Pros vs. Cons: Washer Dryer Combos
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Pros vs. Cons: Washer Dryer Combos

A washer dryer combo is a front loading washing machine and a condenser clothes dryer combined into a single appliance. This choice from today's array of laundry room appliances is the same size as an equivalent stand-alone washer, yet does the job of a washer and dryer set. A washer dryer combo differs from a stackable washer and dryer. Neither takes up any more floor space than a single, standard laundry room appliance. Both types of small space appliances, are desired by not only apartment dwellers, but by anyone who wants to create more space in their laundry room or designated laundry space in a kitchen, bath, or mudroom.

Choosing compact appliances like these is the right decision for many. Washer dryer combos and compact washers and dryers, today, are both manufactured with new technologies like those found in the latest standard-sized washer and dryer sets. The construction of modern small space appliances for washing clothes feature continuously updated technologies like smart sensors, sanitize cycles, steam settings, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Purchasing a washer dryer combo may be the best action you could take to modernize and create ample space in your laundry room or wherever you've set up a laundry space. But only you can determine whether the design of a washer dryer combo is right for your home. That's why we've put together this list of pros versus cons when it comes to the use of a washer dryer combo.

Pros of Washer-Dryer Combos:

 LG Washer Dryer Combo

Washer dryer combos provide many benefits. Here are three of the most important.

Small Footprint In Your Home

 GE Washer Dryer Combo

With one less appliance taking up space, a washer/dryer combo can help you create a comfortable and convenient area to do laundry even in tight spaces. This Summit 24 in. compact washer/dryer combo has a 2.7 cu, ft, capacity. Its ability to both wash and dry clothing at 1,300 RPM within its stainless steel tub make it a good choice for laundry rooms with limited space.

High Max Spin Speeds

 Active Wash Cycle

Most washer/dryer combo units exceed 1,100 RPM. A higher spin speed means less time spent waiting for laundry to dry. High spin speed is especially important for prompt drying of towels, sheets, and casual clothing.

This 24 in. smart washer/dryer combo from LG features a 2.3 cu. ft. capacity and an impressive 1,400 RPM spin speed, among other advanced features. Dry your towels and other heavy, durable fabrics in record time with this model.

Gentle Washing Thanks to a Front Load Design

 Unloading Laundry

To accommodate the design of a typical dryer, washer/dryer combos are all front load models. Front load washers use less water, yet clean clothes better with a minimal amount of detergent. They drain water faster and with greater efficiency. Thus, they not only save energy and reduce environmental impact - front load washers provide gentle washing conditions that prevent wear and tear on fabric.

Cons of Washer Dryer Combos:

 Unloading Laundry

Washer dryer combos are a wonderfully innovative and valued laundry room appliance. They're perfect for those with limited space and families of small to moderate sizes.

There are some considerations that may not make them the best choice for every family. Explore the following points to make certain that a washer dryer combo is the right appliance for your laundry room requirements.

Low Capacity Limits the Size of Wash Loads

 Checking Tub

The main drawback of space-saving compact washer dryer units is that they aren't ideal for large families. Most washer/dryer combos are 24-in. units. Their designs limit the size of the wash loads they can accommodate. Thus, more washing cycles will be needed to clean the laundry generated by a household with many family members than the number of cycles required by a standard washer dryer set.

Longer Laundry Sessions

 LG Washtower

You cannot run washing and drying cycles simultaneously with a washer dryer combo, so the entire laundry process will be much more time consuming if you have a large volume of laundry on a regular basis. This is another reason to consider a conventional, standard size washer dryer set if you have a large family. However, washer and dryer combo sets are evolving, with LG recently introducing the WashTowerâ„¢, a stacked laundry center with a centralized control panel and two separate tubs if you have the space.

Malfunctions Impede Both Washing and Drying

 Laundry unit Being Repaired

If something goes wrong with one unit of a separate washer and dryer set, you can continue washing or drying until the other unit is repaired. With a combined washer dryer model, a malfunction will interrupt both processes. That means you could potentially be left without any laundry capabilities until you can schedule a service call (which is not even guaranteed to solve the problem).

Washer dryer combos solve space problems for many. They clean clothes more efficiently with less energy. These pros and cons should help you determine whether this small space appliance is right for your home.

Related Questions

Do washer dryer combinations require an air vent?

No. That's another perk. A ventless washer dryer combo unit employs a condensation drying process. Condensation drying as opposed to a traditional flow-through method provides the convenience of non-vented operation. This allows the unit to be placed most anywhere. The process is also gentler to your clothes.

How does condensation drying work?

Hot air is forced into the outer chamber. A condensation process is utilized to cool the air and condense the water vapor from the fabric of the clothing inside the tub. The appliance then makes use of cold water during the drying cycle to support the condensation process within the condensing chamber. Then water is flushed out the drain hose to a sink or drainage line. Condensation drying generally takes a bit more time than a conventional flow through system, but higher RPM speeds help expedite the process.

Is it possible to just wash or dry a load?

With most modern models, yes. Follow the manufacturer's directions for running only a wash or dry cycle.