Once upon a time, cleaning your home meant working your fingers to the bone with a sweeping brush, and beating the dust out of rugs and carpets by hand. Then, along came the vacuum cleaner and life was made that little bit easier.

Of course, vacuum cleaners still needed to be pushed around by hand, and so the owners of these fancy new pieces of technology were dismayed to discover that they were still left with aching backs and weary joints after cleaning and that the process still took up too many precious hours.

This is why robot vacuum cleaners have been so much of a revelation. These automated machines handle the process themselves, with minimal human interaction. At least, that’s what they do in theory. To make this happen in practice, you need to choose the right device. Follow our guide and find out how.

Things to Consider when you Choose a Robot Vacuum

There are several key points which you should consider when it comes to selecting the ideal robot vacuum for your property. To help you make your choice that much easier and more straightforward, we’ve summarized some of the critical points below.

Read through them, and then think about your own priorities. Which of these points do you consider the most important? Which ones are you not so bothered about? And which factors can’t you live without? This will help you to know what to look for when you search for a robot cleaner.


Robot vacuum cleaner technology is in its relative infancy, which means that many older models were pushing the boundaries of what was possible when they were first released. These older models are much cheaper now, and represent serious savings when compared to their newer counterparts, but these savings may quickly be wiped out by maintenance costs.

Even newer models may require maintenance and repairs from time to time. However, models with features such as added filters and extractors will generally become clogged and damaged less often, and will perform better as result, while also potentially saving you money in the long run.

Smart Features

Why are you interested in purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner? Chances are the answer to this question is not because you want to replace your vacuum cleaner with something else you need to operate manually, but rather because you want to eliminate some of the time and effort associated with cleaning.

With this in mind, how much human interaction do you want? Features such as mobile app connectivity, pre-programming and scheduling eliminate much of the human contact, while automatic ‘return to home’ and charging features minimize this contact even further. The downside to this? These features add to the price of the machine, so bear this in mind as you consider your options.


The battery is a key component of your robot vacuum cleaner, as this is what gives the machine the scope to travel around your property without being impeded by wires and cables. So, it stands to reason that you want a cleaning device with a good level of battery life and capacity.

Look for a model which can provide 60 minutes of battery life at the very least. Mid-range models will have up to 80 minutes, while top of the range models will push this beyond 90 minutes. However, unless your property is enormous with a whole lot of floor space, you might not need quite as much battery life as you think. We’ll talk more about considering your home and its layout later on, but this is something you certainly need to think about when deciding on a robot cleaning unit.

What’s more, many robot cleaners will feature an automatic ‘return to home’ feature, which means the device will sense when its battery level is low, and come back to its dock to charge. This means that battery life is even less of a concern, as the cleaner will charge with no human input required.


Buying a robot vacuum cleaner is an exercise in convenience and in time- and labor-saving. The machine takes much of the stress and strain out of cleaning, so you don’t have to worry about it. This does mean, however, that many automatic cleaners are not quite able to match the performance of a normal, human-operated vacuum.

Check out reviews, read the spec lists, and take a look at what features are on offer when it comes to choosing a robot vacuum cleaner. This will give an idea of how high the performance level of the device is. Higher end cleaners will draw upon these features and these more impressive specs to deliver a cleaning performance which is close to the ‘real thing’, and may even be able to match and surpass the performance of a manually operated cleaner in some instances.

Budget machines, on the other hand, will not be suitable for heavy duty cleaning. In fact, lower end models will not be suitable as a full replacement for your standard vacuum cleaner at all, and will instead only be able to handle light maintenance vacuuming.


Dust and dirt holding capacity is sometimes a confusing specification. For example, a robotic vacuum cleaner which fills up quickly might seem like it has a low carrying capacity, but is in fact probably more efficient than another unit which is slower to fill up. With this in mind, capacity should not be the be all and end all when you are choosing a robot vacuum cleaner.

Unless you have a really big property with lots of floor space and loads of dust and debris to clean up, you are probably not going to need vast amounts of dustbin storage capacity. A mid to high-level robot cleaner will probably manage around three or four cleaning cycles before it needs emptying.

Unfortunately, while robot vacuum cleaners are generally ‘hands off’ pieces of equipment with almost no human input required, the emptying process is an area in which you will need to get your hands dirty. At the moment, manual input is still required at this stage, and there are currently no self-emptying vacuum cleaners on the market.


