker will definitely be properly filled for optimal use. Furthermore, they've added a defrost heater to improve drain flow, and structural brackets to strengthen all the drawer handles. Everything's been given an upgrade--from the way the fridge is being manufactured, to the features and technology it's manufactured with.


Click to view the listing for a Panel-Ready 48" Side-by-Side Refrigerator that features these innovative shelves for your clumsiest days. No matter what little spills you make, Viking's got you covered.

The incredibly durable 3/8" thick tempered glass shelves have a near invisible barrier that will keep accidental spills from spreading and leaking on to the floor.


The control panel makes the options and temperature settings clear, so there's no guess work. Click to view the 42" Side-by-Side model.

Don't worry, we've all been there, but it's important to take care of your refrigerator and Viking makes that incredibly easy. Click to view the maintenance guide for a traditional refrigerator to see just how little you need to do to keep your Viking refrigerator up and running.

Let's be honest: we've all opened the door to our refrigerators only to stare into them, not remembering what we wanted at least once.

That can really impact how fresh your food stays, so the Viking fridge will alert you with an alarm if the door is left open for more than three minutes. It will also alert you if you lose power with a Power Loss indicator, if you're experiencing temperature sensor problems, or if the temperature in either the freezer or refrigerator is too high for two hours. The Max Freezer and Refrigerator modes give you a cool blast of max power for four hours in the refrigerator and six hours in the freezer. Then, the temperature automatically returns to it's normal setting. The Fast Cool option for the fridge runs the compressor at top speed for two hours to rapidly cool the fridge before returning to its previous setting.

This new system is better than anything Viking's ever done in refrigeration; it's quieter, more efficient, and more innovative. These features make life easier and they save you money in the long run!

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