Transform Your Kitchen into a Work of Art with GE Artistry


By April Khan, Appliances Connection

There once was a time when the only color choices you had for a refrigerator were white, mustard yellow or olive green. Those were the days right? Not.

When modern refrigerators popped up, the color scheme suddenly went neutral. It was cool to have a plain white or black refrigerator, since everything in the 80s and 90s was block colored. Adventurous colors were reserved for walls, counter appliances and dishes. And only those who were bold enough to go retro, bought into the firetruck red appliance theme.

We all have different tastes, so ?why are the color choices so limited? We?re not sure really, but GE came around with a solution, rather than an answer.

Introducing the Artistry range of kitchen appliances.

Instead of leaving consumers with three basic choices -- stainless steel, black or white -- GE added some spice to the mix and created fun hues like Cupcake Blue and Red Pepper.

Leave it to GE refrigerators to serve more than one purpose. We all want a fridge that?s capable of keeping our food fresh, something that looks pretty sweet,?and of course, one that won?t run our electricity bills?into the ground. GE Artistry answers all of these needs and more. Let?s explore the extras, shall we?

GE Artistry features:

  • Bottom freezer for even more food storage.
  • Horizontal handles for easier opening.
  • Sleek, retro design to stand out against surrounding kitchen appliances and cabinetry.
  • Eye-popping colors such as Cupcake Blue, Red Pepper, Black and White to compliment kitchen accessories and small appliances.
  • Solid enough to blend in, but bold enough to stand out.

Bold is Back

GE Artistry appliances are just what you need for a swift kitchen remodel without breaking the bank. Currently, the GE Artistry line includes ranges, refrigerators, dishwashers and microwaves. These appliances are in a league of their own. There?s no smart functionality, no tricks, no hidden shelves or doors, just stylish innovation and pure necessities.

If you want just a dab of boldness to bring out your kitchen?s true potential, then a GE Artistry appliance may be what you need.

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*Red Pepper and Blue Cupcake are not yet in stock, as soon as they are, we will send out a message on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Make sure to add us to get the latest industry news.
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