High on style, craftsmanship and innovative technology, the Monogram range of kitchen appliances appeals to the sophisticated home chef, unafraid to push boundaries and take bland to grand. Monogram cover all bases and every occasion. They include induction cooktops, connected ovens, custom-panel refrigerators, speed ovens, as well as premium dishwashers. All combine to keep ingredients fresher longer, creating mesmerizing meals and torrents of taste, followed by a clean-up so thorough you may wonder if you’ve dreamt the whole thing.

This 4-piece stainless steel kitchen package (890277) consists of a side by side refrigerator, a freestanding gas range, an over the range microwave and a beverage center. This cost-efficient investment in state-of-the-art sleek and stylish appliances which will not only elevate the aesthetics of your kitchen by everything that is produced in it.

ZISS480NKSS | 36-Inch Built-In Counter-Depth Side by Side Refrigerator

This 48-inch side-by-side refrigerator offers a pretty spacious 29.6 cu. ft. total capacity. The refrigerator door has bins that offer ample storage. These bins can be arranged in several configurations to store everything from small items like condiments to bulky, awkward items such as wine bottles and gallon jugs. The glass shelves in the refrigerator interior are also adjustable to accommodate foodstuffs and drink containers of veritably any height.

A deli drawer on full-extension slides will perfectly preserve fragrant lunchmeats and cheeses without disseminating any odors to the rest of the refrigerated compartment. At a standard waist height, everything you need to make your own deli sandwich will be at your fingertips.

There is also a humidity controlled vegetable drawer, dedicated to preserving the freshness and vibrant colors of green peppers, louche red tomatoes, and so much more. In fact, one of its standout features is an advanced temperature management system with multi-shelf brushed aluminum air tower which allows an even distribution of air throughout the refrigerator, vital in the preservation of food.

A climate-controlled drawer allows the express-chill of beverages and the express-thaw of meats. This not only saves money in making foods last longer but is an energy saver, it’s not necessary to adjust the settings of the entire refrigerator to get a few items to their optimal temperature. It can also be set for specific temperatures for perishable foods so once you’ve thawed a leg of lamb or a pork steak, you’ll be able to store them in ideal conditions until you’re ready to prepare them.

The freezer is fairly utilitarian but with a generous 12.3 cu. ft capacity. Adjustable wire shelves give you the perfect space to store your ice cream, vaccuum packed meats and fish, or anything else you need to put in a deep freeze. There’s also an internal dispenser for filtered water and ice for instant refreshment. Again, the offerings are a bit spare, but one doesn’t really expect as nuanced performance from a freezer as with a refrigerator.

Everything is illuminated by brilliant LED lighting for a full view of what you need. The Monogram fridge keeps pace with technology with its WiFi compatibility, allowing wireless control from a smartphone.

MED302WS 30-inch double wall oven

ZGP364NDRSS | 36 Inch Gas Freestanding Range

Sophistication and strength in one seamless stainless steel package. Sealed, dual flame stacked burners deliver the full gamut of heat settings. An ultra-low 140 degrees is perfect for simmering French “mother sauces” while a powerful 18,000 BTU gives a full blast of high heat to quickly sear tuna steaks, thick cuts of meat, and more. The burners are brought to life via electronic ignition and relight automatically if accidentally extinguished.

The burner grates are reversible. One side is flat and continuous, ideal for sliding heavy cast iron pans or pots across burners. The reverse is concave to accommodate round-bottomed woks. In the middle of the stovetop is a smooth stainless steel and aluminum griddle. Grab a spatula and you’ll be able to let your inner short order cook shine whipping up omelettes or burgers.

The range boasts the largest oven capacity (6.2 cu. ft.) available in the 36-inch professional-style category. You’ll be able to fit three full-sized trays. In addition, it features a dual burner bake system which combines reverse-air convection technology with an infrared broil and gas burner. These three elements in tandem give you preheating in almost half the time when compared to competing ovens.

Once the oven is up to speed, you can use its manifold features to really make your cooking shine. Baking pies, broiling steaks, or roasting a succulent duck will be effortless. Place even the heaviest casseroles on the robust oven racks and smoothly slide them in and out for easy access any time during the cooking process. The u-shaped gas burner below the oven floor will evenly cook the inside of the casserole while the infrared broiler will brown the top. The culinary possibilities are nearly limitless.

Other notable touches are the large temperature and time displays which makes monitoring cooking progress a breeze. The stainless steel kickplate also ups the style quota. The Star-K certification allows Monogram ranges to operate in Sabbath mode. LED task lighting on the bullnose (the burner knobs, oven controls, etc.) make for easy control in dim light and provide a dramatic effect when the oven is in use.

MED302WS 30-inch double wall oven

ZSA1202JSS | 30-Inch Over The Range Microwave


This is no normal microwave. The Advantium Speedcooking Microwave Oven combines the most advanced technology to cook foods deliciously in its large 1.7 cu. ft. internal cavity.

Understanding how this appliance works means understanding Advantium technology and the power of light. Heat from high-intensity halogen bulbs above and below are enhanced with microwave energy to ensure foods are cooked thoroughly inside and out with none of the over-drying you’ll find in traditional microwaves. The combined power of these two cooking methods means that food can be prepared two to four times faster than in a conventional oven without the need to pre-heat.

In essence, this oven consists of four powerful ovens in one: Speedcook, True European Convection, sensor microwave and warming/proofing (baking bread). With so many cooking options it’s no wonder that there are over 175 preprogrammed recipes on hand aided by easy to use controls.

Rounding out the microwave’s functionality is a venting system on its undercarriage. It produces up to 300 CFMs of extraction power with a four-speed motor to effectively whisk away cooking odors and steam from the cooktop below.

MED302WS 30-inch double wall oven

ZDBR240HBS | 24 Inch Freestanding Compact Beverage Center

Why clog up your refrigerator with beverages when you can have this dedicated upscale drinks cooler? A distinctive advantage over a stainless steel refrigerator is the reversible, swinging UV resistant glass door. It shows instantly what’s inside as well as allowing ergonomic efficiency. The removable spill-proof glass shelves make clean-up a cinch while the full extension glass slides on the beverage shelf hold up to five wine bottles or ten 12-oz cans and make selection simple. An adjustable temperature control optimal cooling specific beverages.

Other useful features include LED lighting for a clear, brilliant view in dim or dark lighting. The flush installation and unfinished heart-of-cherry wood beverage shelf fronts allow the seamless integration with the surroundings. The stainless steel tubular handle is designed to coordinate with other Monogram appliances, making this an ideal and classy addition to any Monogram fitted kitchen.

MED302WS 30-inch double wall oven

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