F04 psdGet creative with Accentuations by Manhattan Comfort. Appliances Connection offers new storage solutions that inspire and reinvigorate the home. There is a reason why many consider New York City to be the greatest city in the world and a place so nice that they named it twice. NYC has always been ahead of the trend in most things, but especially in term of fashion and design. New York has been used to express a multitude of things including “a New York minute”, “New York style loft apartment” and even “New York values”. Accentuations by Manhattan Comfort creates inspirational furniture influenced by the contemporary styling of New York City life. They provide the best furniture for folks who are going for the ultra-hip and ultra-modern home design.

Accentuations_imageNew storage and shelving units are a quick and easy way to revitalize your home. Some folks are guilty of having piles of and stacks of various clutter or keepsakes strewn about. A new bookcase or storage shelf is perfect to set the gears in motion to get organize. For the most part, buying new furniture is the best excuse to have fun with freedom of expression in redecorating a living space.

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New Lagarto L-Cubbies 19AMC6 by Manhattan Comfort in their Accentuations line is a dynamic choice to use as an entertainment stand for Television, in addition, is perfect for maintaining books, bluray discs, video games, graphic novels or displaying trophies, awards, toys, models, kits and related paraphernalia. This unit provides convenient storage and easy access for game consoles or set-top boxes with 4 enclosed storage shelves. The Lagarto-L 19AMC6 is also designed to stack like Tetris blocks and create a whole new different shape consisting the possibilty of 9 storage shelves. There are three recommended shape combinations.

Each single Largato L cubby dimensions:

L: 47.24”

H: 28.54”

D: 13.78”


Appliances Connection also offers an extensive lineup of other urban-chic storage solutions from Accentuations by Manhattan Comfort. The following units follow the same design scheme as the Largarto and would make a gorgeous and complete set for the home. Some inspirational pieces as follows:

F03 psd

The Valenca 24AMC6 bookcase is a modern approach to clearing clutter. Keep your collection of knickknacks and curiosities organized with a new Valenca bookcase. Valenca is produced in melamine mdp colored white and is great for a sleek and trendy bookcase that fits well for the bedroom, living room or home office.

L: 16.14”

H: 35.43”

D: 11.57”

F01 psd

The Boon Bar Table from Accentuations by Manhattan Comfort is the best addition to any home kitchen or breakfast nook requiring storage and shelving space. Designed to be modular, the cabinet can fit on either end of the table.

L: 39.37”

H: 44.09”

D: 23.62”F06 psdAn example of urban inspired modern flair is displayed well with the Avesta Double Side Console Table 2.0. The Avesta is produced in oak with a fluorescent stamp of orange, yellow and red on the doors. Straight lines and updated shapes and a unique splash of color on an otherwise ordinary piece of furniture provides a fun addition against the backdrop of an living space wall or hallway.

L: 35.43”

H: 27.36”

D: 13.78”


Appliances Connection offers great deals and rebates everyday on everything for the home. For more product ideas and inspirations on home furnishings, follow the link:

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