California based Thor appliances pride themselves on making big bold pro-style gas ranges, dual fuel ranges, gas cooktops, powerful ventilation hoods, and stainless steel dishwashers. They also make premium wine coolers and French door refrigerators. Thor’s marketing message is unique and effective: “Why settle for just a pro-style range when you can have a pro-style kitchen?” They have a point.

This 4-piece stainless steel kitchen package (888009) is a prime example. Consisting of a French door refrigerator, freestanding gas range, under cabinet ducted hood and a 24-inch built dishwasher, it’s all you need for a scintillating state-of-the-art kitchen which not only looks great but performs just as well. What’s more, it’s at a price that could have homeowners and flippers alike rushing for their credit cards.

HRF3601F | 36-Inch Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator 

MED302WS 30-inch double wall oven

This sturdy 36-inch freestanding refrigerator has the cubic capacity (20.85 cu. ft.) to store everything from gallon containers to a thirty-pound turkey bushel amounts of vegetables can be stored elsewhere making this a perfect purchase in time for the holidays.

The high efficiency LED lighting illuminates the inside like a football stadium, giving you full view of the fridge’s contents. There are five adjustable shelves to allow different configurations in the fridge. Large bowls and slender filets of fish alike can all be accommodated.

The tempered glass is impervious to temperature changes and stronger than regular glass – just in case a bottle of wine or a casserole dish accidentally crashes onto it. The glass gallon storage bins can hold numerous bottles of water or fruit juices for quick access before or after a work-out.

There is also a four humidity control crisper drawer to ensure vegetables and fruits stay fresher longer. Two freezer drawers and an ice maker round off the perfect all-around fridge at an accessible price.

HRG4808U | 48-Inch Gas Freestanding Range 

MED302WS 30-inch double wall oven

Aesthetically, this is an impressive looking appliance. A tank-like 48-inches of stainless steel, power, and heat. The good news is that performance wise, it matches up. There are six sealed burners in total with the front three providing up to 18,000 BTUs. Perfect for stir-fries, searing, and boiling. The three back dual burners have a gentle 650 BTU simmer function for delicate sauces but can rise up to 15,000 BTU’s. The cooktop includes a stainless steel griddle where you can let your inner short order cook shine.

The three continuous cooking iron grates allow the easy movement of heavy pots and pans across the cooking surface.

There are two ovens. The primary, larger, one is 30-inches wide with a 4.2 cu.ft capacity which makes it ideal for larger dishes like a standing rib roast. The infrared broil burner provides a wall of heat with 16,500 BTU’s. The U-shaped bake burner covers a large surface area to ensure an even, uniform baking experience. A commercial convection fan keeps the heat flowing while 2 halogen lights illuminate the oven interior.

The smaller 18-inch wide oven has a compact 2.5 cu,ft. There is a one tube burner that emits 14,000 BTUs so you can prepare the accouterments of your main course. The double ovens are engineered in such a way that different dishes can be prepared with no odor or flavor transfer. There is a 1 halogen light that allows you to keep an eye on proceedings.

Both ovens have separate thermostatic controls so you’ll get a precise cooking experience every time.

HRH4805U | 48-Inch Pro-Style Under Cabinet Ducted Hood 

MED302WS 30-inch double wall oven

This pro-style hood provides ventilation for the 48-inch range and it’s an impressive piece of equipment. It offers 3 fan speeds with 1200 CFM airflow to suck the densest and most pungent odors out of the kitchen. The double squirrel cage motor is ultra-quiet (it has a max 69 dB max noise level).

The high quality 0.8 stainless steel construction integrates seamlessly with the rest this kitchen package. The vent can be pre-programmed to auto shut off freeing the owner to leave the room. The stainless steel baffle can be removed and it’s dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, ensuring the hood is always in optimal working order.

HDW2401SS | 24-Inch Built-In Dishwasher 

Image result for HDW2401SS

MED302WS 30-inch double wall oven

Possibly the best dishwasher you can buy in this price range. It has all the bells and whistles. A beautiful stainless steel finish to match the rest of the appliances. It operates at a low 45 dB Noise level which, fittingly, is just a bit softer than a moderate rainfall.

The unit is Energy Star Certified. Part of this is due to the multiple filter system which uses four meshes to strain water ensuring only clean water passes through the spray arm. This makes for better cleaning performance while using less water and energy.

The dishwasher features electronic controls so you can choose exactly the wash cycle you need. Wash cycles include Pots and Pans for heavily soiled items, China Crystal for fragile glassware, a Quick Wash for lightly soiled and pre-rinsed items and a Rinse Only mode which is used for pre-rinsing which keeps food from drying on flatware.

With a capacity of over 16 place settings, you can prepare and serve meals to a whole host of people without having to worry about hours of cleanup afterward. Most important of all, dishes come out sparkling clean!

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