Why Choose A Samsung Tuscan Stainless Steel Appliance Package?

Stainless Steel Appliance Package
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For over 70 years, Samsung has been a leading company in providing advanced technological solutions for a vast array of electronics.  They pride themselves on manufacturing premium quality appliances with innovative designs and smart technology that are as eye-catching as they are functional.  In particular, Samsung designed a Tuscan Stainless Steel finish to evoke something elevated yet versatile that compliments materials rich in texture.  In this post, we are going to take an in-depth look at a Samsung 4-piece Tuscan Stainless Steel appliance package that consists of a refrigerator (RF24R7201DT), gas range (NX58R9421ST), microwave oven (ME21R706BAT30), and a dishwasher (DW80R9950UT).

RF24R7201DT 36-Inch Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

RF24R7201DT Tuscan Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator: Exterior

Premium Quality

This refrigerator sports a premium, built-in look with a noticeably lustrous surface that retains its shine even after constant use.  That is because each unit in this stainless steel appliance package is coated in a fingerprint resistant finish. As a result, they are insusceptible to smudges for an everyday great appearance.  Along with a modern French door design, this piece is equipped with EZ-Open™ Handle.  Simply pull the handle up to break the seal and the bottom sections can easily glide in and out.  The roomy interior of this piece divides a 22.6 cu. ft. total capacity between 3 different sections.

Adjustable Shelves and FlexZone™ Drawer

RF24R7201DT French Door Refrigerator: Interior Fridge

LED lighting within the 13 cu. ft. refrigerator space gently illuminates 5 tempered glass spill-proof shelves so you can quickly spot the items you need.  Adjustable shelves easily slide-in or flip-up so you don’t have to be a Tetris master to fit all your groceries.  The doors contain a total of 3-gallon bins and 3 regular bins, accommodating foods of all shapes and sizes.

The refrigerator’s 3.1 cu. ft. capacity FlexZone™ Drawer contains smart dividers that easily slide and lock to accommodate your ideal food distribution.  This ingenious counter-height drawer offers four temperature settings on its control panel to meet your ever-changing needs.  These setting include Meat/Fish (29°F), Cold Drinks (33°F), Deli/Snacks (37°F), and Wine/Party Dishes (44°F).

Freezer Space and Twin Cooling Plus™

RF24R7201DT French Door Refrigerator: Interior Freezer

With 6.5 cu. ft of interior space, the freezer can fit an abundance of frozen goods from T.V. dinners to whole turkeys.  It can even produce a generous 2.7 lbs. of cubed or crushed ice.  Worried about freezer burn from constant use?  Included is Samsung’s Twin Cooling Plus™ which cools the refrigerator and freezer separately using independent cooling systems.  Twin Cooling produces near-commercial grade humidity levels for perishable and frozen foods alike. 

NX58R9421ST 30-Inch Slide-in Gas Range

NX58R9421ST Tuscan Stainless Steel Gas Range: Exterior

Continuous Grates and Stylish Controls

Sporting a slide-in design, this gas range’s aesthetic is as seamless as its performance, making it a perfect fit for any kitchen.  The first thing one notices about this range is its cooktop’s stylish, matte black continuous grates which allow for easy transfer of items between burners.  Lustrous stainless steel knobs frame a glass touch control panel, blending a classic aesthetic with modern design.

Burner Strength

NX58R9421ST Gas Range: Cooktop and Oven

The cooktop’s four main burners vary in heating capability to accommodate a wide range of intensities.  The left rear burner burns at 9500 BTUs to keep your dishes warm.  The right rear burner melts chocolate at a comfortable 5000 BTUs.  The right front 17000 BTU burner quickly boils a pot of water.  The left front burner produces 15000 BTUs for high-intensity wok cooking.  Finally, the rear center 9500 BTU burner and included griddle lets you cut loose with plenty of omelettes or and sautéed vegetables. Furthermore, each burner is sealed to contain spills for an easy clean.

