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Pros and Cons of a French Door Refrigerator

Pros and Cons of a French Door Refrigerator


By April Khan, Appliances Connection

French-door refrigerators offer so much in the way of space and appeal, that it's a wonder why side by side refrigerators are still in existence. But, the truth is, no matter how good one person thinks something is, there will always be someone who's a diehard fan of the opposite. For that reason, it's only natural that there would be pros and cons to owning a French-door refrigerator.

Here, let's explore them


These are a few of the pros you can expect from owning a French door refrigerator.

Easier Access to Food

Wouldn't it be great to just open the refrigerator and see everything you have without taking things out We see you nodding, and we agree. Unless you eat very little or you're in a household with no more than two people, accessing groceries in a regular two-door fridge/freezer is challenging. It also causes you to waste more energy because the door stays open longer. Since French-door refrigerators have wider shelves, bigger door bins and in general a better layout, accessing food is as easy as reaching out and grabbing it.

No More Banging into Cabinets

Side by side refrigerators have one major issue -- the doors only open the way they were intended. This means you can NOT change the direction in which they open. If you have cabinets to the right and none to the left, too bad, your refrigerator door will forever bang into them. Not just because of the door orientation, but also because the refrigerator sits flush. However, French-door refrigerators have a few added inches of depth, which allow for easy opening and closing of the doors.

Wider Shelves

There's really not much to elaborate here. Everyone could use a little extra shelf space in the refrigerator -- especially, if you have kids or roommates.

More Useful Top Shelf Space

Since French-door refrigerators are so wide, there's more shelf space to fill. The combination of wider shelves and door bins equals a better orientation in general, more top shelf space. You can also adjust the height of the top shelf so your food items will fit a lot easier.

Big Door Bins

Now, you don't have to throw out any condiments just to fit others. The door bins in a French-door refrigerator are BIG, some are even large enough to fit gallon jugs! This feature saves the shelves for items that need to be stacked or spread out. Bottles belong in the door, now, you can store them there.

A Deeper Drawer Freezer

If you don't have many frozen goods, but the ones you do have are boxed or compact, this is a perfect freezer for you. There's also another added bonus worth mentioning -- the chill drawer. Some French-door refrigerators have a drawer right above the freezer, which is fully adjustable. The temperature in this drawer can be changed to effectively cool deli platters and sheet cakes or soft freeze slushies and ice cream. Perfect for foods that need to need to be colder than others, but not so cold that they freeze solid.


Now, that we've explored the pros, let's take a look at the cons, albeit, reluctantly.

Tight Squeeze

If your kitchen has a designated space for your refrigerator, and it's in between two cabinets, you may run into a problem. Try squeezing an elephant into an elevator and you've pretty much got the image I'm trying to conjure up here. Small kitchens just weren't designed with large refrigerators in mind. Unless you plan to take out a cabinet or two, you might want to shop for a different refrigerator style.

More Features, More Energy

The more features a refrigerator has, the more energy it needs to run. Also, refrigerators with a larger interior use more energy to cool. However, newer appliances like the French-door refrigerator, uses less energy than older refrigerators. This is due to energy saving features that cause them to pull less electricity. They are Energy Star approved, but will inevitably pull more power than a smaller model.

Doesn't Suit Every Kitchen Style

Sure, if you have a modern kitchen in any sense of the word modern, you will probably look into owning one of these refrigerators; but what if your style isn't so modern? What if you like retro or contemporary? A French-door refrigerator will not suit a retro kitchen. Retro kitchens are all about reviving the simplistic style of years gone by, without sacrificing beauty or functionality. Retro kitchens are also on the smaller side, so a French-door refrigerator would simply swallow it whole.

Bottom Freezer Drawer

One man's pro is another man's con. I'm sure you noticed this item listed in the pro section as well, and there's a reason for this. You see, a bottom drawer freezer is an excellent addition to modern refrigerators, as it allows you to stay organized and fit more, but it is very compact. A side by side refrigerator offers a much larger freezer that you won't have to bend down to access.

French door refrigerators are diverse, but it's clear to see that they won't suit everyone's needs. If you need to store a lot of food, or you just want a bit more space to look at your culinary creations, then a French-door refrigerator may be just the thing you're missing.

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