Top 5 Quietest Window Air Conditioners of 2019

quietest window air conditioners
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As the summer approaches its zenith, oppressive heat is making consumers realize they’ve put off buying a new air conditioner long enough. While an air conditioner does make your home an oasis of refreshing coolness, many units can be quite noisy. Depending on your unit’s design, it might be an annoyance that negates any cooling benefits. Let’s go through our picks for the top five quietest window air conditioners.

Haier ESAQ406T 22-Inch Window Air Conditioner Serenity Series

Quietest Window Air Conditioners: Haier ESAQ406T

According to third-party testing, this 43 dBA Haier model is reported to be one of the quietest air conditioners on the market with a powerful output of 6,000 BTUs. This unit comes with a digital timer and temperature display that is easily operated on the unit itself or via a fully functioning remote control. You will even receive reminders on the display when it’s time to clean your easily accessible washable filter.

Three fan speeds are available depending on how quickly and thoroughly you want to chill the room. Additionally, an Auto Cool feature automatically adjusts fan speed according to the specific temperature you desire. If you want your home to be cool before you return from work, take advantage of the 24 hour on/off timer. Alternatively, Sleep Mode auto-adjusts the temperature before you wake up, providing overnight comfort while saving you from the morning shivers.

*Min to Max Window Opening Width: 26-1/16 inches to 39-1/4 inches

Haier ESAQ406T

LG LW8016ER 20-Inch Energy Star Qualified Window Air Conditioner

Quietest Window Air Conditioners: LG LW8016ER

Operating at 54 dBA, a touch quieter than conversational speech, this 8,000 BTU model from LG covers approximately 340 sq. ft. of cooling area. 4-way air direction capabilities circulate cold air up, down, left, or right depending on your preference. The most notable feature about this unit is its Power Failure Auto Restart. In the event of storms, heavy winds, and extreme heat, it is quite common for power lines to go down. Power Failure Auto Restart automatically turns your unit back on once power is restored. This serves not just to resume cooling a space but also to clearly indicate you can reactivate your other appliances.

*Min to Max Window Opening Width: 22 inches to 36 inches


Frigidaire FFRE083ZA1 19-Inch Energy Star Window Mounted Air Conditioner

Quietest Window Air Conditioners: Frigidaire FFRE083ZA1

Faintly humming at 55 dBA, this 8,000 BTU Frigidaire air conditioner evenly cools 350 sq. ft. of living space. Frigidaire designed this unit with a host of their trademarked Effortless™ features. Firstly, Effortless™ Clean Filter reduces bacteria, environmental odors, and potentially harmful airborne particles. As a result, 95 percent of dust, allergens, and bacteria that can be present yet unseen by the human eye are eliminated. Secondly, Effortless™ Temperature Control helps you enjoy consistent comfort by maintaining your preset room temperature. Finally, the Effortless™ Restart function automatically resumes operating at your unit’s previous settings once you start it up again.

*Min to Max Window Opening Width: 22 inches to 36 inches

Frigidaire FFRE083ZA1

Amana AMAP050BW 16-inch Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

Quietest Window Air Conditioners: Amana AMAP050BW

This 5,000 BTU unit from Amana is ideal for home offices and other small areas. It’s compact and relatively energy efficient. In addition to being able to cool up to 150 sq. ft., this has the dehumidification capability to remove 1.06 pints of moisture an hour. A 50 dBA working volume is sure not to interrupt business calls, wake light sleepers, or drown out your favorite podcast. Additionally, this unit comes with a 5.9 ft. power cord and LCDI plug. This extends the range you can keep your air conditioner relative to a power source to accommodate your installation requirements. Like other models we’ve discussed, Amana’s air conditioner includes a Power Failure Auto Restart feature for quick cooling after outages.

*Min to Max Window Opening Width: 22 inches to 35 inches

Amana AMAP050BW

Whirlpool WHAW151BW 26-Inch Window Air Conditioner

Quietest Window Air Conditioners: Whirlpool WHAW151BW

The most powerful unit we’ll be looking at is a 15,000 BTU model from Whirlpool. Despite all this brute force, its ability to cover a 700 sq. ft. area, and dehumidify up to 3.25 pints of moisture in an hour, it still operates at a relatively soft 56 dBA. The easy-to-use on-board electronic control panel helps you manage various modes, a timer, and a ‘clean filter’ alert. ENERGY STAR® compliant design ensures your Whirlpool’s high performance isn’t accompanied by an astronomical electricity bill. For added savings, take advantage of Eco Mode, a feature which conserves energy by deactivating the compressor when your room reaches the desired temperature.

*Min to Max Window Opening Width: 28 inches to 41 inches

Whirlpool WHAW151BW

The sound of silence is all you should be hearing while relaxing in your indoor living space this summer. These air conditioners will keep you in comfort without being auditory impositions.


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