Six Unique Bathroom Styles and Vanities to Match
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Six Unique Bathroom Styles and Vanities to Match

There are thousands of bathroom style choices to choose from when decorating or renovating a home. Knowing where to start can be a daunting process. We've distilled it down to six popular styles and picked six vanities to match.

Contemporary Classic

Gray has been in vogue for a few years now. It's made a clean sweep of kitchen cabinets, wall colors and now bathrooms as well. It's a modern color which tends to pair well with just about anything. Whites, clean lines, or other soft muted tones are used in bathrooms to give a tranquil spa-like effect.

This is not the place for whimsical knick-knacks cluttering up the area. But white moldings and architectural flourishes often work well to add a classical element. Space and calm are key components for contemporary classic bathrooms which can be accented with modern technology, sleek metals, and stone. Expect to see this style in hotels and apartments as well as new home renovations and flips.

Vanities: Contemporary Classic

The Stufurhome 48-inch slate gray single vanity cabinet (HD1525G48CR) typifies the contemporary classic style. The shaker style doors with brushed nickel hardware add a touch of sophistication and tradition. The Carrara white marble top with a porcelain undermount sink exudes cool elegance.

Modern Farmhouse

The words modern and farmhouse might seem like an oxymoron but thanks in part to Joanna Gaines from HGTV's Fixer Upper, the style is all the rage these days. Elements such as natural stone, exposed brick, and of course, shiplap. These were once relegated to outhouses and barns, made of rough-hewn wooden slats. They've found a home inside rather than out of the main living areas. Also migrated inward are sliding barn doors and generally things of a woody rustic nature such as exposed wood beams.

Vanities: Modern Farmhouse

In the bathroom, this double vanity (WN7560) from Legion Furniture brings that barndoor aesthetic at the forefront. The vanity doors are made from solid elm as are the trims on the two 24 inch matching mirrors. The moonstone top is sturdy and everlasting and won't need replacing. The oil rubbed bronze faucet in a natural finish completes the look.

Vanities: Eco Modern

Clean lines and uncluttered spaces are the touchstones of modern design. Expect to see sleek stone and natural woods in these bathrooms. Modern technology and plenty of light are also customary features. Kitchen designer Martha Saldumide specializes in eco-friendly kitchens. "Where we can spare the environment, we do. We use a lot of scrap wood. It's the wood that nobody wants but it's really good hardwood."

Scavolini cabinets also specialize in stylish wood veneer composite which is not only good for the environment but difficult to tell apart from the real thing. They manufacture both bathroom and kitchen cabinets. When matched with glossy surfaces such as lacquer or glass the results are often stunning, offering a soothing spa-like effect.

Vanities: Eco Modern

KubeBath prides itself on manufacturing goods with the lowest possible impact on the environment while using the most advanced technology. This 60-inch double sink vanity (BSL60SWNT) is made from an attractive walnut veneer and is wall mounted which means it looks as if its floating. This vanity would be right at home in chic boutique hotels or condos.


Old school traditionalism works well when paired with calming tiles and glass elements to add light and offset darker woods. There's a tendency to look at traditional style as being outdated. However, when placed in the right setting it can enhance the character and warmth of a home.

Vanities: Traditional

This Arlington Vanity (530030001005AB) from Kaco is perfect for a half bathroom or a smaller full, bringing a feeling of upscale elegance. The vanity comes with a white sink and granite counter. Kaco prides itself on sourcing its wares from quality factories and manufacturers that use the best materials including hardwoods, granite, and marble.


An eclectic bathroom usually combines several different style elements side by side. This is not for the novice interior designer but rather someone whose creativity and desire to experiment is instilled in everything they undertake.

Thrown into the mix can be different eras, accessories, colors, and textures. When choosing a vanity for an eclectic bathroom stay clear of anything that veers too far in one direction. Generally, something ultra modern or very severe won't meld with other elements.

Vanities: Eclectic

Choosing something like this driftwood double vanity (23810557112BLK) from James Martin works well because it has many different themes working together. The distressed wood detailing fuses both the industrial and traditional. It would work well as well in a shabby chic setting. The ornamental hardware also lends itself to a vintage, industrial look.


When you think of the Mediterranean you think sun, white walls, and natural wood, offset with bright colored ceramic tiles and ornate archways. Earth tones are also an important component of Mediterranean kitchens and these can either be added with tumbled/terracotta tiles or exposed beams on the ceiling. It's virtually impossible to find a bathroom vanity that incorporates all these elements so instead, it's best to choose something that complements the style and fits subtly in without trying to steal the show.

Vanities: Mediterranean

This 36-inch single sink vanity (804357) from Bellaterra Home is suitably understated. The curved white vitreous china sink hints at archways and simple ceramics from a Greek island. You can almost taste the fresh olive oil, baked fish, and feta.