Appliances Connection is known for selling the finest in appliances and furniture at extremely competitive prices. But what may not be as well-known are the incentive programs the company offers to professionals in the real estate and construction industries and others who purchase in large quantities and refer business to us. By signing up for an Appliances Connection professional account, you may qualify for our trade, builder, and/or referral programs.

Here’s a rundown of you can benefit.

Trade Program

Trade, Builder, and/or Referral Programs

Our Trade Program is aimed at industry pros and influencers such as developers and architects. In our trade program, products are divided into three categories: Residential Appliances, Commercial Appliances, and Furniture. Each category has four discount tiers that correspond to the amount that the buyer will be spending.

As you can see from the chart above, an influencer can earn certain percentages for referring bulk purchases. In other words, if a buyer is purchasing appliances with a second-tier discount, they may also want to buy furniture in the third-tier price range. They can get the discount on the appliances and the discount on the furniture. We keep the categories separate when quantifying an order so an industry pro can get the most commission from each section. These percentages come back to the person referring once transactions are completed as a token of our appreciation for recommending us.

Builder Program

As an authorized dealer of over 100 brands Appliances Connection sells millions of dollars worth of appliances each year and we have cultivated close relationships with these manufacturers. Builders can capitalize on the relationships we’ve fostered over decades. When an industry pro wants to participate in our Builder Program, they will first send us the specifics of their project. Once we receive the specs, we will negotiate directly with the appliance brands to guarantee the best price for the builder that they would not be able to receive otherwise.

Referral Program

Our Referral Program is aimed at our bread and butter, the everyday customer. It’s simple: Refer a friend or family member who makes a purchase over $100 and get 1000 points which is worth a $10 discount off of an Appliances Connection purchase. These points can be accrued after 30 days and used towards future purchases. Refer 10 friends who each make a purchase of over $100 and you’ll get $100 off your next appliance or piece of furniture. The more you recommend, the more you save. Appliances Connection is always looking out to help our loyal customers.

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