Robot vacuum cleaners can be very expensive pieces of equipment. However, there are models available which will not be so taxing on the wallet, and may set you back only a couple of hundred dollars. This is why you need to know your budget and your needs.

Buying a lower end model will mean losing out on some of the smart features and heavy-duty cleaning capability offered by more expensive models. Investing in a higher end device will connect you with all of these features and capabilities – in most cases – but may seriously dent your finances.

Establish your budget before you begin, and stick to this rigidly. This will help you find the ideal robot cleaner both for your needs and for those of your bank balance.

Taking Your Home into Account

How big is your house?

The specifications of a robot vacuum cleaner are almost meaningless if you don’t consider the size of your house alongside these. If you have a smaller property, you are not going to benefit from high levels of dust storage and a lengthy battery life. However, if your property is larger, this may be a benefit to you.

What sort of dirt and debris will the vacuum need to clean?

Lower end models will be suitable only for clearing away light dust and dirt. For many households, this will be fine. However, your needs may surpass this, which will leave you requiring a more robust model. If you have growing children, pets who shed hair or who enjoy life both in- and outdoors, or if your home life includes any other factors which can contribute to dust and dirt build up, this is something you need to consider.

Think about this carefully, and then align this with your budget and any other objectives you may have. This will help you to find the right piece of equipment for the job.

What sort of flooring does the cleaner need to navigate?

Perhaps your home is exclusively done out in hardwood or laminate flooring. Maybe your property is carpeted instead. Or it could be that you have a wide range of different flooring types in your home – running the gamut between solid wood floors, tiled spaces, carpeted rooms, and tasseled rug centerpieces.

Some robot cleaners will be more suitable for cleaning tiled, laminate, or wooden floors. Others will be designed specifically for use on the softer material of a carpet or rug. More advanced models will be perfectly positioned to provide excellent results across all surfaces, with sensors which detect when the device has moved between surfaces.

Answering these questions will give you a good idea of what sort of robot vacuum cleaner you need. Don’t forget to reach out to our team if you have any other questions or concerns.

Best Rated Robot Vacuums from Appliances Connection

It can be difficult to know exactly where to start when it comes to selecting your robot vacuum. Hopefully, this buying guide has provided you with some valuable hints and tips for how to make the best choice. However, it is also useful to know which other machines are proving popular in the market, and which ones are scoring solid reviews.

In this section, we explore this. You’ll find information on some of the most popular robot vacuum cleaners currently available from the Appliances Connection range, and you may find some inspiration also on your way to selecting the perfect piece of equipment.



The LG brand is a popular choice among our customers, something which is demonstrated by their dominance in this list. The CR3465BB LG device is a robotic, Wi-Fi enabled vacuum which is designed to provide great cleaning while keeping your mind at rest. Collision Safe Digital Bumper technology ensures that none of your precious belongings or pieces of furniture is damaged during cleaning.

Other features include the Revolutionary Dual Eye 2.0 Mapping System for high-quality cleaning across the whole property, as well as a Smart Resume function for additional reliability.


LG CR5765GD Robot Vacuum

Another LG device scoring very highly with Appliances Connection customers is the CR5765GD. This unit measures 13.39 inches in width, 3.5 inches in height, and 13.39 inches in depth, giving it the flexibility it needs to fit into the many nooks and crannies found around the home, while 7 smart cleaning modes make it easy for you to achieve the results you need.

HomeGuard, HomeView, and Cleaning Diary functions also make this a smart piece of equipment, and one which will integrate with a modern, forward thinking, super-connected property.


LG CR3365RD Robot Vacuum

The CR3365RD represents a compromise, providing slightly less functionality for users, in return for a lower price tag. However, this is still a very capable machine, and a smart one at that, with six cleaning modes, SmartDiagnosis capability, and the possibility for programming scheduled cleaning sessions.

On top of this, the CR3365RD is also a pleasant piece of equipment to be around, and has a max noise level of only 68 dBA, so it shouldn’t disturb you too much as you go about other tasks. Finally, you’ll be able to control the cleaner from a mobile app for maximum convenience and a hassle-free experience.

Hopefully, this guide will provide you with the insight and understanding you need to get the best from your robot vacuum cleaner, and these featured products will give you the inside track on which devices are scoring highly among other buyers just like you.

But don’t forget that help is always on hand if you need it. Get in touch with our team to learn more about the different types of robot vacuum cleaners available to you, and to gain answers to any questions or queries you may have.


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