To Steam, or Not to Steam?

To steam, or not to steam - that is the question. Steam technology can be valuable in reducing wrinkles and eliminating tedious ironing. It loosens and opens the fabric and prevents it from developing creases that you have to work out. ?And the truth is that you only steam with LG. LG TrueSteam cares for your clothes and fabrics in ways conventional dryers can't. Their patented system penetrates your clothes for a richer, deeper clean. Where other dryers may spray water into the load periodically to attempt to emulate steam cleaning, only LG maintains a reservoir of dedicated water to produce large amounts of real steam. That means a better clean every time.

Steam is a powerful tool capable of even more than reducing wrinkles. The Allergeine steam cycle detects and uses ultra-high temperatures to eliminate common household allergens like dust mites and pet dander. And full steam cycles let you sanitize non-washable items such as decorative pillows, stuffed animals, and more.? Only LG can offer this sort of functionality and this level of performance. And since steam uses less power and consumes water than conventional models, steam can over quick, light cleaning at a fraction of the cost of traditional machines.

So if you're wondering whether to steam or not to steam, the final answer is that, either way, the only real steam system in laundry today is with LG.
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