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When it comes to the most popular refrigerators on the market for families, no brands come close to Samsung or LG in terms of sales volume. I sell these by the boatload! To be more specific, the French door models in both brands outsell all others. From a purely ergonomic perspective, a French door fridge is so convenient. They are very accessible and extremely stylish. Customers who want to spend a little more opt for the Samsung Family Hub French door model.

Most Popular Family Refrigerators

I would have to say that LG’s reviews edge out Samsung’s. But, really, you’re splitting hairs. Both brands produce fine appliances.

Most Popular Family Refrigerators

There’s been a movement in the last few months for many customers who want panel ready appliances to buy Liebherr or Fisher Paykel. I know both companies have been aggressively targeting this market. They offer gorgeous, high-quality appliances with a very sleek modern design.

Most Popular Family Refrigerators

In the New York area, certain brands consistently do well – Sub-Zero, Miele, and increasingly Bertazzoni. With appliances, especially refrigerators, word of mouth plays a big role. People want reliable machines that last a long time and are very well built, to withstand heavy use. Many families buy in bulk from places like Costco and BJ’s so having a large and easily accessible freezer compartment is important. That’s why the French door design is a winner.

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