Samsung has come out with all new built-in electric, gas, and induction cooktops, wall ovens, and ventilation hoods. They are all offered in both Stainless Steel and Black Stainless Steel, so you can choose whether you want to play it safe or join the ranks of the culinary trendsetters.

featimgWe’re going to walk you through some of the top features for these appliances to give you the inside scoop on these modern appliances to transform any kitchen into a futuristic food hub.


Wall Ovens

The ovens are sleek and designed to not only install as built-in appliances, but look like a single unit melting into your wall or cabinetry. They all have a large 5.1 cu. ft. capacity, a Sabbath mode, convection capabilities, they’re WiFi enabled, and they all have a self-clean function.

Introducing the new built-in wall oven from Samsung in Stainless Steel.
Introducing the new built-in wall oven from Samsung in Stainless Steel.

The Double and Single Wall Ovens have a backlit touch control with an ice blue display color to contrast beautifully with the black, or compliment the stainless steel perfectly. They have dual convection fans and a 3 hour keep warm function.








A peek inside the new built-in wall ovens from the NECO Show at Foxwoods, 2016.
A peek inside the new built-in wall ovens from the NECO Show at Foxwoods, 2016.

The Flex Duo Single and Double Wall Ovens have LCD/Knob Controls with Indicator Lights in that same ice blue color. They’ve also got this cool reservoir feature that makes steam cooking a breeze. So, not only is it the healthier cooking option, it’s also simple too.

Steam cooking made simple with an easy-to-fill reservoir on the new wall ovens.
Steam cooking made simple with an easy-to-fill reservoir on the new wall ovens.

They also have Dual convection capabilities, a self cleaning mode, a delay start feature, and a control lock for safety and convenience. The Flex Duo ovens have SoftClose doors exclusively to give you extra peace of mind in that the quiet and gentle automatic closing mechanism won’t let your oven door slam.

The new Samsung wall oven has a soft-close door.
The new Samsung wall oven has a soft-close door.

The new built-in collection from Samsung also includes three new cooktop styles: Electric, gas, and induction.


Built-In Electric Cooktop

The electric cooktop comes in 30″ and 36″ widths– all of the cooktops come in these two size options. One model is operated via touch controls and a magnetic knob, while the other is controlled via the classic high-quality metal knobs. The touch control model includes a sync control and hood connectivity features and a Sabbath mode.

All the models have five elements and WiFi connectivity capabilities. The cooktops also have a rapid boil system that will heat your water faster than you ever thought possible!



Built-In Induction Cooktop

The induction cooktops have touch controls and a magnetic knob with a choice of either four or five elements. There is a residual heat indicator, WiFi and hood connectivity, and a control lock function. This last function lets you lock your settings in place so that a curious child won’t wander over and change it, and the residual heat indicator gives you added security of safety to make sure you and your loved ones don’t get burned accidentally.


Built-In Gas Cooktop

The gas cooktops are available in two power options: regular and dual power burners. All of the models have five elements including sealed burners, power burners, and rear simmer burners, and they’re all controlled by weighted backlit knobs.


The matte black grates and burner covers add to the sophistication and modern look of the black stainless steel, and maintains color continuity. One of the main differences between the regular and Dual Power models is that the regular models have an aluminum griddle, as opposed to the cast iron griddle in the Dual power models. All of the gas cooktops also have the control lock feature found in the induction cooktops.


Chimney Hoods

The collection includes new matching Chimney Hoods in sizes 30″ and 36″ to match the cooktop sizes, with a power of 600 CFMs. They feature LED lighting and touch controls that carry the same flush nature of the built-in appliances to the operation of the hood. They also have four fan speeds ( three steps and a booster), removable baffle filters, and Bluetooth connectivity. All of these operate at 74.3 dBA and will let you keep cooking for longer without the fumes and grease from your food getting in the way.



An overview of some of the products featured at the 2016 NECO Show at Foxwoods: two ranges and OTR microwaves, and the new wall oven, all in Stainless Steel.

We live in a highly connected world and it’s no wonder that top innovators and household name brands like Samsung are bringing that connectivity to your kitchen. Earlier on we featured the Family Hub refrigerator and a washer with in-app controls, now Samsung’s bringing the WiFi and inter-connectivity to your culinary environment to give you a more seamless experience– both through the built-in design and the syncing capabilities in the appliances.


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  1. Having a rough time trying to replace a 40 year old GAFFERS & SATTLER wall oven(gas)/microwave(110 elec.) combo unit occupying a opening of 53 & 1/8ths tall X 25 & 1/8ths wide. I am being told that there are no GAS wall ovens made anymore and that I need to pay an electrician $900 to replace my 110 elec line with a 220v line in order to accommodate a new elec. oven. I live in LAS VEGAS. Local HOME DEPOT & LOWE’S tell me the same story. Is it possible to fill this existing space with a GAS oven/Microwave unit like what I have without running a new 220v line or making modifications to the existing cabinetry?

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