Troubleshooting Your Front Load Washing Machine When Something Goes Wrong
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Troubleshooting Your Front Load Washing Machine When Something Goes Wrong

The last thing you want is a pile of laundry staring right at you when you can't seem to get your front load washing machine to work. This can disrupt your plans, especially if you have no time to get to a nearby laundromat.

To avoid any hiccups, let's discover how to fix a problem with a front-load washer next time you experience a difficulty.

Common Problems of a Front Load Washing Machine and How to Troubleshoot

 Samsung Front Load Washer and Dryer

A front-load washing machine has several components making it difficult to narrow down the origin of the problem. That's why today we'll break down the different things that can go wrong with your front load washing machine and how to troubleshoot so that you can know whether to call an expert or try a DIY the solution.

We'll look into two scenarios:

  1. When the front load washing machine won't start
  2. When the front load washing machine malfunctions during cycles

When the Front Load Washer Won't Start

 Woman Starting Washing Machine

You just put in your first load of the day but the washing machine won't turn on. Below are possible reasons why:

  • The power supply to the washing machine is cut off
  • The lid switch is open
  • The front load washing machine motor isn't working
  • The timer knob isn't in alignment

Power Supply in Your House


If your front load washing machine won't turn on, first check whether the house power supply is working. You'll need a multimeter to check the outlet voltage. If there's no electricity flowing into your washer, confirm if there's a circuit breaker in the household electrical panel. If so, contact an electrician.

Is the Lid Switch Open?

 Repairing Washer

The lid switch (located under the lid of the front load washing machine) must remain closed for the washing machine switch to activate. So check to see if the lid switch is properly positioned and shut.

Is the Front Load Washing Machine Motor Working?

 Washing Machine Motor

Sometimes the front load washing machine motor can overheat. Luckily, this is not a cause for alarm because it does so to allow the machine to cool down. In this case, restart the front load washer. However, if the motor overheats constantly, be sure to have a professional check it.

Is the Timer Knob in Alignment?

 Timer Knob

Some front-load washing machine models are designed to work when the timer knob is in alignment with the control panel graphics. If the knob is out of line, simply advance the timer and try to restart the washer again.

When the Front Load Washing Machine Malfunctions During Cycles

It Won't Drain Properly

 Leaking Washing Machine

When your washing machine keeps leaking, the most likely culprit is the drain hose. Therefore, make sure the drain hose is not bent or clogged.

If it's clogged, remove it from the washing machine and clean it by running water through it. Alternatively, you can run the front load washer's hottest cycle without any clothes to loosen up the blockage.

It Won't Unlock

 GE Front Load Washing Machine and Dryer

This problem is unique to a front-load washer. That's because the lock ensures the door is tightly sealed to keep the water inside. Once a cycle is done, it automatically unlocks itself. However, sometimes clothes can get in the way and jam the locking mechanism, or the machine's computer program may fail, and in other instances, if the drainage system fails the front load washer won't unlock.

If it's a digital problem, restart the washing machine by turning it off and on. And if clothes keep getting in the way, try to run shorter cycles.

A Leaking Door Seal

 Washing Machine Door Seal

Front-load washers tend to collect debris around the door seal. Eventually, the build-up can prevent the door from sealing tightly, hence why you'll experience spillage.

This is an easy fix. All you need to do is to clean the door seal regularly and thoroughly.

Still Can't Troubleshoot and Fix Your Front Load Washing Machine?

 Front Load Washer

You may have done all the above and much more in the past, yet the problem with your front load washer persists. Well, too many washing machine problems might mean it's time for a brand-new one. Appliances Connection has a variety of front-load washers from several well-known brands for you to choose from.

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