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ILVE Introduces The Updated Majestic Series

ILVE Introduces The Updated Majestic Series

Your taste is singular. You don’t have a table that’s just a flat surface where you place microwave meals to be absentmindedly wolfed down. You’ve procured a robust oak piece of dining room finery that serves a tableau for indulgent cuisine feasted upon in the company of boisterous raconteurs. You don’t have a pedestrian refrigerator that packs wares as mundane as off-brand bologna and vanilla ice cream. You have a multi-environmentally controlled refrigeration assistant that lovingly stores your aged salumi and ganache-topped gelato. Why should your kitchen range be different?

ILVE understands you. ILVE is the luxury Italian brand whose ranges grace the most lavish homes in the world. It’s no small piece of news, then, that they are introducing updated models from their acclaimed Majestic Series.

30-Inch Ranges

ILVE Majestic 30-Inch Range

60-Inch Ranges

ILVE Majestic 60-Inch Range

Custom Color Ranges

ILVE Majestic Custom Color Range

No matter what your personal tastes or what your kitchen can accommodate, there is an ILVE Majestic range perfect for you. Smart city apartments will be able to have 30-inch models as their centerpieces. Bucolic country homes can find multifarious dishes cooking on sprawling 60-inch offerings.

ILVE Majestic ranges are not stamped out like some crassly machined cogs. Each piece is custom designed to your specifications and hand-crafted by master artisans in a purpose-built workshop near Venice. Your personalized range can be painted in any RAL color you so choose, accented in trim including bronze, chrome and copper.

Cooktop Configurations

Dual Fuel Range Cooktops

For the culinary traditionalist, the ILVE Majestic dual fuel models may be the preferred choice. 30-inch ranges are topped with five burners. The middle power burner has a maximum output of 16,000 BTUs. This may seem modest for a range of such stature. ILVE Majestic gas cooktop grates sit a quarter inch closer to cooking flames than competing models which means you can bring a large stock pot full of dungeness crabs to a boil in the same amount of time as other power burners that tout 25,000 BTUs. ILVE cooktops 36 inches and greater can be fitted with a removable non-stick griddle so you can make a full breakfast fry-up of toad in a hole and black puddings on one surface.

Electric Range Cooktops

Don’t let the classification of “electric” cooktops on ILVE Majestic ranges bring to mind the historically undependable radiant elements that burn fried rice or curdle cream. All ILVE Majestic electric ranges have induction cooktops. They use electromagnetism to turn any compatible cookware into a direct heating surface. Temperature control is precise and instantaneous. No longer are homes without gas lines bereft of nuanced cooking techniques. You can sear short ribs on high heat then add stock, vegetables, and whatever else you desire on low heat for a fulsome stew without having to transfer a pot between elements.

ILVE Majestic Ovens

ILVE Majestic Ovens

The ovens in ILVE Majestic ranges are the culmination of over a half-century of gastronomic nurturing. There is a model with space options to fulfill the need of any home cook. Compact 30-inch models have a 2.3 cu ft interior, enough to prepare several loaf pans of pate de campagne. If you host occasions calling for more elaborate fare, 48-inch ranges have a primary oven with a cavernous 3.5 cu ft capacity and a secondary oven availing you of a further 1.5 cu ft.

Of course, an oven’s copious volume means absolutely nothing without performance to suit. ILVE Majestic ranges provide this to spare. Every model’s oven compartment has a dedicated convection fan with an integrated heating coil. This allows for True European convection to assists its basic functions. Circulating heated air will quickly and evenly bake crusty and tangy sourdough breads or poach a salmon fillet to flakey perfection. Every oven in ranges 36 inches and greater takes full advantage of this even heating with a rotisserie spit. Lamb shawarma rotating and marinating white onions and verdant green peppers will have everyone salivating in anticipation. Every mode described here is intuitively controlled by a vivid TFT display that can be navigated with the same ease as the most advanced smart phones.