Napoleon GrillsAppliances Connection is enthusiastic to offer innovative new outdoor grills from Napoleon. Gather your friends and family and enjoy a little bit of luxury in outdoor entertaining. Revel in an all new Napoleon outdoor grill that’s a step ahead than the rest. Napoleon is the number one brand for outdoor grills and outdoor living products in Canada. Due to their favorable reception and dedicated climb to success in outdoor grills north of the border, Napoleon wishes to make progress all across the North American market by claiming a stake in the United States. Appliances Connection in collaboration with Napoleon is offering great add-ons and packages right now to allow customers a great opportunity to see for themselves the unique difference in Napoleon outdoor grills and outdoor living products. Call one of our well-versed sales representatives today @ 800-299-9470 to learn more.


Raise open the roll top lid with Lift Ease™ technology, without taking up additional head space. Push start Napoleon’s JetFire ignition system which allows each burner to start individually. The familiar sound of burner ignition. As soon as you hear that “whoosh”, we’re ready to grill. As you lower the roll top lid, Napoleon provides their Accu-Probe™ Temperature Gauge located on the front face for easy interior temperature readout that is surprisingly accurate. While you wait for the grill to reach the optimal temperature, you grab a cold one from the Napoleon Ice Bucket conveniently equipped on the side and only available on the Pro series. The generously thick 9.5mm WAVE™ styled grates in heavy duty stainless steel, a unique design by Napoleon to allow more surface area to be exposed overall, promote a better heat retention. Toss on those well-season USDA choice ribeye steaks and now we’re sizzlin’.
pro825-lifestyle-napoleon-grillsPRO825RSBIPSS-icebucketNapoleon Prestige Pro grills. It’s easy to say something like, “The Prestige Pro 825 is out of this world” or something similar in that regard. Quite simply, the Prestige Pro 825 is just a really effective outdoor grill. The sight of it alone is awe inspiring and demands your utmost attention. Napoleon grills are designed with the grill enthusiast in mind. This isn’t intended merely for store bought hotdogs and hamburgers. We’re talking gourmet level fanciness with thick cut steaks, succulent skewers, entire roast chickens, whole slabs of ribs, and even pizza if you dare. The options are endless. Napoleon’s Prestige Pro series is perfect for the grill master who intends to put in the effort for a memorable barbecue. It’s for the folks who love food, the ones who create their own marinades from scratch and the ones who obsess over flavor profiles.


The Napoleon PRO825RSBIPSS grill is a marvel of an appliance. Pushing an impressive 123,000 BTU performance capacity, this grill provides two separate cooking surface areas to grill more food simultaneously with an enormous 1,395 square inches. Take your outdoor living and grilling to the next level with this liquid propane grill. Napoleon really stepped up with the better designed Prestige Pro 825 grill. Your barbecue party lasting into the night? No problem, Napoleon ingenuity designed the 825 with interior lights and Night Light™ control knobs to ensure the fun and good times don’t stop just because the sun goes down.


Notable Features

  • PRO825RSBIPSS-woodchipsmokerAdd a hint of mesquite or preferred wood chip flavoring with easy to access wood chip smoker tray built right into the knob section.
  • PRO825RSBIPSS-wavegridThe stainless steel paneling and chrome accent components provide a durable yet beautiful grill.
  • PRO825RSBIPSS-areaAble to accommodate cooking 50 hamburgers at once for you and 49 of your closest friends.


  • Width: 94.125″
  • Height: 51.125″
  • Depth: 25.375″


Prestige 500 Series Grill


For a nice introductory level liquid propane grill, the Napoleon Prestige 500 series outdoor grill features a lot of bells and whistles for the grilling enthusiast. Providing an ample cooking surface of 900 square inches, The Prestige Series P500RSIB outdoor grill comes in either a liquid propane option or natural gas option. This is a perfectly affordable outdoor grill for those considering a little slice of luxury without breaking the bank. For the grilling enthusiasts who want to experiment with new and unique cooking styles, this grill offers a versatility that is unparalleled to most grills on the market today. With the Prestige 500 series grill provides 4 bottom burners for grilling, 1 back burner for rotisserie cooking, and 1 side burner for searing. The combined 6 burners provide a combined 78,500 BTU output.

Notable Features

  • P500RSIBPSS1-rotisserieA great advantage available now from Napoleon is the inclusion of a motorized rotisserie attachment, as well as, their infrared Sizzle Zone side burner as a standard offering.

P500RSIBPSS1-open*It is recommended to use either the top burner for rotisserie function or bottom burner function for traditional bbq grilling, but not both. Using both at the same time will cause the grill to run too hot and potentially ruin the structural integrity of the warming area grates and warp them.

  • P500RSIBPSS1-shelfAll the while the Prestige P500RSIB utilizes grade 304 stainless steel paneling to ensure high marks in durability.
  • P500RSIBPSS1-searplatesIn the event a bottom burner happens to go out, an adjacent burner will be able to re-light the snuffed burner through the intuitive back tubing connecting to each of the bottom burners.
  • P500RSIBPSS1-sideburnerGet restaurant quality results with Napoleon’s innovative Sizzle Zone side burner to lock in the flavor with their two level searing approach.


  • Width: 64.25″
  • Height: 50.25″
  • Depth: 26″

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