Why These Top-Load Washers are Tops
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Why These Top-Load Washers are Tops

Top-load washing machines do a great job of cleaning your clothes, and most importantly, they are reliable. If you are looking for a new washer, and you're on the fence about buying a top-load washer, think about these statistics: top-load washing machines are more reliable than front-load washers, they are less expensive, more available, and easier to repair. Plus, top-load washing machines come with tons of valuable features, such as smart technology and specialized wash cycles to get all your laundry clean.

Simplify Laundry Day Using Smart Technology

Smart Tech Washers

You have places to be and many tasks to complete in a single day. How are you going to get your laundry done, too? If you own this Maytag top-load washing machine, you can use your smartphone and the Maytag app to control your machine remotely, receive end-of-cycle notifications, and troubleshoot certain issues.

Combine the power of the LG SmartThinQ® app, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and this LG top-load washing machine to activate washer controls with your voice. Smart technology makes it easy to keep your laundry under control while you are on the go or multi-tasking at home.

Enjoy Peace and Quiet Thanks to Anti-Vibration Designs

Quiet Washers

The LG top-load washing machine previously mentioned is built with LoDecibel™ Quiet Operation technology to lessen vibration and create a quieter experience when the washer is running. Anti-vibration designs allow you to do laundry during your baby's naptime, during meals, or even when you are talking on the phone. Less vibration also means you can install your top-load washing machine in more places in your home.

Durable Parts Give You Peace of Mind

Durable Washers

Top-load washing machines are known for being reliable. Durable parts, like the rust resistant stainless steel drum in this Whirlpool washer, add value to your machine and protect your clothes from snags.

LG washers have a durable Direct Drive Motor that is combined with 6Motion™ Technology to power each wash cycle with different wash motions that revolutionize your cleaning experience and provide ultimate fabric care. Thanks to advanced technology and solid engineering, you'll be using your top-load washing machine for years to come.

Get Everything Clean With Specialized Wash Cycles

Washing Cycles

Have you ever had to wash something, and you weren't sure which cycle to use? Many top-load models have specialized cycles that give you more choices. For example, you can get a large load washed quickly using TurboWash® technology on the LG top-load washer.

Keep wrinkles at bay using the Wrinkle Control option on the Maytag top-load washer.

Get rid of 99.9% of common household bacteria using the Sanitize with Oxi cycle on the Whirlpool top-load washer.

Some models even include smart technology that allows you to download more specialized wash cycles for certain laundry items, like sleeping bags or swimwear.

What Else Does a Top-Load Washing Machine Offer?

What Else Washers

Top-load washers offer many more valuable features, such as optimized detergent dispensing, options to fill the wash basket with more water, energy-saving cycles like LG's ColdWash™ technology, and Whirlpool's smooth impeller for a gentle clean that gives your clothes more room to move inside the basket. The Maytag top-load washing machine has an Extra Power button to boost stain-fighting performance on any of the washer's cycles.

Explore more top-load washing machines on Appliances Connection, and choose the one that meets your needs.

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How long should a washing machine last?

You can expect a washing machine to last about 10 years with proper care and maintenance by the user.

Is a top load washer better with or without an agitator?

Top-load washing machines with an agitator tend to get clothes cleaner, while top-load washers without an agitator are gentler on your clothes. If there is no agitator, you also get extra space for bulky items, such as blankets and winter coats.