Come take a look into the 2016 Kitchen of the Year from House Beautiful designed by Matthew Quinn. Full of innovation and design elements to watch, this is a great source of inspiration for your next kitchen project! We’re going to share our favorite parts of the design with you and give you a look at the appliances that gave the design the power and functionality it needed to be the complete package of culinary perfection!

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This kitchen oozes luxury and grace. The neutral cabinetry compliments the bold blues and purple accents perfectly, and chandelier adds an air of sophistication that merits inclusion in this year’s best kitchen. The dove grey cabinetry lets the design walk the line between contemporary and traditional with a neutral setting for the accent pieces that add character to the whole culinary station: the blue chairs, the white vases and green plants. The walk-in pantry, on the left, is both functional and beautiful as well with luxe elements like the tiled walls and cut-out door design.


This design combines two of our favorite things: beauty and convenience. Matthew Quinn, the designer of this year’s winner, created the design foundation to fit his client– a busy lawyer and mom of one-year-old twin boys– but he didn’t stop at the design. Appliances are the heart of a kitchen, just as the kitchen is the heart of the home. Whenever you shop, you need to pick the ones that match your lifestyle to make sure you’re getting the features that would best elevate your standard of living.

Here’s an overview of the event and the kitchen that took home the prize:


As a busy woman, Quinn’s client, Elizabeth, needed all the extra time she could squeeze out of her day so, Quinn picked appliances that were designed to save time and deliver excellent results. He went with Thermador’s quiet and fast dishwashers, and the new 60-inch Pro Grand range to cater to two important elements– culinary power and time-saving.

Quinn chose the Convection and Steam-Convection Oven with Double Griddle Configuration model for Elizabeth to maximize her culinary toolbox.

This is the first home in the United States to have the 60-inch Thermador Pro Grand Steam range, but this range is likely to become a staple piece in large homes. The range is available in a number of range top and oven configurations to cater to all foodies. The range top options are six of Thermador’s iconic star burners and a double griddle, or six burners, a griddle, and an electric indoor grill. The grill and griddle option is a great choice for the frequent food experimenter who’s always on the hunt for a great new recipe.

The large double griddle is a big, seamless surface where you can cook a slew of different dishes, we did a post a while back with some great griddle recipes that you can check out to see just how versatile a griddle is!

Steam and Convection working together to provide a meal your guests will keep talking about until the next one (PRD606RCSG).

The oven options are two large Double Convection Ovens, one in 30″ and the other in 36″ widths, or a Steam & Convection Oven, a 36″ Convection Oven, and a warming drawer. We’ve compiled an easy chart with all the options below.

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60-Inch Professional Series Pro Grand® Dual Fuel Steam Range with 24-Inch Griddle (PRD606RESG) 60-Inch Professional Series Pro Grand® Dual Fuel Steam Range with Grill & Griddle (PRD606RCSG)
tdw-sir-range-thumbnail1 tdw-sir-range-thumbnail2
60-Inch Professional Series Pro Grand® Dual Fuel Range with 24-Inch Griddle (PRD606REG) 60-Inch Professional Series Pro Grand® Dual Fuel Range with Grill & Griddle (PRD606RCG)
tdw-sir-range-thumbnail3 tdw-sir-range-thumbnail4

These ranges are a culinary center with everything you’ll ever need to make the perfect meal or the biggest holiday feast with power and reliability backed by Thermador. But, they’re not for everyone. These ranges are for the serious foodie, home chef, or aspiring culinary wiz. They’re also best for a large kitchen because of their large size, but they were designed to be big to include everything you could need in your kitchen and pack it all into one location for convenience.

The blue light illuminates the inside of the dishwasher for a clear view of how clean your dishes are after one of the rapid wash cycles.

Quinn also chose two Thermador Star-Sapphire dishwashers because of the speed they boast in their wash cycles. The dishwasher can complete a thorough clean in 20 minutes, and it’s incredibly quiet at 44dB so you can load it up and forget about it, and spend more time with your loved ones or doing the things you love. The 24″ Star-Sapphire Dishwasher has the industry’s largest wine glass capacity which lets you extend that guest list for the next party, and a flexible third rack for additional loading capacity. More space means less wash cycles which saves you time and money, it’s a win-win!

So what do you want from your appliances?

When you buy a range, you’re not just buying the BTU strength or the oven capacity, you’re buying what those features will do to augment your life. Elizabeth got the Thermador Pro Grand range to make memories and meals with her family, and the super-fast dishwashers to spend time with her boys, and away from the sink. What will you shop for?


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