Troubleshooting Your Electric Range When Something Goes Wrong
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Troubleshooting Your Electric Range When Something Goes Wrong

You depend on your electric range to work correctly every time you make a meal. What do you do when it breaks down? Electric range repair can be tricky due to so many different components in the unit. Here are a few tips on how to fix your range when it isn't working right.

The Entire Electric Range Doesn't Work

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If nothing works at all on your electric stove, check to see if the power cord is fully plugged in. You can also check if the circuit breaker is tripped. It's possible your electric outlet is broken and needs repairs. If the electric stove is plugged into an extension cord, get rid of the extension cord and plug the stove into the wall.

The Burners Don't Get Hot Enough

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If your burner heat can't be adjusted to a high enough temperature, you could have a problem with the element limiter, element control switch, or wiring inside the electric range.

The Burners Don't Heat

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If the burners on your electric cooktop do not heat at all, but the oven works and the clock on your electric range works, then it could be a blown fuse or a tripped breaker. If that's not the case, there could be a problem with the wiring inside the range.

If only one burner doesn't work, you could have a faulty coil. Try switching the coil with a different one. If it works, then all you have to do is replace the faulty burner. Sometimes, the burner socket could be broken. See if the socket looks damaged. For smooth top ranges, you won't be able to switch coils. Your problem could be due to a failed element, element limiter, or element control switch.

The Oven Doesn't Heat

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If your burners work, but the oven doesn't heat at all, you could have a blown fuse or a tripped breaker. There is also the possibility of a failed oven thermostat or a failed selector switch. The element inside the oven could be broken. If it doesn't look damaged, split, or burned in one spot, try adjusting the element, making sure it is connected correctly. You should also check your clock and timer settings to make sure you don't have the oven set for a delayed start.

If you use your broiler, and it doesn't heat, you should inspect the broiler element for damage.

The Oven Doesn't Stay at the Correct Temperature

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You could have a defective temperature control thermostat. This can be recalibrated, but if the temperature is not maintaining a steady temperature, there is likely something broken, for instance, the temperature sensor or the temperature sensor bulb. The sensor controls the temperature inside the oven, keeping it consistent.

If the oven heats but doesn't get hot enough, there could be a problem with the temperature control thermostat. It could also be a problem with the oven door gasket, which is supposed to seal the oven and keep the heat from escaping.

The Oven Exterior Gets Too Hot


Ovens are designed to keep the heat inside. If the outside of your oven is hot to the touch, you may have a damaged oven door gasket.

Not Sure What's Wrong?


Sometimes, an electric range breaks due to a wiring problem or a faulty electronic control board. These can be difficult to diagnose, but a professional appliance repair person will know how to fix your electric range.

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Related Questions

Where is the fuse inside an electric range?

Usually, the internal fuse is located under the cooktop.

Why do electric stove elements fail?

The wires inside the element expand when they heat and shrink when they cool. Because they do this so often, the wires can eventually break or wear out. It may seem like the element has stopped working for no reason. Sometimes, the element fails due to being overheated.