Tradition, Style and Performance, Hallmarks of Bertazzoni's Newest Kitchen Appliances

Tradition, Style and Performance, Hallmarks of Bertazzoni's Newest Kitchen Appliances

Tradition, style and incredible craftsmanship have been hallmarks of the best Italian brands for decades. Like a finely tuned sports car or immaculately tailored suit, Bertazzoni appliances have found a home with discerning American buyers. Formed in 1909 and first introduced to the US market in 2005, Bertazzoni now sells a full suite of kitchen appliances to the American market,including its trademark ranges. Appliances Connection talks to Paolo Consiglio, a Bertazzoni (US) marketing executive.

Bertazzoni Ranges

APPLIANCES CONNECTION: What are your best-selling products?

PAOLO CONSIGLIO:The 30-inch and 36-inch ranges. Their unique design, best-in-class features, and functionality and affordable price makes them a bestseller in every channel

AC:What products are you most excited about and why?

P.C.: The launch of the new Professional and Master Series offer an evolutionary approach to design while also incorporating best-in-class performance updates. Similarly, we've completed the full kitchen suite offerings with new refrigerators and dishwashers, offering consumers a harmonized kitchen ambiance.



AC:Bertazzoni almost sounds like an Italian sports car and the logo is classically Italian. Now the ranges are even resembling them

PC:The Bertazzoni promise is rooted in Italian design and best-in-class engineering, combined with performance excellence and Italian craftsmanship. Bertazzoni is also known for colors, both the glossy red, yellow, orange and the more contemporary matt white and black - painted at the same factory as luxury Italian sports cars. Today our catalog includes every type of kitchen appliance in style-matching suites.

Bertazzoni Yellow

AC:Yes, color seems to be a big part of the Bertazzoni brand.

PC:Colors are a huge driver for the Bertazzoni success in North America and all over the world. Traditionally, European consumers have been more confident in buying colorful appliances for their kitchen, but the American market is showing a growing interest in adding color to the kitchen as it's an easy way to refresh and re-energize the space in which the family gathers. We use color sparingly, as an accent, and we paint according to the highest specifications for best results and durability. This is the reason why our color ranges are stunningly beautiful and inspire homeowners and designers all over the world. Some of today's American leading interior designers, such as Antonino Buzzetta, choose the eye-catching Professional Series colors to make a bold statement in the kitchen. We have just launched new matte colors for our ranges and everybody loves them  dealers, designer, and homeowners.

Valentina Bertazzoni (right) with her brother Nicola (left) and their father, Paolo, the fifth-generation CEO

Valentina Bertazzoni (right) with her brother Nicola (left) and their father, Paolo, the fifth-generation CEO.

AC:What advantages does being a family-owned company have?

PC:The Bertazzoni brand is enriched with tradition, culture, and heritage. The brand's foundation has remained unchanged over 136 years, drawing from the family heritage of Italian design, fine engineering, and quality construction that characterize each product in the catalog



AC: Bertazzoni makes over 100 range models. Do you think it may be confusing for a consumer to decide which to choose?

PC:it's less difficult than it seems. Most homeowners look for a specific type of range  gas or dual fuel or electric  in a specific size. When using these 2 filters the available models to choose from in our catalog will be a manageable set. For customers building a new home or kitchen with no constraints, often the first criteria is the style. We are the only brand that offers 3 distinct designs in a full style-matched suite of appliances for the kitchen. The Professional Series is more contemporary, highlighted by the signature knobs and handle and vibrant high-gloss colors - red, yellow, orange, black, white. The Master Series offers our excellent engineering and best-in-class features in a commercial kitchen inspired style, favorite today by American homeowners. The Heritage Series is the most traditional and creates a unique ambiance in the kitchen, with the range as the focal point.

Bertazzoni Heritage Series


AC:Convection Steam and Speed Ovens are gaining in popularity. What should a consumer know about the Bertazzoni models when comparing them to other brands?

PC: Bertazzoni's Convention Steam and Speed Oven offerings provide homeowners with the best of both worlds in terms of cooking methods. Steam is the best way to cook delicate foods that can easily burn or dry out. And the convection aspect to the oven uses the convection fan to move the heat around to ensure the heat and cooking process is distributed evenly.


Bertazzoni Dishwashers


AC:People often think of Bertazzoni for ranges but perhaps not for dishwashers or microwaves. Is that just the case in the US? How does the Italian market differ? What should a US buyer know about Bertazzoni dishwashers and microwaves?

PC:Bertazzoni has expanded the Bertazzoni design and user experience to the entire kitchen suite. The new kitchen suite offerings represent the best value proposition in the industry, without compromising high-design.For most of its 6-generation heritage, Bertazzoni was focused on the manufacture of cooking appliances, so many consumers in the U.S. and Italy do recognize the brand for its ranges first. But, the full kitchen suite was launched in the U.S. in 2016, and earlier this year, Bertazzoni expanded with all-new models of refrigerators and dishwashers. There is a quickly growing segment of consumers that are eager to have Bertazzoni's high standard of design and performance across all the appliances in the kitchen.


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