Top 5 Frigidaire Refrigerators of 2019 [Reviews & Prices]

Top 5 Frigidaire Refrigerators of 2019
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Frigidaire is synonymous – some would even say eponymous – with refrigeration. They developed the first self-contained refrigerator in 1916 and brought freezers and room air conditioners to the domestic market. The brand has become a mainstay in home appliances, and even a genericized trademark for refrigerators at one point through America, France, and other French-speaking areas! Needless to say, they’re still one of the biggest names in keeping things cold, and we’ve narrowed down our choice of the top 5 Frigidaire refrigerators.


Frigidaire FFSS2615TS 36-Inch Freestanding Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Top 5 Frigidaire Refrigerators: The FFSS2615TS 36-inch freestanding side-by-side refrigerator

25.5 cu. ft. capacity split between the 16.5 cu. ft. fridge and 9 cu. ft. freezer gives you plenty of space for food, and the edge-to-edge Store-More™ adjustable shelves let you use every inch of it. Things stay organized with the deli drawer, two crispers, clear dairy door, and Store-More™ gallon door bins to keep all your food in their dedicated places. The freezer adds wire shelves, and an automatic filtered icemaker.

The outside of this refrigerator has its own charms, including a water and ice dispenser with PureSource® 3 filtration, and Ready-Select® LCD controls that also let you know when it’s time to change the water filter.

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Frigidaire FFSS2625TE 36-Inch Freestanding Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Top 5 Frigidaire Refrigerators: The  FFSS2625TE 36-inch freestanding side-by-side refrigerator

Almost a twin of the last model in terms of specs and features – with the same Store-More™ shelves and bins, drawers, crispers, the filtered ice maker and water dispenser, LCD controls, and 25.5 cu. ft. capacity – the FFSS2625TE is an upgrade in style. Slightly taller and wider doors hide the side of the fridge and hinges at the top, giving this model a slimmer, sleeker profile. Narrower handles that are spaced a bit further apart enhance the aesthetic. For those who value clean lines, the slight bump in price will be money well spent.

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Frigidaire FFTR1821TS 30-Inch Freestanding Top Freezer Refrigerator

Top 5 Frigidaire Refrigerators: The FFTR1821TS 30-inch freestanding top freezer refrigerator.

For those with a little less room in their kitchens, Frigidaire presents this slim 66-inch tall model that still has a spacious 14.1 cu. ft. fridge capacity and a 3.9 cu. ft. capacity freezer. This versatile model also has adjustable full-width shelves, a gallon door shelf, and clear dairy bin; but reduces the crispers and deli drawer to ½ width to better fit its smaller form factor while keeping everything organized.

Unique to this model is a reversible door that can be installed to open left or right based on your needs or just your whims. The fridge is also is ADA compliant so it’s accessible by virtually everyone.

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Frigidaire FG4H2272UF 36-Inch Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

Top 5 Frigidaire Refrigerators: The FG4H2272UF 36-inch counter depth French door refrigerator

This model, from the more upmarket Gallery Series, acts modularly to keep all of its 21.8 cu. ft. capacity within reach, beginning with the Custom-Flex® Temp Drawer, between the fridge and freezer. Adjustable from -6° to 45 °F, it’s the perfect place to store everything from meats to ice cream to red wine.

Above that is the right-side OpenAccess™ Door, which gives you access to up to 75% of the refrigerator cavity so you can grab all your staples. The SpaceWise® Organization System offers adjustable and expandable shelving, and the freezer includes a quick freeze option to keep volatile foods fresh.

A PureAir Ultra® II Air Filter removes odors, and PureSource Ultra®II Filtration removes lead and cysts for clean, delicious water and ice. An extra-tall ice and water dispenser lets you easily fill up pitchers and bottles. It’s made in fingerprint-resistant Smudge-Proof™ Stainless Steel. It’s so efficient it’s ENERGY STAR® certified. Finally, it includes a Star-K certified Sabbath Mode which deactivates the lights and water/ice dispenser and randomizes the activation of the compressor and evaporator so they’re not controlled by the opening of doors and drawers.

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Frigidaire FFHD2250TS 36-Inch Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

Top 5 Frigidaire Refrigerators: The FFHD2250TS 36-inch counter depth French door refrigerator

If you appreciate the French Door design, but don’t need all those options for organization, this refrigerator trades in a few of the previous model’s features for a bit more room, with a 22.5 cu. ft. total capacity. Adjustable storage with Store-More™ gallon bins and edge-to-edge shelves let you use all of the interior space and customize it to your liking. The freezer also includes a basket with an adjustable divider to keep your steaks sperate from your ice cream.

Meanwhile PureAir Ultra® Air and PureSource Ultra®II Ice & Water filters keep everything inside fresh, safe and odorless. This model is also ENERGY STAR® certified.

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