True Convection

Not to be outshined by its upstairs neighbor, the range’s spacious 5.8 cu. ft. capacity oven includes True Convection.  Utilizing a third heating element with dual fans, True Convection circulate heat faster and more uniformly than traditional ovens.  As a result, you can retain the flaky golden crust of an apple pie without liquifying the filling or lock in the flavor while evenly cooking a honey roasted chicken.  A powerful Self Cleaning system burns off grease and residue for an easy wipe down after cooking.

Touch Control Panel with Wi-Fi Connectivity

NX58R9421ST Gas Range: Control Panel

Your range’s abundant functions are right at your fingertips with a front glass touch control panel.  Furthermore, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to remotely monitor and control your range from your smartphone. Now you never have to fear if you left the oven while at work.

ME21R706BAT 30-Inch Capacity Microwave Oven

ME21R706BAT Tuscan Stainless Steel Microwave Oven: Exterior

Ceramic Enamel Interior

This microwave oven is a bastion of ingenuity, serving all the functions of a classic microwave while adopting features from other appliances.  A generous 2.1 cu. ft. capacity interior houses your food in scratch-resistant and easy to clean ceramic enamel.  This enables you to effortlessly remove grease and oil from surfaces while protecting against scratches from daily use.

LED Display with Preset Options

ME21R706BAT Microwave Oven: Display

As beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside, this microwave is equipped with a seamlessly integrated LED digital display.  Precise finger touch controls initiate an array of preset auto cook options.  Use auto defrost for a T-bone steak or auto reheat to snack on leftover braised pork ribs.  An included Sensor Cook feature adjusts time and power level by detecting moisture from foods.  These features sound like they can rack up an enormous amount of electricity, right?  With Eco-Mode, your device maintains essential functions while turning off the display, saving up to 80% of its normal power usage.

Cooktop Lights and Ventilation

ME21R706BAT Microwave Oven: Vent

This unit brilliantly supplants the functions of multiple appliances, giving your stainless steel appliance package a leg up on competitors.  LED cooktop lights illuminate the surface of your range, shining brighter than halogen lights while consuming less energy.  The ventilation system mimics a range hood, quickly and quietly eliminating fumes, steam, and odors at a vigorous 400 CFM.  The vent’s reusable Simple Clean Filter is ejected with one touch and can be washed with mild soap and water.

DW80R9950UT 24-Inch Built In Fully Integrated Dishwasher

DW80R9950UT Tuscan Stainless Steel Dishwasher: Exterior

Quiet Operation and Spacious Design

After toiling away in the kitchen and stuffing yourself with food, you can certainly do without a tedious cleanup process. This slim, inconspicuous dishwasher is a stalwart workhorse of cleaning power that operates at a virtually silent 39 dBA.  With space for 15 place settings, it maximizes cleaning potential while minimizing required time and space for washing.

7 Wash Settings

This unit has 7 settings for any cleaning requirements.  The Auto cycles detects levels of soil and automatically initiates the optimal cycle after a few minutes of operation.  Normal cycle takes care of dishes with a normal amount of soil.  In contrast, heavy is for heavily soiled dishes with caked on food.  Delicate is for fragile items like fine glassware or crystal glasses.  Express 60 is ideal for small loads you need cleaned within an hour.  Rinse Only is for rinsing dinnerware that will not be washed right away. Finally, Self Clean is for cleaning the washer tub.

DW80R9950UT Dishwasher: Interior

AquaBlast™ Jets and Zone Booster

In addition, AquaBlast™ jets aid your wash cycle by spraying in a linear motion.  This provides corner to corner coverage for superior cleaning.  A Zone Booster wash setting enhances efficiency, allowing you to adjust water pressure and temperature on the bottom rack’s left or right zone.  This enables you to target hard-to-clean pots and pans while keeping these settings lower on more delicate items.

Samsung proves once again why it’s one of the leading innovators when it comes to electronics.  If you’re looking for products that balance visually enticing design with exemplary performance, try Samsung’s Tuscan stainless steel appliance packages.


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