Robam Introduces Countertop Oven with Steam and Air Fry
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Robam Introduces Countertop Oven with Steam and Air Fry

Robam is famous for making high-quality, budget-friendly appliances, including air fryers, toaster ovens, steam ovens, dishwashers, and even freestanding ranges. That’s why Appliances Connection is proud to offer the newest entry into Robam’s cooking suite. This countertop oven uses both steam and air frying technology to revolutionize the world of countertop cooking appliances. This combination of technology means that you can reap the benefits of both styles of cooking, enjoying the healthy benefits of air frying food and the preserved nutrients that come with steam cooking. But what makes this countertop oven stand out? Our experts have answers for you.

Colorful and Convenient

 Robam Combi Oven in Mint Green

One of the first things you’ll probably notice about these new Robam combi ovens is the choice of color. Robam isn’t satisfied with simple black, white, and stainless steel options. Instead, there’s room for a lot of creativity in your kitchen with these. You can choose between garnet red, mint green, and sea salt blue color options, providing a gorgeous, bright addition to any kitchen.

It isn't just the choices of color that make these countertop ovens amazing, however, but the features. The steam oven function comes with a spacious 1.2L external water reservoir, maximizing the internal space of your oven, while the dual-speed motor combines with a double-ring heating tube to provide even, powerful heating regardless of the cooking mode. If you prefer to air fry your food, look for the Vortex Cyclone technology that Robam pioneered: it uses 2900 W of power to provide professional-grade air frying.

 Robam Combi Oven in Garnet Red

There is a wide variety of convenience features that come with this appliance, too. There are more than 30 different recipes stored in the device’s memory, allowing you to automatically set the temperature and cooking mode for any one of them. Meanwhile, the LED display is ergonomically tilted so you don’t have to bend over to see the cooking time you have remaining. It even comes with a self-cleaning feature, which is not always easy to find in countertop ovens. Robam even makes safety one of their highest priorities, making this oven great for families with young children. Even when running at its maximum temperature, the outside is safe to touch. It uses three layers of low-E glass to keep heat in your food and not your kitchen.

Air Frying Benefits

 Robam Combi Oven Air Frying

Air frying food comes with a whole host of benefits. You get all the delicious, crispy taste and texture of fried food, without having to deal with the safety issues and calorie content of frying in oil. This reduces the levels of fat and grease in your diet by up to 80%. Air frying also lowers the number of harmful chemicals (such as acrylamide) in your fried foods.

Steam Cooking Benefits

 Robam Combi Oven Steam Cooking

Steam cooking also has a huge number of convenience and health benefits. A steam oven provides even, steady heating of your food, and this oven has three different steam settings to allow cooking at different temperatures. You can also use a steam oven for sous vide cooking, which preserves the most flavor and nutrients in your food, allowing you to make restaurant-quality meals at home.

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Can a steam oven replace a regular oven?

Yes, a steam oven can easily replace a regular oven. Most steam ovens have a function that allows you to cook food normally with a traditional heating element, allowing you to make a wider variety of cooking choices.

When should you not use a convection oven?

You should not use a convection oven to cook quick breads, soufflés, cakes, custards, or similar foods.