The Best Cooking Appliances for Tiny Houses
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The Best Cooking Appliances for Tiny Houses

Tiny living is taking the world by storm. It's an eco-friendly and economically beneficial to your bottom line. It can be tough to find the right appliances for your tiny home. To help, we're going to clear up any confusion by giving you a few brands, products and tips that will take your tiny home to the next level!

Tiny Apartment Kitchen

Tiny houses are undoubtedly better for the environment than living in a standard average tiny house. The average tiny house takes up 186 square foot of the Earth's surface, while the average US house takes up a sprawling 2,598 square foot area. A tiny house also uses an average of 6 light bulbs as compared to the 45 in an average standard US home. Moreover, 18% of greenhouse gases come from residential houses, with the average house needing about 28,000 pounds of CO2 a year. A tiny house only needs 2,000 pounds a year-- that's a 26,000 pound difference.

Those who choose to craft their own tiny house know the value of smaller living-- literally. Most people who live in a tiny house don't have a mortgage, have more savings than the average American, and have greater financial freedom regarding what they choose to spend their money on. It costs 10 times less to build a tiny house, especially if you do it yourself. The sound of building your own house sounds incredibly daunting, but tiny houses are designed to be DIY-friendly! There's also a ton of information sources online to help you get started if you're considering this greener way of life.

Cabin in the Wood

Now that we've covered the benefits, let's talk about the tools you'll want to get your tiny house running smoothly. The first thing you'll have to consider is whether or not your tiny house is connected to grid-tied electricity or if your appliances will run on propane. Natural gas requires your tiny abode to be rooted to one place, so if you think you're going to be a tiny house nomad, you should definitely go with propane (or dual-fuel).

Mini Fridge

Avanti CK3616 Let's talk cooking appliances. The main things you should really consider before buying are how many people you cook for, and how often you cook at home (as opposed to eating out). This will tell you which size you need to go for.

Avanti Range

Avanti DG202BS A really good tiny home brand is Avanti because they specialize in compact appliances. One of the most compact and economical choices would be the Avanti CK3616 36" Complete Compact Kitchen. It includes a 2.2 cu.ft fridge, a stainless steel sink, a storage drawer and 2 electric heating elements at 500/900 Watts-- all this in the same space as a standard-sized range.

Aside from this set, Avanti has a host of other appliances in small sizes. Their freestanding ranges are a good choice because they are available in sizes as small as 20" and The Avanti DG202BS 20" Gas Freestanding Range or the Avanti ER20P0WG Electric Freestanding Range are good buys for the size and price. There's also some more expensive and more modern-looking offers available, but it all depends on how much you're willing to spend on aesthetics.


In the realm of the "pricer products," there are some great dual-fuel options in 24" from Fagor (as of the publishing date of this post, the Fagor range is even on clearance!). The Fisher & Paykel OR24SDPWGX2 Dual Fuel range has a warming drawer, a 2 cu. ft. primary oven, a self-cleaning mode and 4 powerful burners with a durable cast iron grate. This is built to last and look great so it may be well worth the investment. The Fagor RFA244DF Dual Fuel range is about half the price of the Fisher & Paykel option at it's current price.*

It has a range of BTU values on it's burners: one 17,882 BTU Dual Burner, two 7,055 BTU Semi-Rapid Burners, and one 4,967 BTU Simmer Burner. Perhaps the best feature yet is the dual fan convection oven. This is a very versatile model and would be a great addition to your tiny house's culinary hub.

If you don't want a range and prefer a cooktop, there are some great 2 and 4 burner cooktop options that are space conscious. Again, the size depends on how many people you cook for and how complicated your recipes are. If you're a serious foodie who likes to have four things on at the same time, then a 2-burner cooktop is not going to cut it. Luckily, there are a ton of economical choices available in both categories. Below you'll find a couple of our suggestions:


Induction and electric cooktops are very easy to clean, while the gas option has been hailed for its reliability and heat control. Either way, you're going to get a quality appliance that delivers because the industry is rapidly advancing and induction cooking technology has gotten more and more advanced. If you want to see the other size options (if you're looking for something more substantial) you can check out all of the other cooktops we offer.

Tiny homes test your creativity and force you to think about the multiple uses of the items your buying to the benefit of your wallet and aesthetics (no one likes a cluttered home). Before shopping for any appliances for your tiny house you should consider your lifestyle, daily habits, dietary habits, and budget. You should also consider what you're willing to splurge on-- maybe it's that more expensive antique-style range, or a high-tech induction cooktop with glide touch controls. Whatever your guilty pleasure is, make sure you account for that and plan your purchases accordingly. Tiny living is nothing if not intentional living and no matter how small your kitchen is, you deserve big results and reliable performance.

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