The Benefits of Rotisserie Grilling
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The Benefits of Rotisserie Grilling

There are few pleasures more primal than watching a rotisserie grill in action. You get to watch the meat slowly turn, sealing in all its juices, and you barely have to do any work to get your cooking done. But what benefits are there to rotisserie grilling over traditional grilling, and what are the best rotisserie grills on the market? What outdoor rotisserie grill is right for you? And what foods can you cook on a rotisserie? Whether you choose a Napoleon rotisserie grill or a Weber rotisserie, rotisserie kits for grills or a grill with a built-in rotisserie, this blog post explains the options you have and the benefits that rotisserie cooking can have for you and your family.

How Does Rotisserie Grilling Work?

How Does Rotisserie Grilling Work

While traditional grilling uses a gas line, charcoal briquettes, or wood pellets to hold a flame, a rotisserie most commonly uses gas (either natural gas or propane) as a heat source. (There are plenty of charcoal rotisserie grills and fire pit rotisserie attachments on the market as well, so don't feel like you're being left out if that's your preferred grilling method!)

With rotisserie cooking, you add large amounts of meat (such as a whole chicken or a leg of lamb) to a spit assembly that rotates slowly, very close to the heat source. You need three main components to make rotisserie grilling work: a spit assembly that holds the food, a way of turning the spit, and a heat source.

Cooking Advantages of Rotisserie Grills


Rotisserie grilling gives you a variety of advantages over traditional grilling. Here are just a few of these advantages:

Ease of Use - Rotisserie grills don't require any specialty knowledge or equipment. As long as your grill can handle a rotisserie attachment, you can easily brown large cuts of meat without burning them. Gas rotisserie grills are ideal for providing a consistent cooking temperature, as well. Simply set the grill's heating element to your desired temperature, place the meat on the spit, and get it turning, and within hours you'll have a delectably cooked cut of meat.

More Even Cooking - Because the meat you're cooking on a rotisserie rotates as it cooks, all its parts are evenly browned. You won't ever find any burnt spots or have to deal with flare-ups when you're cooking on a rotisserie grill!

Juicier Meat with a More Flavorful Crust - Meat cooked on a rotisserie is also self-basting, reducing your workload even further. The juices build up on the outer edge of your meat, where they're immediately baked dry by the heating element. This leads to a deliciously smoked crust on your meat or poultry, while the juices are sealed inside, keeping it nice and tender.

Less Fat and Grease - This is one of the major advantages of rotisserie grilling. Because any excess grease and fat drip off the meat you're cooking, rotisserie grilling is great for people who want to cook outside but still eat healthy foods.

Health Benefits of Rotisserie Grills

Health Benefits

In addition to the convenience a rotisserie can add to your grilling experience, it can also provide a number of advantages to your health. Because excess fat drips off of meat that is being cooked rotisserie-style, your meal will be exactly as juicy as you want it without swimming in cholesterol. Meanwhile, juices and water-soluble vitamins (such as niacin, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12) are locked into the meat you're cooqking, allowing you and your guests to get more out of the main dish.

You can maximize the health benefits of rotisserie grilling by choosing lean meats (such as chicken or turkey) and making your own custom seasoning blends for them (since store-bought seasonings often contain preservatives).

Can I Add a Rotisserie to My Grill?

Can I add

Many grills can be made to fit a rotisserie attachment, but if you plan on doing a lot of rotisserie cooking, you should consider buying a grill that already comes with a rotisserie setup.

If you are buying an aftermarket rotisserie attachment for your grill, consider the following points before you make your final purchase:

  • Consider the size of your grill. This means not only the width of the rotisserie spit, but the amount of space under your grill's hood when it's shut. You want your meat to have plenty of room to spin around as it cooks.
  • Think about the placement of your heating elements. Because a rotisserie can handle large cuts of meat (or even whole chickens), the food can get very close to the heat source. Does your grill have rear burners? If so, you should use them first when cooking on rotisserie.
  • Think about the weight capacity of your spit. You may need a kitchen scale to weigh the food item you're cooking and ensure that it won't put too much strain on the rotisserie's motor.

The beautiful thing is, there are plenty of universal rotisserie attachments that can work with nearly any grill! Miele offers a rotisserie and kebab grilling device that adjusts to fit most outdoor grills, and Appliances Connection also sells rotisserie kits from Napoleon, Fire Magic, Weber, and American Outdoor Grill, among many other brands.

Our Expert Picks and Recipes for Each


Powerful Infared Grilling


This gorgeous freestanding grill by Napoleon has a whopping 900 sq. in. of cooking area, and 80,000 BTU of power. That's more than enough for rotisserie cooking, no matter what you are putting on the spit! The rear infrared burner is perfectly suited for rotisserie grilling, as well: it provides a powerful sear. The LIFT EASE™ Center-of-Gravity roll top lid is another feature that makes this grill perfectly suited for rotisserie cooking: it allows you to effortlessly close the lid around the spit, without getting in the way of your food. Napoleon offers up this recipe for rotisserie smoked ribs with Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce: these ribs pair perfectly with nearly any side dish, and the Memphis-style sauce will keep your guests coming back for seconds!

Rotisserie Grilling Any time, Any Place


Weber is also famous for its grills, and this 74-in. freestanding natural gas grill is no exception. Its tuck-away rotisserie system provides up to 10,600 BTU of energy for rotisserie grilling, but the flip-up motor folds out of sight when it isn't needed. Because it has a 12,000 BTU side burner, you can even cook side dishes at the same time as your main dish! It even comes with stainless steel flavorizer bars, allowing the fat that falls off your meat to go to good use. This recipe for rosemary-brined rotisserie chicken comes from Weber and esteemed professional chef Jamie Purviance.

Related Questions

Do you put water in a rotisserie?

You can add half an inch to one inch of water to the drip pan under your rotisserie meat. This provides a consistent amount of moisture for your cooking.

Do you close the lid when using a rotisserie?

When cooking with a rotisserie, you want to keep the grill's lid closed as much as possible. Check your meat a few times to make sure it's rotating properly, but for the most part, leave it alone with a closed lid.

Do you need a rear burner for rotisserie cooking?

If your grill has a rear burner, you should use that for rotisserie grilling whenever possible. Otherwise, you can still manage rotisserie cooking with lower burners.