The 5 Best Narrow Refrigerators of 2019

Best Narrow Refrigerators of 2019
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With competition for living space gradually increasing over the years, most consumers are finding their abodes shrinking proportionally. This can be problematic, especially when it comes to large, powerful refrigerators that just won’t fit in a tiny kitchen. Consumers shouldn’t be forced to compromise the quality of their food preservation because of their lack of available space. That’s why some brands have created compact refrigerator models with the same convenient features built into larger units. Below we’ll go through our picks for the top five best narrow refrigerators of 2019 from Summit, Blomberg, Smeg, Liebherr, and Bosch.


Summit FFBF181ES 24-Inch Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Best Narrow Refrigerators of 2019: Summit FFBF181ES

With a 12.81 cu ft capacity, this stainless steel model manages to provide generous storage space for your groceries despite its narrow width. It comes with the standard features of many contemporary refrigerators such as adjustable shelves, adjustable door bins, and a humidity crisper drawer. A ZeroZone Deli Drawer preserves deli items at a lower temperature, tripling the lifespan of their freshness over conventional refrigeration. The MultiBox door bin uses a silicone lid* to prevent odors from cheeses and other pungent foods from pervading the refrigerator interior. Within the freezer compartment, removeable transparent drawers prevent cold air from escaping when the door is opened.

*Silicone lid conveniently doubles as an egg or ice tray.

What sets this unit apart from the competition is its adaptive intelligent technology. This feature uses an innovative sensor that monitors how frequently you open the door. Once it recognizes your pattern of usage, it will adjust its cooling frequency to keep the internal temperature consistent. Additionally, if the refrigerator temperature ever gets too low, an audible alarm will notify you. After that, activate this unit’s Intensive Cooling or Intensive Freezing functions from the control panel to quickly return temperatures to a sufficiently low level. *Customers have praised this unit’s LCD control panel for its sharp appearance and easy-to-navigate design.

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Summit FFBF181ES

Blomberg BRFB1044WH 24-Inch Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Best Narrow Refrigerators of 2019: Blomberg BRFB1044WH

Coated in a pristine white façade, this 10.34 cu ft capacity refrigerator is made for those struggling to organize appliances in their compact kitchen. Its contemporary Euro-style handles are not just eye-catching, but also adaptive thanks to their reversible hinge design. You don’t even need a service call for the reversal process. *Customers have reported the process is easy enough for a layman to complete in under two hours. Inside the door, theatrical LED lighting grants corner-to-corner visibility of three glass shelves, three door racks, and a humidity crisper. Included with this Blomberg unit is a Flexi-rack chrome bottle holder which suspends large bottles horizontally to conserve storage space.

A unique feature of this model is Duo-Cycle Cooling. Equipped with two independent cooling systems, Duo-Cycle Cooling maintains consistent temperatures while preventing air and humidity transfer between the refrigerator shelves, crisper drawer, and three freezer drawers. This serves to ensure foods in the freezer section freezes faster, items in the refrigerator maintain their freshness, and food odors are not exchanged between each section. This method of food preservation makes this unit very energy efficient, earning it an Energy Star certification. Despite being highly functional, this unit’s operating volume is 43 dBA, so it will go relatively unnoticed no matter how small your space is.

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Blomberg BRFB1044WH

Smeg FAB32UPKLN 50s Retro Style Series 24-Inch Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Best Narrow Refrigerators of 2019: Smeg FAB32UPKLN

Bring a classic appeal to your kitchen with this 11.7 cu ft capacity pink refrigerator model inspired by 1950’s Pop Art. Within the unit, a powerful ventilation fan redistributes cold air over adjustable glass shelves for even temperature distribution. No need to worry about the fan making noise, as this unit’s operation never exceeds a hushed 41 dBA. Among your shelves is an adjustable bottle rack. This accessory allows you to raise its front to store longer bottles that could potentially prevent the door from closing. At the bottom, the No-Frost freezer’s two drawers and fast-freezing compartment preserve your food’s coldness without forming ice because of trapped humidity.

To preserve its retro appearance, the control panel is located on the top front of the refrigerator interior. From here, you not only have control of your refrigerator and freezer’s temperatures, but also have access to Smeg’s Super Freeze and Super Cool functions. These programs bring the temperature down in each zone a few hours prior to usage. That way, you don’t have to worry about your already stored items warming up while you load groceries.

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Liebherr CBS1360 24-Inch Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Best Narrow Refrigerators of 2019: Liebherr CBS1360

This 11.9 cu ft capacity refrigerator reflects the premium quality and technical ingenuity that German design is known for. The exterior is crafted with SmartSteel stainless steel which significantly reduces fingerprint visibility. Liebherr’s patented SoftSystem design ensures the refrigerator door closes gently, even when fully loaded. Inside the refrigerator door, elegant, scratch-resistant GlassLine shelves can be adjusted to suit your storage needs. Additionally, these shelves allow light to permeate them, enhancing visibility of your lower shelf contents. Telescopic rails provide smooth, easy access to your BioFresh humidity-controlled drawers.

Within this unit’s freezer, transparent FrostSafe Drawers provide flexible storage space while preventing cold air from escaping. Coupled with this feature is a DuoCooling system, preventing moisture exchange between the refrigerator and freezer compartments, impeding ice-forming condensation. That way, the only ice you get is from this unit’s automatic IceMaker. This built-in feature produces a constant supply of perfect halfmoon crescent ice cubes. Only pure water is used to form its supply of clear ice thanks to Liebherr’s activated carbon filter*.

*External water filter available for purchase.

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Liebherr CBS1360

Bosch B09IB81NSP 24-Inch Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Best Narrow Refrigerators of 2019: Bosch B09IB81NSP

The panel ready design of this 9.6 cu ft capacity Bosch model blends seamlessly into whatever kitchen environment it inhabits. Bosch equipped this unit with versatile features that expand your storage options and greatly expand your food’s freshness. Their trademarked VarioShelf allows the front half of the shelf to slide under the back half to create room for large upright bottles. While a FreshProtect™ filter absorbs produce-ripening ethylene gas, an AirFresh® Filter absorbs powerful odors to keep your refrigerator compartments smelling fresh. An extra-deep BigBox Frozen Food Drawer in the bottom freezer provides ample stacking space for frozen food containers as well as pizza boxes. *Customers have reported their Bosch could fit a 15 lb turkey, spiral ham and enough sides for 12 people.

For added convenience, Thermador made this model compatible with their Home Connect application. Using a smartphone or tablet, you can monitor your refrigerator’s status, adjust its temperature settings, and much more. Additionally, you will receive ping notifications directly to your smart device informing you of pertinent issues that require your attention, such as if you left the refrigerator door open. Home Connect does not require you to be an expert on all your appliance’s functions. If you run into an issue, customer service representatives are available to assist you directly through the application.

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Bosch B09IB81NSP


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