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Introducing the Freedom Series Refrigerators from Thermador

Introducing the Freedom Series Refrigerators from Thermador

Since 1916, Thermador has been a leader in the refrigeration field. With a heritage of innovation, precision engineering, and beautiful design, they have established themselves as one of most respected high-end manufacturers in the home appliance industry.

Now, they have introduced their all-new Freedom Series, offering a bold new approach to food preservation and storage. These cooling units come in several configurations to fit any consumer’s needs, whether individual refrigerator or freezer columns, more traditional refrigerator/freezer units, or wine cabinets. All are hand-crafted from durable, sleek stainless-steel, and built to provide many years of premier-quality performance.

Now let’s take a look at the exciting products included in the Freedom Series, and what advantages they have to offer…



The Freedom Series offers the consumer a variety of choices when it comes to how these units inhabit their kitchen. They are available in single-unit widths from 18 to 36 inches, with double and triple column sets reaching up to an expansive 72 inches. All of the Freedom Series appliances are built-in and counter-depth for seamless integration into the kitchen cabinetry.

As for expense, this collection has quite a range, starting at $2,299 going up to 9,299 for individual units, with multiple-unit set prices rising to $20,197. At any price point, you know you’re getting more than your money’s worth with Thermador.



The Freedom Series boasts all of the aesthetic beauty Thermador is known for. All these units are covered in a glowing stainless-steel shell as standard. Whether you prefer premium-grade stainless steel or the flawless look of custom paneling to perfectly match your existing decor, the Freedom Series is as luxuriant in appearance as it is perfect in performance.

You also have the option of choosing between tubular handle styles: Masterpiece, which is a single, clean component of brushed steel, or Professional and Panel Ready which is held at both ends by gleaming steel cap attachments. Alternately, you can decide to go handle-free and utilize Thermador’s Open Door Assist feature, which allows you to lightly push against the door exterior to gain access.



There are some attractive features shared by many of the products in the Freedom Series…

  • Open Door Assist – allows you to either push or pull to open the freezer door
  • Home Connect – app allows you to monitor and control your appliance through your smart device
  • TFT Display Panel – controls settings throughout the unit, including temperature, lighting and Open Door Assist.
  • Stainless Steel Interior – Thermador’s iconic, premium-grade stainless steel compartment blends durability with bold industrial design
  • Cool Air Flow Technology – a fan optimizes and evenly distributes cold air throughout all parts of the unit
  • Theater Lighting – diffused light bars on compartment sides provide bright illumination
  • Sabbath Mode – keeps lighting and displays dimmed for observances
  • SoftClose Hinges and Drawers – provide smooth, effortless closing
  • Energy Star Certification – the units operate at peak efficiency, saving you money while helping the environment



Freedom Series Refrigerator columns offer a number of quality features and options for the modern home chef. Adjustable shelves let you customize your storage configuration to accommodate larger food items or to maximize space. The ThermaFresh System uses advanced cooling technology for precise humidity control and temperature management, helping to extend the life of fruits and vegetables. Delicate produce bins (available as an accessory) keep your fruits and vegetables fresher, longer. And the FreeFlow Cold Air System automatically matches the temperature of the doors to the interior so that items in the door shelves are kept equally chilled.

The Freedom Refrigeration line has been honored by The Chicago Athenaeum with the prestigious Good Design Award which recognizes the most innovative and cutting-edge industrial, product, and graphic designs produced around the world.



The Freezer Columns in the Freedom Series have their own array of modern amenities to store foodstuffs long-term without damaging their quality or edibility. The Super Freeze feature cools the freezer compartment as quickly as possible to freeze food right through to the center for maximum freshness. And a Frost Free air circulation system prevents icy build up on both food items and the compartment interior.

High-capacity, full-width drawers are equipped with an adjustable ice bin which you can move anywhere within the drawer or remove it completely to accommodate more items. Adjustable cantilever racks can also be positioned at any level to deliver more access and space for tall or bulky items. Many freezer column models come with a convenient, exterior water and ice dispenser that is a must in active kitchens, with a newly redesigned water filter that removes an astonishing 99.9% of sediments.



Thermadore’s line of Freedom Series Bottom Freezer Refrigerators offer the best of their column units in one package with such features as the Thermafresh system, Super Freeze freature, Frost Free freezers, and automatic ice makers as well as a few features of their own.

The SuperCool feature drops the temperature of the fridge compartment and holds it there for up to 12 hours—ideal when you need to achieve low temperature conditions fast. An Eco Mode switches the entire appliance to operate at maximum efficiency with less energy use. If you’re going away for an extended time, the Vacation Mode reduces the amount of power the appliance uses by stopping the fridge compartment from operating. Simply empty the compartment and select vacation mode. The other compartments will continue to be cooled. And a carbon air filter keeps the air in the refrigerator free from odor.



A must for any wine connoisseur or burgeoning sommelier, these Wine Refrigeration units will keep your collection in the perfect storage environment, offering up to three separate temperature and humidity zones so you can customize the interior to your precise vintage.

These units can hold up to 92 bottles, cradled by Wenge wood diamond dowels on removable, cantilevered, fully-extendable racks capped with aluminum fronts, Each rack has hidden ball-bearing rails for each shelf which are completely hidden for a flawless appearance. A lovely presenter shelf puts your favorite bottles up front for easy admiration and appreciation. And the viewing widows are UV-resistant to protect the precious cargo within from the ill-effects of any incidental sun exposure.

As with the Freedom Column Refrigerator, the Thermador Wine Columns were honored by the prestigious Good Design Award.


Thermador is already one of the most revered names in home appliance innovation and development. And with the Freedom Series, they have once again demonstrated both their craftsmanship and their continued dedication to manufacturing some of the finest kitchen appliances you will ever have the pleasure of owning and enjoying. If you’re considering replacing a single appliance or restocking your entire kitchen, feel free to contact the experts at Appliances Connection—we’d be happy to guide you through Thermador’s entire Freedom Series to find the right refrigeration unit for your needs.

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Is Thermador owned by Bosch?

Yes. Thermador is owned by Bosch. In 1998, Thermador was acquired by, and is now part of, BSH Home Appliances Corporation, a fully-owned subsidiary of BSH Bosch.

Is Thermador a good oven?

Thermador certainly manufactures a good oven. In fact, we can say without reservation they make one of best line of cooking appliances on the market. Just as with their refrigeration units, their ranges, wall ovens, and cooktops are made for premium performance, contemporary styling, and solid durability

Is a Thermador refrigerator worth the money?

Thermador refrigerators are definitely worth the money. While they may be high-end refrigerators, they are loaded with enough features, technological innovations, and dependable cooling systems that they deliver plenty for the price.