Stainless Steel and Fighting the Fingerprints

At Appliances Connection, we understand how excited you are to receive your brand new, shiny clean appliances. We also understand your commitment to keeping those appliances looking new for as long as you own them. Stainless steel looks beautiful, but the thought of fingerprints makes some people hesitate. We?re here to tell you that you can still get beautiful stainless steel discount appliances and keep them fingerprint free.

Stainless Steel Cleaner?

First and foremost, you can simply invest in a stainless steel cleaner polish and buff the fingerprints right out. We even carry towels with the cleaner built in so you don?t have to worry about overspray onto counters or cabinets.

Dusting Spray or Window Cleaner

If you?re short on cleaner, dusting spray or window cleaner also works just fine. To get the best effect, let the spray or cleaner sit for one minute before wiping off.

Olive Oil, Baby Oil, or Car Wax

You know how you use oil or wax and buff it on your beautiful car until it sparkles? You can do the same thing with your stainless steel home appliances. Put your choice of olive oil, baby oil, or car wax onto a cloth and buff until the appliance is uniformly shiny. It also helps to prevent fingerprinting for a little while.

Vinegar and Water

When in doubt, mixing one part vinegar to three parts water is a great way to get out stubborn fingerprints. Mix the vinegar and water in a spray bottle, then use the spray like a normal cleaner.

At Appliances Connection, we understand the desire to keep your brand new home appliances looking like new. Fight the fingerprints on stainless steel appliances with the suggestions above. If you?re worried about overspray more than anything else, invest in some of our stainless steel cleaner cloths. For the best results, clean your stainless steel appliances once a week. For any questions you might have about discount appliances and how to keep them clean, call us right away.
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