Samsung Brings Their A Game ? Top Chef Collection


By April Khan, Appliances Connection Samsung is one company that is?always in competition with itself. As soon as they come out with one mind-blowing product, the shelves are soon stocked with another.

When they released their Top Control Chef Collection, I was amazed. But the collection just kept getting better and better. In fact, the latest feature for their Top Control Chef Collection dishwasher was something quite unique.

Introducing the WaterWall!

Samsung?s WaterWall Technology has literally reinvented the way dishes are cleaned. ?WaterWall works very similar to a wall of, well, water. It moves back and forth over the dishes in a sweeping motion. This wall of water looks gentle, but it literally blasts the dishes clean.

WaterWall can be controlled with another function called Zone Booster. Zone Booster allows?you to select either the right or left side of the bottom rack for the WaterWall to concentrate on. Since dishes are usually placed in order of biggest to smallest or most soiled to least soiled, you can select the side that needs the deepest cleaning and Zone Booster will push the WaterWall?s pressure over to that side.

It?s Flexible

Another great feature of the WaterWall dishwasher its the flexible rack. The top rack is completely flexible. You can adjust the height of the top shelf so that the bottom shelf can hold taller dishes. This allows you to wash server ware, pots and pans without a tight squeeze.

It?s Bendable

Instead of having to cram your silverware into a silverware basket, you can use the ever popular silverware tray. The silverware tray is on the third rack, which is actually above the top shelf.

It?s Quiet

You?ll hardly know it?s running. Aside from the fact that you pressed the ?Start? button, you won?t know that you?ve started it. This dishwasher is fully insulated, which reduces the noise to 40dBA. It?s been officially been named the quietest in its class.

It Saves You Money

The best kind of appliance is the kind that saves you money. Samsung?s WaterWall dishwashers have a special feature called Speed Boost. Speed Boost is a setting that reduces the dishwasher's process time -- that means you can set it in a hurry! Samsung WaterWall dishwashers are also Energy Star certified. To earn this accolade, it had to pass Energy Star's strict regulations for reduced energy usage.??It might be a little pricier than Samsung?s other dishwashers, but the Energy Star seal means that you?ll recoup the costs over the first year of use.

It Fits!

Yes, Samsung?s WaterWall dishwashers fit everything! Well, just about everything. It does fit up to a 15 piece plate setting, which is super spacious.

It Glows

The dashboard on the Samsung Top Control Chef Collection dishwasher glows blue! To fit the sleekness of the stainless steel, Samsung?s Top Control Chef Collection dishwasher reveals a beautiful LED display. No more protruding buttons or harsh panels. Nothing but futuristic net here!

We all hate washing dishes deep down inside. The sight of a sink full of dishes is like nails going down a chalkboard to me. So this Samsung WaterWall dishwasher is just what the doctor ordered, or shall I say it?s just what my laziness ordered. Lol.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed reading about this brilliant Samsung dishwasher. Should you want to know more, just leave a comment below.

And as usual, you can head over to Appliances Connection for more information about this product and many more! ?
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