Look at PITT cooktops for the first time and you’re likely to do a double take. That’s because you’ve never seen anything like them. Burners directly on the countertop. Yes, you heard correctly. It’s a concept known as integrated cooking. Like all great companies which have design as a key component, PITT has taken the conventional concept of cooking and turned it on its head.

Dutch Courage For A Global Audience

Conceived in an attic in De Meern, Holland, and now occupying an office/production facility/showroom in the same city, PITT products are more than eye candy. Their ingenuity has taken cooking to another level.

Like a swan gracefully gliding along the surface of a lake, the burners look beautiful but there’s a lot going on beneath. A PITT cooking module always sits out of sight, underneath the countertop. In essence, it resembles the base of a standard gas cooktop. This module is always upheld with a PITT cooking support set to prevent stress and damage to the kitchen worktop.

Burners And Art

The countertops themselves can be made of the same materials as most standard countertops: quartz, concrete, natural stone (granite, marble), stainless steel and ceramics.  Note that, though these materials are compatible, keep in mind that certain ones are more susceptible to staining in the course of vigorous cooking. Understandably, wood cannot be used.

For a solid surface such as stainless steel, a minimum thickness of just under one-sixth of an inch (4mm) is necessary. For composite materials like quartz, compact board (eg Trespa), and natural stone, a minimum thickness of the core material has to be around two-fifths of an inch (10 mm). For all materials, a maximum thickness of just under one and a half inches (35 mm) is required.

Other than looking great, what makes PITT cooktops special? One immediate advantage is that the burners are no longer constrained by conventional cooktop sizes. With the PITT system, they can be widely spaced – 11 inches on the Basic Series and even more on XL Series models. These cooktops will accommodate pots and pans of virtually every size.

The burners are works of art. They are made of high-quality materials. The Original Series has aluminum burner tops, but you can upgrade to the Professional Series brass burner tops. There are 31 different models. Every iteration comes in three versions each with different maximum BTUs – 6000, 10,000, and 17,000. They’re also capable of heat as low as 650 BTUs. So whether you’re preparing a delicate Mother Sauce, whipping up some tofu fried rice, or searing a thick aged porterhouse steak, PITT cooktops have a burner to do the job.

Beautiful Surfaces

On face value, it seems a frightening prospect – unleashing over such high heat directly over a beautiful countertop. Rest assured the heat transferred from the burner to the countertop is minimal. More specifically, the maximum temperature at the point of contact between the burner and the countertop is 122° F, about the same as a hot shower. Thus, the burners’ surrounding surface will remain unmarred even by frequent use.

So explore the truly unique aesthetic and functionality of PITT cooktops by clicking here.

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