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The Big, Bold, LG French-Door Refrigerator


April Khan, Appliances Connection

If you?re in the market for a new refrigerator, but not just any refrigerator, a reliable one that?s both beautiful and useful, LG has just the thing -- a French-door masterpiece.

French door refrigerators are BIG, in fact, they?re almost double the size of an average fridge. And they should be -- they?re not average. LG?s French door refrigerators are packed with useful features and that signature sleek, almost robotic look that LG has come to be known for. They?ve always been big on staying ahead of the competition, so why have they joined the competition in creating a French-door refrigerator? The answer is simple - they?re useful.

They?ve always been big on staying ahead of the competition, so why have they joined the competition in creating a French-door refrigerator? The answer is simple - they?re useful.

Most households are limited to how much food they can store in their refrigerators, they?re even limited to buying food of a certain size. ?French-door refrigerators allow you to pack it in. Like really pack it in. They?re designed to maximize shelf space, so the inside of a French-door refrigerator is like a parking lot for your food. Also, the double-door design makes food more accessible and easier to reach. The bottom freezer is perfect for stacking boxed goods or freezing large roasts and poultry.

Here, let?s take a glimpse at what else you can get with an LG French-door refrigerator.


The biggest problem with refrigerators in general, is that they don?t adapt to your environment. Upgrading from a retro kitchen to a country kitchen? You?ll have to buy another fridge. LG refrigerator designs are inclusive, so there?s no need to keep purchasing another one. They?ve kept the design pretty standard, so no matter what kind of kitchen you have, this fridge will keep it looking modern.


Quick Grab Section

Newer LG refrigerators (French-door and side-by-side) contain a hidden storage feature called Door-in-Door. This extra door is actually integrated into the main door on the left. In this compartment, you?ll find enough space to store snacks, bottles of juice, lunch containers and more. LG created this new feature for families who take frequent trips to the refrigerator to grab snacks.

Bonus *?It prevents 47% cold air loss, which keeps food fresher, longer.

More Space

French-door refrigerators are larger than the average side-by-side model -- but LG refrigerators are even larger. Their Super Capacity LFX31945ST is a mammoth cooling machine that runs as quiet as a mouse. This French-door model boasts 31. cu. ft of space and over 20% more usable space than any other refrigerator style. This is largely due to adjustable shelves and of course, the Door-in-Door feature mentioned above.


Custom Chill Compartment

Select LG French-Door refrigerators have a CustomChill drawer. This drawer is located under the main gallery and above the deep freezer. There are 4 temperature settings you can choose from, which range from soft freeze to chilled. In addition to these adjustable settings, the drawer is wide enough to store a large sheet cake, several tubs of ice cream, a family-sized deli platter or an entire roast.

I could really go on about the many benefits you?d gain from choosing an LG French-Door Refrigerator, but now that I?ve given you a taster, it?s time to see one for yourself.

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