Step into a world of sepia-toned nostalgia and wallow in the sophistication of a time gone by with these trunk bars from Authentic Models. Like a sultry siren or debonair detective, it’s hard not to fall in love with these beautiful, painstakingly recreated items with a modern twist. Trunk bars are not only conversation pieces but also a journey back in time to when having a drink with friends was deemed so vital, you took the bar wherever you went.

MF114B Polo Club Bar

mf114b Trunk Bars

When you can’t go to the party, bring the party with you. This portable bar in a box is guaranteed to win you friends and influence people. A vintage trunk on wheels, it harkens back to a glorious period of porters and stewards wheeling behemoths along platforms while heaving trains breathed cotton wool plumes or ocean-going steam liners beckoned a world of glamor and travel.

This model is built in canvas-covered wood, with leather accents, bronze hardware with wood slats for perfection. The inside opens and invites like the rattle of a projector showing an original print of “Casablanca”. Alas, you’ve to supply the glassware and drinks yourself.

Dimensions when collapsed: Width: 21 inches, Height: 38.6, Weight: 89 lbs.

MF134 Grand Club Trunk Bar

mf134 Trunk Bars

This trunk bar comes complete with a fold out table to ensure libations can be enjoyed at a leisurely pace and with a sense of decorum. As with all Authentic Models items, this is drenched in nostalgia. Imagine, if you will a world of intrigue, transatlantic travel, with a hint of romance, danger, and unfolding possibilities.

The likelihood is that this won’t be trekked across the world these days, but rather used in a modern apartment as a touch of whimsy and a talking point amongst friends. Constructed from maple, pine, leather, brass and a MDF, this comes in black with a honey distressed French finished interior. Again, drinks and accessories not included.

Dimensions when collapsed: Width: 21.25 inches, Height: 50 inches, Weight: 105 lbs.

MF078 Stateroom Bar

mf078 Trunk Bars

This handsome piece abounds with storage space and is built to entertain. Though the trunk evokes the decadence of La Belle Epoque, you’ll be able to engage in the joie de vivre of that bygone era without the dread of imminent global conflict and/or economic collapse (maybe).

As you and your drinking companions imbibe absinthe or gin martinis stirred with olives with just a passing thought to vermouth, muse wistfully of what it would have been like to converse with Toulouse-Latrec, being served haute cuisine prepared by Auguste Escoffier. The look of this trunk bar comes together with ivory colored canvass, maple, pine, leather, and brass accents, an interior finish of honey distressed French.

Dimensions when collapsed: Width: 24.4 inches, Height, 57.9 inches, Weight: 177 lbs.

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