AGA has been making quality cooking appliances since the 1920s. They’re a luxury brand and their range collections covered both ends of the spectrum– the powerful and staunch AGA Professional line, and the timeless sophistication of the AGA Legacy ranges. AGA has since come out with two new lines that, again, offer two beautiful styles with totally unique designs.

AEL48IN-SCR - in set 01
The AGA Elise 48″ in Scarlett (Red) with the Induction Surface– the largest currently on the market.

Aside from the luxury and aesthetic excellence these ranges provide, the multi-functionalism and true-space value that the 48″ ranges offer is incredible. This isn’t the first time we’ve mentioned space saving appliances and it likely won’t be the last. As a Brooklyn based company, we know the value of a good appliance that gets more than one job done, and this is one of those great products that let’s you maximize the space it takes up.

AGA Elise 48″ in Glossy Black (Induction)

Now, a 48″ is a pretty sizable range, so it won’t be the best option for a small city apartment. However, it does do a lot and includes three distinct ovens with unique temperature controls so that you essentially have three different ovens cooking three different dishes all at one time on the same range. Both the Mercury and the Elise multi-oven ranges offer astronomical multi-functional benefits that extend to it’s oven modes in the largest oven on the model– seven different methods! This includes defrosting, convection cooking, convection broiling, fan assist baking, and three different levels of heat (conventional, browning and base heat).

AGA Mercury 48″ in Stainless Steel (Induction)

This is perfect for the foodie, entertainer and frequent recipe taster, because it gives you ample room to do it all and it’s a one-stop station for all your essential cooking needs. Aside from this extra-large oven, the range also sports a second large true European convection oven. Both of these ovens have 3 racks, one of which is removable– for even more versatility– with  5 rack positions.  The third oven is a smaller standard oven, and the fourth section on the range is a storage drawer to keep your most reached for tools.


AGA Mercury 48″ in Matte Black (Dual-Fuel)

The AGA Mercury is designed to promote and embody “stately precision” (according to the line’s tagline), and it does just that. It takes the professionalism of the Pro model and dilutes it to bring consumers the perfect balance between minimal modernity and professional structural design. The handles mimic those on the AGA Pro ranges, but the knobs are smooth and flat-faced, unlike the classic professional style. AGA refers to these as “Hi-Fi” style because they look like the knobs on one of those modern stereos.

The Hi-Fi style knobs on a Matte Black 48″ AGA Mercury (Induction)

Additionally, the line’s name, Mercury, is proudly displayed across the bottom of the range in stainless steel letters and the range itself comes in a variety of colors. The color options are glossy black, matte black, ivory, white, red, and stainless steel. Even if you opt for the classic stainless steel, this range is still going to be the statement piece in your kitchen because it’s design elements refuse to be ignored. The clean lines, elegant sectionalism and perfect balance between modern-residential and commercial aesthetics makes it a must for the contemporary home.


If you’re looking for something a little more ornate and closer in style to the Legacy range, the new AGA Elise is an elegant alternative that still keeps true to the simplicity featured in it’s stately counterpart.

AGA Elise 48″ in Ivory (Dual-Fuel)

The first feature that you’ll notice will be the four pointed knobs. The Elise is designed to give you the look and feel of a classic French country kitchen but it is a great choice for any traditional kitchen. This range also comes in the same six colors as the Mercury ranges, but they look markedly different on this design.

AGA Elise 48″ in White (Dual-Fuel)

Elise is delicate and charming, but shes a culinary force to be reckoned with. The range has all the great nuts and bolts previously mentioned, as well as the option to choose a dual-fuel or induction model.

AGA Elise 48″ in Ivory (Dual-Fuel)

The logo on the Elise is much smaller and off to the side, but it is balanced out with metal trim accents that line the sections (the 3 ovens and storage drawer). This stylistic interruption is another key component that sets the Elise apart from the Mercury model and gives it a more rustic feel, as opposed to modern.


Now, it’s needless to say that we think these new ranges are really cool. They can do a lot, they look great, but we haven’t even mentioned the cooktop options. The ranges both come in a dual-fuel or induction cooktop, and the induction surface on this 48″ masterpiece makes AGA the title holder of the largest induction cooktop currently on the market. This surface is massive. It covers the whole cooktop area and gives you all the room you need to make a feast or a quick snack. 

The AGA Mercury 48″ in White with the Induction Surface

Both of these ranges are beautiful in their own right and they have the power to cook anything you’re dreaming up. They’ll make a design statement in your home– no question about it– and they offer reliable power. A great range to watch for and a definite high-end contender if you’re in the market, AGA nailed it with these models.


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7 thoughts on “The New Multi-Oven Range That Does it All!

  1. I LOVE both the Mercury and the Elise. My only hang up is I’m worried about baking in them. Is this a major downfall or slight inconvenience by getting smaller cookie sheets. Thoughts?

    1. Hello, Leigh-Anne. I just got in touch with AGA. They confirmed that standard half-sized baking sheets will fit in each of the oven compartments. Hope this helps! Thanks kindly for participating in the Appliances Connection community forum.

  2. Do the AGA Mercury and Elise induction ranged accommodate regular US size baking cookie sheets and broiler pans or do they need special sizes?

    1. Hello, Martha. I just reached out to AGA and, according to them, the ovens will fit standard baking sheets. A broiler pan that fits the broiler is included with purchase of the range. Hope this helps. Thanks for participating in Appliances Connection’s community forum.

    2. Just had my Mercury induction oven installed. All of my cookie sheets that fit into my original oven were too big. The only ones that fit are the smallest you can find at the grocery story. They work wonderfully…my other stove had a huge oven that could have accommodated a medium sized goat. Not what I work with at my home. Just made the perfect pumpkin pie….I love it!

  3. Where did you get the picture of the Aga Elise with 2 ovens? AGA Elise 48″ in Ivory (Dual-Fuel) I have not seen this exact model of the Elise.

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