Introducing the Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerators
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Introducing the Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerators

Samsung is ushering a new wave of customizable refrigerators. The Bespoke 4-Door Flex refrigerators feature four doors where you can choose the color and finish for each door. There's various color options available, and you choose between a steel or glass finish. Models can come freestanding or built-in into your kitchen for a seamless look. Standard sizes are available for these refrigerators such as 24" and 36".

Color Options


Colors of the Bespoke refrigerators include white, grey, sky blue, navy, champagne, black, navy, and rose pink. The refrigerator unit uses flat doors and a seamless design, so this refrigerator can blend in with your kitchen's style, or be the focal point of your kitchen. The glass or steel finishes of these models make these colors pop out more vividly.

Beverage Center


Behind the upper left door is Samsung's new Beverage Center. The Beverage Center consists of an Autofill Water Pitcher and a water dispenser. The water pitcher automatically refills itself with fresh water when you need it, and has an easy-to-grip handle. If you have a personal water bottle that you want to fill, you can use the water dispenser that features a washable dispenser nozzle for hygienic use. Both the pitcher holder and water dispenser are illuminated so you can see when you're reaching for water or filling your bottle in the dark. Below the Beverage Center is a Dual Auto Ice Maker that makes either regular ice cubes, or nugget ice, which is more chewable than regular ice and cools your drinks faster.



Located in the lower right compartment of the Bespoke 4-Door Flex refrigerator is the FlexZone. There are five different convertible modes so that you can store different types of food, including the new Fruits & Veggies mode. The FlexZone consists of two vegetable crispers, then the third drawer can either be on Crisper+ mode, which keeps fruits and vegetables fresher for longer, or the temperature-controlled Flex Crisper mode, which can store vegetables as well as meat and fish. Either of the two modes can be selected directly on the fridge or through Samsung's SmartThings app. The FlexZone can be either be a refrigerator or freezer and has three cooling options:

  • Triple Cooling- You can customize temperatures in each of the three individual compartments.
  • Metal Cooling- Provides even and fast cooling.
  • Precise Cooling- The fridge is set to the exact temperature you want every time.

Mix & Match

Bespoke models don't have to be just 4-door. You can choose between single 1-door or 2-door units, or even combine units together. Single 2-door units will have a Flex Column refrigerator on the top and a bottom freezer that are both customizable. So if you're working with smaller or larger spaces, Bespoke not only lets you customize looks but also space in your home.


The Bespoke 4-Door Flex refrigerators give you the ultimate customization options literally from door to door. There's flexibility on the inside and the outside of these refrigerators, and you'll be able to freeze or refrigerate various items. These appliances by Samsung provide a new way to customize refrigerators and other brands may follow suit. You can be a part of a new era of refrigerators with Samsung Bespoke.

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