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Build a Simple Outdoor Kitchen on a Budget (RTA Outdoor Living Overview)

Build a Simple Outdoor Kitchen on a Budget (RTA Outdoor Living Overview)

Summer has just begun. That means cookouts will be on the agenda for the next few months. If you want to build a simple outdoor kitchen on a budget, consider RTA Outdoor Living. RTA lets you customize the layout of your outdoor kitchen to your ideal specifications thanks to their product?s modular design. For instance, place a grill island adjacent to your refreshment bar so your guests can enjoy a beverage while they wait for a burger or kebab. Once you've settled on a design, installation is relatively DIY, true to RTA?s "Ready-To-Assemble" namesake. With RTA, you can build a complete outdoor kitchen for less than $10,000.

Overview of RTA?s Aesthetic Features

RTA Simple Outdoor Kitchen

Each of these items are composed of multi-component proprietary concrete composite panels. These robust veneers can stand up to extreme weather with material that makes them resistant to most sources of degradation. Additionally, you can embellish these panels with wood or stone finishes and a selection of earth-toned panel edge colors. These lend a certain ambience to your outdoor space sure to charm guests.

RTACB8RSW 8 ft. Refreshment Bar Island

Spacious Design

RTACB8RSW Simple Outdoor Kitchen

The RTACB8RSW refreshment bar island?s main feature is a chiseled edge countertop with 12 sq. ft. of surface area. The counter space can comfortably accommodate 4 people for intimate get-togethers. Thanks to RTA?s high-strength concrete panel design, the interior is completely hollow. As a result, the interior possesses an abundance of storage space which is easily accessible through the Coyote 17-inch single access door. Additionally, the attached, fully insulated drop-in cooler has 2.4 cu. ft. of space to keep drinks cool and meats fresh until you?re ready to start grilling.

Refreshment Center Features


The refreshment center hosts premium features that aid in food preparation and assist with clean-up after your festivities have ended. Crack open a few sodas using the attached bottle opener. Use the integrated cutting board to carve up a rack of ribs after they?ve been grilled. When pork ribs are done, grab some barbecue sauce out of the removable combination condiment/beverage shelf. Once you?ve filled up on some tasty barbecue, clean-up is a cinch with the built-in sink and faucet. After wiping down the countertop, hang your towel to dry on the attached towel hook.

RTACE3SSB Outdoor Kitchen Island

Adapts to Cooking Restrictions Without Sacrificing Efficiency

RTACE3SSB Simple Outdoor Kitchen

Gas and charcoal cooking restrictions are an inconvenience one might encounter in urban areas with strict environmental codes. That?s what makes the RTACE3SSB the smart solution for circumventing these constraints. The Coyote Electric Grill features a 5,000-hour heating element that will surely remain at optimum efficiency for years of barbecues to come. A T-bone steak can be seared to perfection with the grill?s maximum temperature of 550? F. Additionally, a Teflon-coated 156 sq. in. cooking surface ensures that same steak won?t stick, ruining the sear.

Ample Storage Space in a Small Package

If you have a small outdoor space, it can be a real hassle finding somewhere to put everything. Similar to the refreshment bar island, a 24-inch access door grants access to the RTACE3SSB?s spacious, hollow interior. This single-access door is built with commercial-quality dual hinges for smooth operation with minimal wear despite constant use. Use it to store cooking accessories, dinnerware, and other handy items to be used on the 5.5 sq. ft. countertop preparation and dining space.

RTACG6PWB 6 ft. Premium Grill Island

A Complete Package

RTACG6PWB Simple Outdoor kitchen

The RTACG6PWB provides a comprehensive solution when it comes to your outdoor cooking and entertainment needs. This premium grill island contains a Coyote 34-inch C-series grill as well as a 21-inch outdoor refrigerator that work in tandem to maximize the efficiency of your food preparation. 13 sq. ft. of countertop preparation space can accommodate a full buffet of grilled meats, sides, and more. In addition, Coyote 31-inch double access doors provide an easy means of storing propane tanks and other necessities within the island?s hollow interior.

C-Series Grill Features


Available in either natural gas or propane, the C-Series grill is a stainless steel juggernaut of outdoor grilling. This unit can emit up to 60,000 BTUs beneath its 780 sq. in. of cooking area. The most notable feature of this grill is its three high-performance Coyote Infinity Burners. The unique shape of these burners spreads flames out through their edges as well as their hollow burner centers. This ensures uniform temperature distribution for uniform cooking. Finally, interior grill lighting lets you cook through the night and integrated wind guard protects your food and flames from sudden gusts.

Outdoor Refrigerator Features

RTACG6PWB Refrigerator Door

The Coyote 21-inch outdoor refrigerator is an ideal companion for your C-Series grill. This refrigerator sports a generous 4.1 cu. ft. capacity, so you?ll have room for food, drinks, and other chilled accoutrements. The refrigerator door is available with either a left or right hinge option (Please note that the door is not field reversible and hinge option must be chosen at the time of ordering.). That way, depending on your kitchen?s configuration, the door swing won?t be obstructed. An Automatic Defrost feature as well as premium shelving respectively prevent frost build-up and keep the fridge contents organized. This unit is UL Certified and DOE Certified to make certain it operates at maximum efficiency.

RTACK3SG Built-In Coyote Asado Stand

RTACK3SG Built-In Coyote Asado Stand

For smoking, searing, and just traditional grilling, complement your outdoor kitchen with a heat-resistant ceramic Coyote Asado Stand. This item comes with a Coyote Signature Smoking Grate which perfectly diffuses heat to evenly cook whatever you desire. Take advantage of the 254 sq. in. of cooking area with adjustable venting for precise temperature control to take the guesswork out of outdoor cooking. The included chiseled-edge countertop is designed with no overhang on one side. As a result, it can easily be placed flush to any outdoor kitchen or bar island.

The possibilities for what your kitchen can look like are only limited by your imagination. If you?re looking to easily remodel your outdoor living space on a budget, RTA Outdoor Living can certainly lend a hand.

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