California and technology. The two have been synonymous for decades now. Apple, Oracle, Intel, Google, Facebook. Perhaps it’s in the air. Dacor appliances were there at the start. Before the start. Fifty years ago, in fact. Their DNA, like other world-famous Californian companies, was to create something that pushed the boundaries in terms of style and technology, but also did something for a higher calling, for art.

Dacor was acquired by consumer appliance and tech giant Samsung in 2016. Their collaboration broke out in a big way a year later with the debut of the Dacor Modernist Collection, one of the most cutting-edge appliance lines on the market.  The appliances are Bluetooth and WiFi compatible, with, sleek lines and finishes that would turn the heads of design teams and technophiles in Silicon Valley, 400 miles north of Dacor’s LA home.

Appliances Connection talks to Scott Kim, Director of Products and R&D about the Dacor Modernist Collection and the company’s new trajectory.


APPLIANCES CONNECTION: How has Dacor Modernist fared sales wise? Has it changed the company in any way?

SCOTT KIM: Introducing the Modernist Collection has added a new energy to the company with the introduction of new technology, new custom finishes, and pushing overall cooking performance forward. Dacor has been an innovator in the luxury space for over 50 years, and the Modernist Collection further adds to that history.


AC: Dacor has been around for 50 years in an extremely competitive market. What’s the secret to the company’s longevity?

SK: Dacor has been able to stay as a competitive known brand in the luxury space by focusing on its core principles and values of combining advanced technology, with the artistry of precision craftsmanship. This has helped continuously push the boundaries of what is possible in the kitchen. Dacor also sees the kitchen as a space that brings people together to create memories which is why Dacor strives to inspire creativity and inspiration.


AC: How has the Samsung acquisition affected the company?

SK: After the Samsung acquisition, Dacor has been able to leverage Samsung’s history of innovating technologies and introducing them in the luxury space. Dacor has taken products such as wall ovens, ranges, and wall hoods, and has pushed them forward by adding just enough technology to make it discreet and a convenience to our customers.

AC: Are there any geographical markets where Dacor has found particular success? If so, why?

SK: Dacor is a nationwide company and headquartered in Southern California. With that being said, Dacor has found success right in its own backyard. Dacor’s success isn’t measured primarily in sales numbers, but also the impact on the community, our partners, and our employees. For example, our employees are truly some of the most loyal employees we could ever ask for, who have been committed to the brand for over 20, 30, 40+ years. Knowing that Dacor has a workforce that it can count on consistently over the years plays into our success nationwide.

Dacor Modernist Collection

AC: Dacor is at the very top end of premium appliances and there’s only a certain sector of the population that can afford them but if there was one Dacor appliance you feel every homeowner should invest in what would it be?

SK: If there was only one Dacor appliance that a homeowner could invest in and had to make a recommendation, I would suggest the 30-Inch Modernist Combi-Speed Oven with Steam-Assist technology. This particular unit is the most versatile product in the collection. The upper oven is a combination speed oven with advanced pre-programmed guided cooking modes such as healthy-fry that takes an ordinary microwave convection oven to the next level. The lower oven is just as diverse by providing dual four-part pure convection oven with the ability for steam cooking. The steam cooking feature itself is unique in that fact that it can be customized for steam-roasting and steam-baking so the customer is always in control and has precision over every recipe.

AC: What have been game changer appliances or series for the company. Something that changed the trajectory of Dacor?

SK: The Modernist Collection has been a game changer for Dacor but more importantly is the introduction of a full line-up of cooling that includes an integrated Four-Door French Door and Columns. With features as full stainless-steel interior, cocktail ice, dual Wi-Fi cameras, and push-to-open doors make this one of the most fully featured products in its category. Combine that with Dacor’s promise to excellence with an elite customer service team and a best-in-class warranty standing behind the innovative Digital Inverter compressor for 15 years.

AC: What are the company’s plans for the future?

SK: Moving forward you can be sure that Dacor will continue to push the boundaries of luxury appliances with new innovative technologies inside and out. The exciting part is Dacor listens to its customer base and is agile enough to introduce new products to market quicker than the luxury segment has ever done before.


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