Our interests undergo the same transformation as we do. When we were seven we loved toys and Spongebob shaped mac’n’cheese. Our teenage years may have been filled with video games and heavy metal. Now, we could be into Grey’s Anatomy and the sophisticated white furniture trend. Change is inevitable and it is often beautiful because it means you’re growing! Let’s grow together and get the ball rolling with some design ideas.

The first design, and my personal preference, is the minimal bedroom design. You can paint your walls white or go for a beautiful blue/grey shade for your walls and a pristine white for the ceiling, doors and frames. With this design, you can soften it with your choice of warm or cool fairy lights, or opt for no lights and get a more sophisticated and modern look.


A great place for inspiration is Pinterest! We’ve got an account with tons of appliance and design idea boards that you might find inspiration in so definitely check that out. I actually got the idea for the color scheme for my own room design from this image on Pinterest:

IMG_0022Your room’s color can actually affect your quality of sleep. A muted blue is generally considered to be the best choice for a good night’s rest. Blue is associated with tranquility in out minds to you’re body responds by lowing your blood pressure and heart rate, allowing you to drift off to sleep. That beings aid, a bright sky blue may have the opposite affect and keep you awake because it looks like the daytime sky.


It’s all about what feels right for you! It’s best to choose colors that calm you like greys, pastels, greens, and whatever color you’re personally drawn to for inner peace.


Lighting is also really important because a color will appear different in low lighting than it does during the peak hours of the day, so make sure to keep that in mind while you rifle through those paint chips.


Aside from the colors, you should think about who much stuff you have an how you want to organize it.


Adding a few shelves is a great option because it lets you keep more out in the open so your favorite things will always be in reach and you’ll have more room cleared up on the floor of your room (because you won’t need a small table or dresser to put these things on top of).

The placement is entirely up to you, but it should be practical so don’t install a shelf higher than you can reach no matter how good it would look in that spot.

You can also choose to get creative white your shelving units and use them as statement pieces for a multifunctional design element.


One of them will be places where I get the most light in my room to house my succulents. Plants are a great way to literally add life to your living space and this particular breed is very resilient (so they’re hard to kill).


It’s great for anyone with a busy schedule who wants some pops of color. Take time researching each type before you settle because succulents’ needs can vary depending on the species variation (i.e. the lighter pastel colored ones need more light than the green ones, etc.)


Pick accent colors for your decor, like green or black on white, that will add a subtle pop to your room and create dimension. We’ve got a couple of color palettes picked out that we found on Pinterest in out Minimal Bedroom Design board that could help you pick! Choose something that makes you happy or calm– your room should be a center of positive feelings.


The bed design also makes a big difference (which is why we’re focusing on it so much in this post). You can opt for a high bed to create more ground space, of you can get a low bed to make your ceilings appear higher, like the one on the right.

The layout of this room is the most spacious of all the others we’l be mentioning because it is meant to eliminate visual distracts and create a clutter-free environment.

The next style you could go with is a boho chic  style with lots of colorful pieces and wood accents, and a ton of draping. This style feels very lived-in and encircling, as opposed to the liberating modernity of the last design. If you like this style it can be very comforting and a great option.


This style uses a lot of natural elements and looks great with a wooden bed frame.


If you’ve got a smaller space, opt for a bed base with drawers or you can go the simple route. Here are two of our favorite style options:







This style makes heavy use of tapestries, rugs and fairy lights to create nooks and section off space for a more exclusive environment.


This is great for pattern lovers; particularly those who feel most at peace with bright colors and geometric patterns. It’s inspired by hippie and bohemian styles and is often decorated with natural elements, dream catchers, tassels, and photographs.


Your walls can be something in the brown and orange hues, or white. The point is to put the focus on the decor and patterns, rather than the walls themselves so an earthy tone like a tan or a rustic orange will enhance the colors. You could also go for wood paneling or a wallpaper that mimics that! This will add a more natural and rustic feel to the room.


c8f1136f232d9047b3fd8a9ce0afe7a4Another great style option is the Romantic design characterized by delicate filigree accents, soft hues (hue is the proper paint term for color) and curtains. It’s a more feminine style and looks great with chandeliers and ornate detailing.

This style generally sticks to the same color scheme and lets the decorative elements steal the show in a subtle way.

It’s easy on the eyes with a light and traditional vibe. All of the elements are united in creating a single hue, delicate and decorative space. Floral pieces are a big part of this design, as well.


6a22c40c3bb14b13a51857e2fb23636aAlternately, you could opt for a bolder– but still relatively muted– color. This will serve as a brighter background for you light furniture and make the decorative elements stand out more. Pinks and oranges work well like light pink, coral, sherbet, and pastels look great with this style. If you prefer a cooler room you can go for a mint or a light blue. Blue works great for this style with creme or white furniture (and, as we mentioned, it will help you sleep better!)

You can get bright flowers to match the wall shade and pull the entire design together nicely through a natural and beautiful floral arrangement.


A cushioned headboard is a great way to soften that part of your bedroom to match the aesthetic of the rest of your room. Cushioned headrests often have patterns or come in a variety of colors so you can use them to match the color of your sheets or the pattern of your decorative pillow. They can have metallic accents as well that can match your picture frames, chair accents, etc. It’s all about creating cohesion and subtle


There are tons of other styles that you could branch off into like a more ornate and decorative Old World aesthetic, the geometric Contemporary look, an Oriental style, and many others! If you want more product specific inspiration head on over to our Bedroom Furniture page and look through all the options to get a feel for what you’d like your space to be like. We have a large selection of bed bases with drawers and headboards with shelves– which are a great choice for anyone with smaller spaces to furnish. You can make your bed a bookcase, bed, and storage center, all-in-one.

We’ve got a board with pins for each of the styles we delved into in this post (and others!) that are updated often so check in and get some inspiration: Minimal, Boho Chic, and Romantic! Pinterest is a great site to use to plan home improvement projects and everything else you’d like to look into!


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