15 Inspiring Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas
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15 Inspiring Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

So you’ve finally decided install an outdoor kitchen, and that’s great! It’s a proud declaration of your devotion to the outdoor lifestyle and all the festive, relaxing, and luxuriant times that are to come.

And more important than “how much does it cost to build an outdoor kitchen?” is what kind of outdoor kitchen you are going to put in. There are endless outdoor kitchen ideas and outdoor kitchen designs. You can pay a professional to install an open-air kitchen, or you can try a DIY outdoor kitchen. But whatever your backyard kitchen’s design, remember—once you put one in, it’s pretty much there to stay. So you want to consider every possibility and option.

Luckily, we at Appliances Connection have put together a collection of some pretty incredible outdoor kitchen ideas to spark your imagination…

1. Wooden Pergola

Outdoor Kitchen with Wooden Pergola

Be festive under your own stars with a full outdoor kitchen under a gorgeous wooden pergola.

2. All-Around Enclosed

 Outdoor Kitchen with Enclosed Grilling Area

Be the center of attention with an all-around enclosed grilling area.

3. Indoor-Style Outdoor Kitchen

 Indoor-Style Outdoor Kitchen

Have an entire indoor-style kitchen outdoors with everything you need.

4. Custom-Made

 Custom-Made Outdoor Kitchen

Do it yourself and create your own custom-made, unique outdoor cooking area.

5. Barbecue King

 Barbecue King Outdoor Kitchen

Be a bold barbecue king with an outdoor grilling area that will have everyone in awe.

6. Half-Gazebo

Half-Gazebo Outdoor Kitchen

Create a custom corner half-gazebo to cook under.

7. Pizza Oven

Outdoor Kitchen with Pizza Oven

Get even hotter with an added fireplace or pizza oven.

8. Poolside

Poolside Outdoor Kitchen

Serve it up poolside.

9. Built-In Television

 Outdoor Kitchen with Built-In Television

Don’t miss a minute of your favorite sports and shows with a built-in television.

10. Outdoor Lighting

 Outdoor Kitchen with Outdoor Lighting

Get lit like never before with total outdoor lighting.

11. Lounging Kitchen

 Lounging Outdoor Kitchen

Lounge around outdoors like never before.

12. Outdoors-Style

 Outdoors-Style Kitchen

You can cook outdoors-style indoors.

13. Urban

 Urban Outdoor Kitchen

Just because you don’t have a backyard doesn’t mean you can’t still cook with an urban flair.

14. Mediterranean

 Mediterranean Outdoor Kitchen

Create a Mediterranean villa of your very own.

15. Timber

 Timber Outdoor Kitchen

Make your outdoor kitchen a rare one with raw, naked timber.


Like what you saw? We certainly did. But what if we missed something? Do you have any better outdoor kitchen ideas or images? If so, we’d certainly like to know about them. Leave a comment or suggestion below.


What is the best countertop for outdoor kitchen?

That depends entirely on your tastes. But granite, quartzite, and concrete are three of the most durable and dependable materials out there.

Do you need a permit for outdoor kitchen?

Though you may not need a building permit for an outdoor kitchen's construction, you probably will need one for any electrical or plumbing work.

Do I need a vent hood for outdoor kitchen?

If your outdoor kitchen is in an uncovered area you most likely won't need a vent hood. But if it’s under a roof or overhang, you're likely going to want one.