The QuickIcePro System for the Bosch 500 Series Refrigerators
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The QuickIcePro System for the Bosch 500 Series Refrigerators

Purity and production speed are important factors to consider when buying an ice-producing refrigerator. An abundance of clean ice is paramount for the health and satisfaction of your family and house guests. Luckily, Bosch has taken the burden of this consideration off your shoulders with their new QuickIcePro System™, a quick ice maker for their 500 Series refrigerator units. This patented system produces copious amounts of filtered ice on a daily basis for your family dinners, packed parties and anything else that would require a race to the store for several cumbersome bags of ice.

True Counter Depth Design

Stainless Steel Finish

Bosch’s new French door freestanding refrigerators are the first of their kind built with the QuickIcePro System™. Sporting a true counter depth design, your Bosch B36CD50SNS or Bosch B36CD50SNB will make a bold statement in your kitchen. Contemporary handles lend them a modern flair, and your choice of stainless steel or black stainless steel allow them to adapt to any kitchen style. That way, they are sure to be an eye-catching focal point of your next get together with friends at your home. When it’s time to clean your unit, a damp cloth is all that is needed to wipe them down, and black stainless steel even helps guard against scratches and fingerprints.

The QuickIcePro System™ in Action

Whether you’re refilling bottles on the go or need to chill drinks in a hurry, the quick ice maker of the QuickIcePro System™ has you covered. By combining three technologies, fast freshly filtered crescent ice and water will be available to you in large quantities throughout the day.

Ice Maker

Industry’s Fastest Refrigerator Ice Maker: Capable of producing up to 12 lbs. of ice in a day. That’s 40 eight-ounce glasses worth of ice!


UltraClarityPro™: Bosch’s patented water filter reduces more than 99.9% of sediments and harsh elements like chlorine and chloramine in your water and ice.


BottleFill: Fill your favorite glass or bottle once and Bosch’s advanced BottleFill technology saves the amount dispensed for a hands-free fill thereafter.

Additional Freshness Features

Refrigerator Cavity

Pure drinking water and clean ice are not the only ways your Bosch 500 Series refrigerators keep their contents fresh. Several other useful features work in concert to regulate the air quality throughout your refrigerator cavity, preserve your fresh foods for longer and save you from taking extra trips to the grocery store.


VitaFreshPlus™: Two bins with ample storage, organization options and separate humidity controls provide the optimal environment for your fresh fruits and vegetables.


MultiAirFlow™: Cool, fresh air is circulated to every corner of your fridge to maintain consistent temperatures, preventing the formation of warm or freezing spots which affect food quality.

AirFresh® Filter

AirFresh® Filter: This powerful filter lasts the entire lifetime of your refrigerator, filtering the toughest food odors to keep your unit’s air quality fresh.


The QuickIcePro System™ is a bastion of clean ice production that lets you say farewell to frequent ice runs to the store. Water and air freshness filters ensure an abundance of clean ice is available to you and retains its pure taste. That way, a perfectly chilled drink is never more than a press away on your external dispenser. Check out the Bosch 500 Series refrigerators with QuickIcePro System™ today and see why the industry’s fastest refrigerator ice maker is the perfect addition to your home.