Using Thermador Home Connect in Your Smart Kitchen and Beyond

Thermador Home Connect
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Thermador Home Connect Capabilities

Since its founding over a century ago, Thermador has been a staple in the kitchens of discerning home cooks. Never shying away from calls for innovation, in the 1940s they introduced America to the cooktop and wall oven combination. They’ve since become a manufacturer of a full range of kitchen appliances. Despite the easy-to-use design of their vast array of products, their sheer number of functions can overwhelm even the most experienced multi-tasker. With the Thermador Home Connect app, food storage, cooking, and cleaning can be controlled and monitored via Apple products with iOS 8.0 or later and Android devices with Android 4.1 or later (At the time of this writing, Home Connect is not compatible with Windows devices.). Here we’ll review what you’ll be able to do with your Thermador appliances with Home Connect compatibility.

Remote Monitoring

Thermador Home Connect Push Notifications

Picture this. You’re on your way to work and the same old phrases haunt you incessantly. “Did I leave the oven on?” “Was the fridge closed?” You’re almost certain you were diligent, but don’t have time to return home and confirm. You also don’t want to risk coming home to a refrigerator full of spoiled food or worse, a fire hazard. Thanks to Home Connect, you’ll be able to check the status of all your Thermador appliances at any time. Monitor the internal temperature of your refrigerator, confirm your oven is off, and check much more from the palm of your hand and guarantee peace of mind.

If regular maintenance is required in your appliances, you won’t have to open the app to find out. Home Connect will automatically send ping alerts directly to your smartphone or tablet. For instance, when it’s time to replace appliance accessories such as your refrigerator’s water filter, you’ll be reminded. Home Connect also ensures you don’t have to wait until your appliance has a catastrophic malfunction to know it isn’t working as it should. You’re notified as soon as an appliance isn’t working at peak efficiency, saving money on utility bills in the long run and preventing costly comprehensive repairs.

Remotely Control Functions

Thermador Home Connect Remote Functions

Home Connect is also a valuable time-saving tool. Just because you’re away from your appliances doesn’t mean you can’t control them. Access your refrigerator’s from the grocery store to adjust your refrigerator’s temperature control zones, creating the ideal storage settings for every sort of perishable food. As you leave the market with your groceries, set your oven to preheat so you’re ready to cook as soon as you get home. After dinner, set a wash cycle on your dishwasher from the comfort of your couch while watching television. When you wake up the next morning, set your coffee machine to brew right from your bed for a much-needed caffeine boost before your daily routine begins again. Living in a world where every moment counts, the minutes saved by not having to be at an appliance to control it adds up to a not insignificant amount.

Home Connect offers several other options to enhance your experience using your appliances’ remote capabilities. Similar to refrigerator control zones, the app can control heat settings for induction cooktops. This feature really shines in cooktops with the TeppanyakiPro mode using the Teppanyaki griddle plate accessory. Use Home Connect to sear cuts of meat on one side of the cooktop while you’re chopping vegetables across the room. Set the other side of the cooktop so it’s at the perfect temperature to sauté your freshly cut veg. Without leaving the dining room table, set a “coffee playlist” to consecutively craft multiple beverages for you and your friends. After dinner is complete, dazzle your guests not just with scintillating conversation as you load the dishwasher, but also with a vividly lit interior. Choose from three shades of sapphire blue or three shades of white.

Remote Diagnosis and Customer Support

Thermador Home Connect Customer Support

With the exception of hoods, customer assistance is available directly through the app for any Thermador smart appliance issues. If you’re experiencing any issues, a Thermador associate can access your unit’s diagnostics to figure out exactly what the problem is. If the problem cannot be solved remotely, Thermador will help you schedule a repair with an authorized servicer. This greatly expedites the repair process, ensuring the servicer is familiar with your model and will have the parts necessary to solve your issue in a single visit. Additionally, customer support representatives will happily assist you with any inquiries unrelated to troubleshooting, such as comprehensive walkthroughs of special features. Every program will be explained in detail so you can take full advantage of your Thermador product’s capabilities.

Other Benefits of Thermador Home Connect

Learning Resources

Learning Resources

While customer support has its benefits, Thermador understands that some things can be accomplished with the mere availability of resource literature. That’s why they’ve included a host of supplemental materials within Home Connect so you can become a Thermador expert in your own right. Once synced, your Thermador unit’s Use and Care Guide is automatically stored in the app and can be accessed at any time. Also included are step-by-step tutorials providing tips, tricks, photos, and detailed videos demonstrating optimum usage and maintenance of your units. Learn how to craft the perfect cappuccino using your coffee maker or effectively clean stubborn fingerprints off your refrigerator. Before long, even the most inexperienced cook will develop kitchen expertise.

Exclusive Recipes

With the Home Connect app, you gain access to Thermador’s exclusive recipe book for countless culinary inspirations. In addition to comprehensive cooking instructions, the app will advise you on all manner of beverages that complement specific dishes. Cultivate your inner sommelier with wine and cheese pairings that are sure to be a hit at your next dinner party. Interested in sending this information to a friend? The app can connect to your contact list or social media for quick and easy recipe sharing.


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