Top 5 Samsung Family Hub Refrigerators of 2019

Top 5 Samsung Family Hub Refrigerators of 2019
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The most immediately striking feature of any Samsung Family Hub refrigerator is the whopping 21.5-inch touchscreen in the door. Essentially a giant wi-fi connected tablet computer integrated into the fridge. It allows you to:

  • See what’s inside your fridge using built-in cameras, and send that information to your other devices to create and share shopping lists
  • Customize your fridge with pictures, calendars, and handwritten notes
  • Access Pandora, iHeartRadio, Spotify Connect, and TuneIn to stream audio through premium AKG speakers
  • Control your home’s other wi-fi connected features such as a thermostat or lights
  • Access an intelligent voice assistant called Bixby for hands-free navigation
  • Look up recipes, and order the ingredients to make them
  • And even order food from Grubhub or a car from Uber

…all from your refrigerator. True to its name, Family Hub makes the refrigerator the center of your kitchen, and the kitchen the center of your home. Keeping in mind that each of the refrigerators is capable of all of that, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 Samsung Family Hub Refrigerators depending on your standard food preservation needs: the RF28N9780SG, RF28NHEDBSG, RF22NPEDBSG, RF23M8590SG, and RF265BEAESR.


More Shared Features

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator: More shared features

Aside from the Family Hub tablet, all these Samsung refrigerators share a number of other features to help maintain their high standard of quality across the line.

One of the most important of these features is a dual cooling system called TwinCoolingPlus®. Family Hub refrigerators have separate compressors and evaporators for the refrigerator and freezer compartments. This feature allows each compartment to maintain their own environments best suited to the food and drink within them, so the freezer will be colder and dryer than the fridge, which is a bit more humid for the sake of perishable fruits and vegetables. The RF28N9780SG goes above and beyond in this regard, as it has Triple Cooling, which dedicates an additional evaporator to its lower right-hand FlexZone™ compartment.

The FlexZone™ is a feature shared in all these models except the RF265BEAESR. Like it sounds, it’s a section of the refrigerator that can be adjusted to one of four temperature settings between fridge or freezer conditions. This makes the Family Hub adaptable to your changing food needs. You can treat it as an easy-access drawer for all your and your family’s favorites, keep it as a dedicated space for meats or other delicate items, or turn it into extra freezer space in preparation of large get-togethers.

Every Family Hub also comes equipped with external filtered water and ice dispensers in the door, an Ice Master ice maker that can produce over 8 pounds of ice a day, adjustable glass shelving, space and power-saving LED lighting, is ENERGY STAR® qualified, and made of fingerprint resistant coated stainless steel.

And now, onto the differences.


Samsung RF28N9780SG

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator RF28N9780SG

The most spacious model is this 36-inch, 4-door French door refrigerator with 27.9 cu. ft. total capacity split between a 16.4 cu. ft. fridge, 5.75 cu. ft. freezer, and 5.75 cu. ft. FlexZone. It’s the only model in this list where the FlexZone is a cabinet rather than a drawer, and also has its own dedicated cooler. Inside the FlexZone is a slide-out shelf and two drawers, including a wine rack. You can customize the fridge with up to 5 shelves; and it has 6 door bins, and 2 humidity control crispers for fruits and vegetables. The freezer comes with 2 shelves and 4 bins so you can create your own little ice cream niche.



Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator RF28NHEDBSG

This French door style fridge with FlexZone drawer splits its 27.7 cu. ft. total capacity between a 15.6 cu. ft. fridge, 8.3 cu. ft. freezer, and 3.8 cu. ft. FlexZone – giving it an impressive 12.1 cu. ft. of possible freezer space, the most on this list. This makes it the best choice for meat-lovers looking to start their own mini-meat locker, or anyone who consistently runs out of freezer space in their current refrigerator. While it has the same fridge shelf and bin set-up as the previous model, this one’s FlexZone is one large bin with adjustable smart divider, and only comes with a single freezer bin.



Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator RF22NPEDBSG

This is a version of the last model made with counter depth in mind for a built-in look that rests flush with your countertop and other appliances. While it’s 36 inches wide and 70 inches tall, like the previous two models, it’s only 31 inches deep, compared to the 34 inches of those. This reduces overall capacity to a still respectable 21.9 cu. ft. split between a 12. 3 cu. ft. fridge, 6.5 cu. ft. freezer, and 3.1 cu. ft. FlexZone. It shares a shelf and bin set up with the previous model, as well.


Samsung RF23M8590SG

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator RF23M8590SG

Another counter-depth French door refrigerator with FlexZone drawer, this model has a 22.2 cu. ft. total capacity split between a 12.5 cu. ft. fridge, 6.6 cu. ft. freezer, and 3.1 cu. ft. FlexZone. This model changes up the interior a little too, with only 4 shelves, and rearranges the door bins to make room for an automatic water fill that works with an included pitcher, and also offers infused flavor options. The freezer also includes a divider. But what really makes this model stand out from the pack is its sleek exterior design. With polygonal fridge handles and recessed handles for the FlexZone and freezer, the RF23M8590SG is the obvious choice for fans of clean, straight lines.


Samsung RF265BEAESR

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator RF265BEAESR

The last model in our top 5 is the only one without a FlexZone, and is also the most affordable. It features a 24.2 cu. ft. total capacity split between a 16.2 cu. ft. fridge and 8 cu. ft. freezer. It returns to the 5 shelf, 2 crisper, 6 door bin set up, and also adds a CoolSelect Pantry™ under the crispers. It’s a full width drawer designed to provide optimal temperature control for deli meats and cheeses, or fresh or chilled foods; and is a great option for safely defrosting items. If you want all the Family Hub features, but can live without the FlexZone, we recommend saving a little money, and opting for this model.


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